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Thread: Remember when?

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    Remember when?

    Do you remember when people used to get 'dressed up' to:
    go to the movies
    doctor's appointments
    and many more.....I was at a high-end restaurant the other day and I noticed people wandering in in shorts and flip flops...of course, 'texting' the whole time and didn't even look up when they were seated. I know I'm 'dating' myself here....but, wow, what a changing world. Not that I want to be wearing ties for a Dr. apt! I worked in a hospital setting for 36 years and the last few years, I noticed doctors coming in to see patients in shorts, jeans and T-shirts, esp. on the week-ends. I thought that was a bit unprofessional. Oh well....the world rolls on. LOL

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    Blueskies, you're preaching to the choir,the good old days,when stores actually closed on sunday,heck even the drunks would sober up[some-hehe]on sunday and put on a clean shirt when little girls wore easter dresses on easter when sunday was such a respected day that even as a teen my dear mom[god bless all those wonderful mothers]would give a hard look if i tried to go out looking like a[bum]her term,heck i remember my father coming to the pta meeetings with a shirt and tie on as most did back then,hey blueskies remember having to change into your[play]clothes after school?and getting dressed when company came over[ i hated company-hehe]yes i truly remember and miss those golden days...great post!!

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    Great thread, Blueskies. It's impossible not to have noticed the change in attire for going out. It does look way beyond casual but it's really just a sign of the times and what's being done. It certainly looks weird in comparison to earlier times but the focus today simply seems to be on being comfortable when dressed, no matter where. And just about anything is now acceptable. It's jarring at times but it is what it is. Some people still dress up to go out anywhere; others, not even close. But the choice is up to them and that, in itself, is probably a good thing. [[And don't say nothin' bad about my flip-flops. LOL.)

    And Arr&bee - Changing into play clothes after school!! Oh gosh, what a blast from the past! It was so true. All too true.
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    P.S. The non-stop phone stuff is truly too much. I often don't get people. Who does?! People turn on their phones in the middle of a movie and even if they're not speaking, it's like turning on a flashlight in the theatre. Yikes. Going to the movies, for many reasons, sure ain't like what it once was.

    The clothes stuff I can cope with because it doesn't involve me. But some of the other stuff that people do, which is inconsiderate of others, is hard to take. The days of manners, in many respects, seem to have vanished.
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    I've never seen the point of ties, stupid unfunctional strips of cloth that don't even look good when the wind blows them over your shoulder.

    I once closed the safe at work on my tie, and nearly choked myself when I tried to stand up. The only way I could get free was to reveal the combination to a colleague as I couldn't move far enough to see to unlock it by myself.

    Understandably, I only ever wear a tie now on the most formal of occasions.

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    Neckties have always been a hassle for me and a lot more trouble than they're worth, 144man. But I must admit--they do spruce things up but that might just be due to what I'm used to from early childhood. Actually, I'm fine with a necktie . . . and my flip-flops on! A fashion risk--but it could work. [[Just keep the getaway car revved up.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 144man View Post
    i've never seen the point of ties, stupid unfunctional strips of cloth that don't even look good when the wind blows them over your shoulder.

    I once closed the safe at work on my tie, and nearly choked myself when i tried to stand up. The only way i could get free was to reveal the combination to a colleague as i couldn't move far enough to see to unlock it by myself.

    Understandably, i only ever wear a tie now on the most formal of occasions.
    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...144 you're a riot,i'm sorry that you almost choked but that scence could be in comedy.

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    Ties.....who owns ties? LOL I never dressed up to go to the movies as a kid. I was from a one horse town that was one notch above showing movies on a sheet.

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    I still walk on the street side of female companions although that is obviously not something that is considered appropriate anymore. I open doors for women, even when I have to wait a few seconds for them to catch up [[and knowing that they're going to beat me to the service desk). It was only recently that I stopped taking my hats or caps off in elevators because I was often the only one in a crowd who did.

    I'm not sure how it is across the pond but civility and what used to be known as social manners has all but evaporated in the US.

    As far as attire, I'm wondering more and more why men and women dress so differently. Men's suits seem to be overly designed for the purpose they serve and dresses are curious. I love legs but I can't discern why fashion has evolved into 'menswear' and 'ladieswear'. I guess it's the human version of plumage.

    When I entered management 35 years ago, I was required to wear a tie at all places in the warehouse. Soon after, ties were forbidden. I suppose somebody had his tie caught in a conveyor and was either throttled or had a scare that forced the company to reconsider whether they wanted to present that image for managers.

