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    NYC, Pizza, & The Rat Who Wants A Slice (15 secs.)


    Thanks to Matt Little for the YouTube posting.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa,hey meth that rat works for greasy grady and he was making a delivery,when greasy sees that he dropped it he'll deduct it from his pay.

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    I remember in The South Bronx, the pigeons are so hungry, I one park, that they'll land right on your bench and bum-rush your lunch!!! True story.

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    I remember standing in the boiler room of Montifiore Hospital in the Bronx and seeing these big black shadows moving along a ledge at the top of the walls. Those shadows turned out to be sewer rats!!!

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    Umm,marv grady prefers the term-delivery agents!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Umm,marv grady prefers the term-delivery agents!!
    Stop! LOL!!!!!

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    Point taken, arr&bee! Teehee!! One day, back in da 80's, walking around Central Park East - near the Guggenheim - and passed by the mammoth wire mesh/metal garbage cans. Love & behold if that entire thing starting rocking back and forth. Yup. You guessed it! "Delivery agents"! Think the rat on the cartoon-y Charlotte's Web!!! Yowza!!!


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