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    Though I was born and raised in Detroit my parents were both from Tennessee. Sweet potato pie has always been a part of out household growing up. Every time that I taste pumpkin pie it seems as if something is missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theboyfromxtown View Post
    And yes he really does have some pipes on him. I saw an interview where he said he auditioned for the Voice some years ago but said those type of shows are bs

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulster View Post
    The side of my family that I most closely identify with and know come firmly from the midwest, and they do not have any southern traditions - except for fried chicken, catfish fried in cornmeal, served with rice and hot sauce and collard greens, coconut cake, and maybe cornbread. We didn't eat much cornbread or any chit'lins, They STANK! The side of my family that did come from the deep south moved away and did not eat any southern foods. Then, half of us live out west, so we are far removed from any southern culture.
    Gotcha but yeah I get that some black families didn't stay in the South long enough to partake in some of the "sweeter" food...

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    Quote Originally Posted by midnightman View Post
    Gotcha but yeah I get that some black families didn't stay in the South long enough to partake in some of the "sweeter" food...
    Some of our families weren't even there during the Reconstruction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reese View Post
    I had some on Thanksgiving day. It turned out that my mother had bought the pie weeks ago before the furor but had no idea that it was a Patti pie. In any event, it tasted just fine to me. I had three slices.
    Thanks Reese, I'll try again to find it since Thanksgiving has come and gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Heck i can go down to da hood and get one of greasy grady's[ almost i'm not sure and don't wanna know,maybe it is but maybe it ain't]homeade hand made pies for $1.00...of course you have to show your health card at the door.
    And ol Greasy accepts pennies!!

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    They are a guilty pleasure, folks. For sure. Miss Patti now has a Buttermilk Pie at Walmart.

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    Patti says she's diabetic. That she cooks, "but only tastes the food...you got to put health first." And she continuing the food line. " With Walmart.. Savory Frozen Soul Food, " announced at the 25th. Essence Festival. Yummm!!


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