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    A few years ago a group of us were at a Cheesecake Factory. At the next table there was a middle aged couple with a young boy who appeared to be their son. The twist was that he sat there silently while the two 'adults' played with their cell phones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotownSteve View Post
    A few years ago a group of us were at a Cheesecake Factory. At the next table there was a middle aged couple with a young boy who appeared to be their son. The twist was that he sat there silently while the two 'adults' played with their cell phones.
    Interesting observation. So often [[lately), I've seen whole families come into restaurants and everyone has a phone....no one looks up except to order....no one talks during the entire meal as they're too busing reading/texting. Maybe they're 'texting' each other at the table?? LOL Kind of sad communication has broken down to this degree. I keep my phone in my pocket....turned OFF during social interactions/restaurants, etc.. I've even seen people on dates spend the whole time on their phones. No wonder social skills have gone into the crapper.

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    When I'm working in supermarkets [[I'm a merchandiser) I use the store's electric carts because of my stroke. I don't know how many times I've come close to running over people because their eyes are glued to their cell phones and not where they're going.

    But to get back to topic, I don't completely understand "casual" dining. There is something wrong with eating a $20 dollar steak while wearing a t-shirt, in the same way there's something wrong about having the same steak delivered by a waitress in a tanktop and shorts, as if every dining establishment had become Hooters.

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    While people have never been so well fed, there seems to be a trend that very few wish to make any form of personal statement of simple elegance with their outward appearance.

    As a result, very few wish to stand out from the crowd. They wish to present a uniform appearance, by 'dressing down'. The result is that, as individuals, they 'disappear'.

    It has never been easier to present an attractive appearance and personality, simply by dressing 'smart casual' [[unless a different style is more appropriate for the occasion), and using some colour co-ordination, and then some personal touches.

    It is not necessarily an expensive exercise, just one which requires some thought.

    Making an effort with one's appearance offers a compliment to complete strangers, who may possibly be impressed with just one glance.

    It is very much a compliment to the special people already in one's life, in return for the interest, attention and support which they are so willing to give.

    Most important of all, it is certainly a distinct boost to one's own spirits.

    Happy, confident people attract other happy, confident people.
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    Remember when all us kids said[yessir-yesma'am]to all adults?

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    In my last year working [[I quit in May 2014), I began wearing shirts with collars again. Business casual had somehow devolved from golf shirts and slacks to blue jeans and printed tee shirts in my workplace and I stupidly followed the trend.

    I was the only manager at my level with previous experience and I will never know why the bosses let it go. At some point, my opinion of myself shamed me into thinking that a visitor to the facility should easily be able to distinguish who among a group of employees was the boss. God bless my former co-workers, but I had to be who I was trained to be.

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    Never really got "dressed up" to go to non-formal events but I do get your point...The world
    and it's cultures and values change and I can live with it for the most part. Still I remember
    when the only people with full body, even full limb tattoos were carnival workers...when people you met with shoulder to waist length dreadlocks, it was their REAL hair...when the only
    time you saw somebody's ass crack it was the plumber...when women who were not blessed
    with big round booties just accepted the fact ! And I'm still bothered by pants on the ground...

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    While we're on this subject...it's not only changes in personal appearance and dress, but general conduct and manners.

    a)When people are sat in conversation, it is now often the case that anyone sat nearby can clearly hear every word.

    b) When someone wishes to speak to a colleague at work, instead of approaching them and having a discreet conversation, they tend to stand on the spot and simply raise their voice to gain attention.

    c) Staff in supermarkets and similar outlets will often greet customers with "Hiya!!!" - sometimes with the addition of 'mate'...then chat to each other as they process the customer's purchases.

    d) when the transaction is complete, the member of staff will often cry "There you go!!", or "No probs!!"

    e) Covering the mouth when yawning in public now seems to be obsolete.

    f) Withdrawing to a cloakroom to check and reapply makeup, now seems to be obsolete.

    g) Conversation is often interrupted by loud attempts to clear sinuses with noisy sniffs and snorts.

    h) The incidence of spitting in public places seems to be on the increase.

    i) Staff in banks working on solid floors, who march mechanically up and down, disregarding a line of customers waiting for service, seemingly in an attempt to make the maximum amount of noise with their footsteps...and who will then refer you to a self-service dispenser.

    j) A group of three staff, stood behind a desk, staring, seemingly totally bemused, at a computer screen. One will eventually look up and say very brightly "Can I help you??"...and then say "Oh! You need to pay at the customer point just over there!". They then resume their silent vigil at the computer terminal.

    k)Messages broadcast to shoppers from the customer service desk inside a supermarket, which are completely unintelligible.

    l) Self service machines which constantly exclaim "Unexpected item in bagging area", or messages on screen advising "call staff member for assistance".

