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    Does anyone know why the miracles recorded live cover seems reversed, I.e smokey on the left hand side and not the right hand side.... I wondering whether these were proof covers? In which case might not be Stevie?
    Not sure why, but I recall seeing the reverse Miracles cover before, probably on one of the inner sleeves or on the back of another album. So the albums on the wall might very well be proofs, although the cover designs on the other live albums on the wall match the copies that I have.

    From the little I can see of the album behind the young woman's head, I believe it is Stevie's live album, which had a different design from the others in the RECORDED LIVE series. The cover posted in one of the posts above is the version that I have of that album.
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    Yes, the only noticeably different cover is the miracles live and the Frank Morelli. I do find the topic quite interesting as I'm guessing that the format of the Four Tops Breaking Through album was re-used (conceptionally) for the Willie Tyler album... In fact to me, again, it looks like the image (outline red package) is a reversal of that proposed for The Four Tops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keith_hughes View Post
    According to Lars Bjorn's excellent "Before Motown: A History Of Jazz In Detroit", Frank Morelli played baritone and flute with Yusef Lateef's quintet, joining in 1958. There's a picture of him with the band on page 156 of that book. He cut 9 tracks at Hitsville in April/May 1963 (as already pointed out, the year in which the albums hanging on the wall were released), probably enough for an album given that jazz tracks don't always fit within the 3 minute pop format; however, there's no indication in paperwork that those tracks were ever assigned to a projected album. Interestingly, one of the tunes cut was titled "Defunk Brothers" ... you'll find it listed in Don't Forget The Motor City (plug) ...

    huntergettingcaptured, is there a logo visible in the bottom r.h. corner of the Frank Morelli picture/album sleeve(?) by any chance ... a Workshop Jazz logo ... ?
    Keith, what were the other tracks recorded by Frank Morelli whist at Motown?


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