    No wonder online business is booming.....
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    You guys are old! What am I even doing here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulster View Post
    You guys are old! What am I even doing here?
    Leave my bedpan out of this!

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    Two more points:
    1. Who should thank whom after payment is made at the grocery store? Cashiers seem to think they are doing us a favor by chewing gum and failing to either look us in the eye out acknowledge that they owe their paychecks to us.
    2. When leaving a message on voice mail or answering machine, give the listener a heads up that a phone number is coming. I sometimes listen to two minute messages when a phone number is suddenly blurted out so fast that I can't tell the numbers. So I have to listen to the whole thing over, hoping that I'll understand it the second time. Here's a hint: If you want me to return your call, make it easier by slowly and clearly pronouncing the numbers. Also, don't cram five minutes of a message into a one-minute voice mail.

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    Jerry, you can certainly add those two points to my own list.....

    Point two is particularly pertinent to those who have some degree of hearing disability, and even more so if they are of advancing years, and may struggle to absorb several replays of the phone message....

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    I've never been able to comprehend how people who leave phone numbers at break-neck speed on answering devices do so when the whole intent is for them to receive a callback from you, yet they make it so difficult to do so. Repeated playings of the message is always necessitated for me--but by the the second re-play, I'm ready to call it quits. When I do reach the person I'm calling back, the difficulty in doing so is the first thing I mention. I can't say if it produces any effective change but it's the only thing one can do, I suppose. But this problem has been going on since answering machines first appeared, and it still exists.

    [[I you ever need to call someone for assistance, call WGB. He'll readily give the person a piece of his mind--although not a piece of the ever-present Cadbury bar that's in his hand. You can also try Blueskies--he'll fling a flip-flop at the person so fast they won't know what hit 'em. SDF members you can count on.)
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    Well, if anyone calls me, they'd best be prepared to leave a message. Even if I'm at home, I don't answer if I don't recognise the number. Too many telesales calls - and anyway, I am far too busy on this forum, for a start! Or perhaps I should try that old trick of Greta Garbo. Answer, but say nothing until someone speaks.. and then decide if a conversation will take place...

    Here's another one for the list....

    Buy something, anything, in some stores, and the person who takes your money will want to remind you of their name, in the hope you will immediately enter complimentary details about their response to you, as a customer that day, in an online survey as shown on your receipt. The 'short' survey will take just a few minutes, it will promise, while providing the inducement of a big prize.

    Despite an undisclosed number of people taking part in the survey, there never seems to be convincing evidence of even one of them actually winning a prize.

    If it suits me to return to a store, then I do - which should serve them well enough as a testimonial of my satisfaction. Why can't the staff members simply be allowed to do the job for which they are being paid...and let someone else in the company take some [[paid) time to assess the performance of the staff?
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    Which reminds me--

    Is it really necessary when you leave money for the meal in a folder/booklet given to you by the wait staff to be asked if you want change? The wait staff should really not ask that question and if they want to assume anything, assume that the customer does want change. The customer can decide to say that everything's set and no change needed. But for the customer to be asked for what's due back? I never appreciate that one.

    Of a more problematic nature--

    Let's say the bill for the meal is $17.65. You leave a $20 bill for the waiter, expecting $2.35 change. But instead, the waiter brings you $2. Totally unacceptable. It is acceptable for the waiter to round-off the change amount--but only if the rounding-off is at the advantage of the customer. In my example, rounding-off to $3 as the change is what can be done if the waiter wants to round-off. Rounding-off to the advantage of the restaurant [[$2) is categorically inappropriate--alright, I'll say it: It's wrong. I know the 35 cents is a very minimal amount--but the amount is inconsequential. Rounding-off to the advantage of the restaurant--no matter how small the amount might be--amounts simply to one thing: Over-charging the customer. If I appreciated the service, it'll be reflected in the tip and in my parting remark to the waiter. For the waiter to take out more for their own convenience or for the restaurant's? Forget it.
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    That would never happen at...greasy grady's,hehehehehehe!!!

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    Another phone message pet peeve:
    If you leave a message requesting a callback, give me some idea of what you want. I can save time by preparing for the return call. And if it's a family member who seldom calls, I also might avoid an anxiety attack from worrying if it's bad news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methuselah2 View Post
    I've never been able to comprehend how people who leave phone numbers at break-neck speed on answering devices
    I think people do that to make sure it all gets in there. Some of the times to leave a message are so short that you have to talk fast.

    I always tell people that it's easier to text me. That way, they can be sure i'll get their message.

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    Hey guys,remember sending our dress shoes to the shop for[heels -halfsoles]does anybody wear dress shoes anymore???

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    Arr&bee - If you're going to wear a dress, you should wear heels, too!

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    Does anyone have clothes kept 'for best' [[Sunday, or otherwise), anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    Does anyone have clothes kept 'for best' [[Sunday, or otherwise), anymore?
    Mine are more or less.....one outfit fits all occasions! LOL I have things in my closet that might be bordering on 'antique'? I was relieved I didn't fine any polyester 'leisure suits'!
    I did have a lens fall out of my glasses last week. I thought, oh, I've saved another pair and finally did fine them. I had to wear them out at the last minute to a luncheon until I could get to the optic center. OMG....they looked like aviator glasses! Thankfully, my friends have a sense of humor, but I did get some odd looks. I can't imagine wearing such huge frames....guess it was the 'style' back in the day. I should have had the brown polyester leisure suit to complete the look. I think my friends would have lost their humor at that point!

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    I have a few clothes which I'm keeping for best.

    Translation : for when I lose a bit of weight.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    I have a few clothes which I'm keeping for best.

    Translation : for when I lose a bit of weight.....
    I think ALL my clothes fall into that category.

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    Stretch knit. It might not breathe but it gives.

    [[Does this thread make my thighs look big?)

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    Let's just call it close knit,with thighs of relief.

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    That's a hoot! Very, very funny.

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    Going back to the original post: Remember when anybody in the neighborhood who saw a kid doing something wrong [[smoking, fighting, throwing rocks at passing cars, etc.) could either chastise the kid or call his parents [[because everybody knew everybody in the neighborhood back then) without the parents going crazy and wanting to fight the 'nosey' neighbor for not minding his own business? I knew better than to mess up anywhere in a three block radius of my house because my folks would find out.

    Seems like nowadays, if you try to stop a kid from running at [[literally) breakneck speed in a grocery store, his mom will swear at you like she's a drunken sailor. You're probably lucky if she doesn't call store security and threaten to sue you if you touched the brat.

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    Jerry,you're right on point,back in the day you didn't cut up in da hood,but now, if you catch one of the little cutups cutting up and say anything ,you might get cut...something got terribly lost over the years.

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    I'm gonna take ya'll way back now...remember when the cop would actually walk his beat and we kids would be glad to see him?

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    Remember when you went out at night and didn't worry about what might happen on the way home?

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    Hah! I paid for a grocery order with cash one day in the past year and the cashier smiled and told me I was the first person to do so. It was after 7:00 PM.

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    I think things changed for the worse in the very early 60s when there were reports of Halloween Trick-or-Treaters getting apples with razor blades hidden in them. I've never forgotten hearing about that.

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    Remember leaving your back door open in summer and not giving it a second thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Remember leaving your back door open in summer and not giving it a second thought.
    I remember as a kid, someone accidently locked the doors one night and in the morning, my parents were upset someone locked the doors [[like it was a crime)! My, how times have changed.

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    Blueskies.....you're quite right, times have certainly changed, as [[sigh...) they must....

    This is a really interesting 'walking down memory lane' thread, reflecting on just how much times have changed......and we're all here, expressing how we feel that it has not all been for the better.

    Maybe you might consider starting a 'sister' thread, to run alongside this one, but on the lines of 'Remember how things are better now...' - ?

    The responses, taken from a different view, could be just as interesting

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    That's an interesting suggestion, WGB. But besides the Internet and access to it, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream, and, of course, control-top pantyhose, what else is there?!

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    Well....I would say there is a lot.......but I definitely agree with one of yours, so it's a start....

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    I'm sure, WGB, that, within time, you will come to appreciate the Internet. And Haagen-Dazs, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methuselah2 View Post
    Remember when you went out at night and didn't worry about what might happen on the way home?
    Uh...no. Even back in the late 60s and early 70s, I worried about getting jumped, even in a small town. But, as kids, we could wander all around the malls without worrying about anything bad happening.


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