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    January 27th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "But when I would perform, it was all the whistles, it was the lights, it was the fame.

    My personality is fairly easygoing. So if somebody came to see us, I always felt a responsibility to sign autographs.

    But there was this other side where I thought "I'm signing autographs, and people think that this is it."

    People want to know you. They want to touch you.

    And you're giving yourself because you think "You like me, so I feel like I need to be what I need to be, to you".

    But, I would look at it and think "There is more than this."

    - Nedra Talley-Ross, CBN interview.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Nedra Talley-Ross (R&B, pop and soul singer; The Ronettes) -
    L.J.Reynolds (soul singer; The Dramatics) -
    Nick Mason (drummer and founding member; Pink Floyd) -

    Mike Patton (singer and songwriter; Faith No More; Mr Bungle) -

    G.E. Smith (George Edward Smith; lead guitarist with Hall & Oates; musical director and leader with The Saturday Night Live Band) -

    Janick Gers (guitarist; Iron Maiden) -
    Mark Owen (singer and songwriter; Take That) -

    Michael Craig (Michael Francis Gregson; actor and scriptwriter) -
    James Cromwell (actor) -
    Alan Cumming (actor, comedian, singer, writer, producer, director and activist) -

    Bobby Deol (actor) -
    Bridget Fonda (actress) -
    Sheila McCarthy (actress and singer) -

    Rosamund Pike (actress) -
    Mimi Rogers (Miriam 'Mimi' Rogers; actress, producer and former professional poker player) -
    Susanna Thompson (actress) -

    Mikhail Baryshnikov (ballet dancer, choreographer and actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Bobby 'Blue' Bland (Robert Calvin Brooks; 1930-2013; blues singer) -
    Bobby Hutcherson (1941-2016; jazz vibraphone and marimba player) -
    Elmore James (1918-1963; guitarist, singer, songwriter and bandleader) -
    John Witherspoon (John Weatherspoon; 1942-2019; actor and comedian) -

    Troy Donahue (Merle Johnson, Jr; 1936-2001; actor and singer) -

    Kim Gardner (1948-2001; bassist; Ashton Gardner and Dyke) -
    Ingrid Thulin (1926-2004; actress) -
    Sabu Dastagir (Selar Sabu; 'Sabu'; 1924-1963; actor) -

    Donna Reed (Donna Belle Mullenger; 1921-1986; actress and producer) -
    Tony Martinez (1920-2002; actor, singer and bandleader) -
    Helmut Zacharias (1920-2002; violinist and composer) -

    Ross Bagdasarian (1919-1972; actor, animator, singer and record producer; Alvin and the Chipmunks) -
    Howard McNear (1905-1969; actor) -
    Buddy DeSylva (George Gard 'Buddy' DeSylva; 1895-1950; songwriter) -

    Harry Ruby (Harry Rubinstein; 1895-1974; composer and screenwriter; 'Who's Sorry Now?'; 'I Wanna Be Loved By You') -

    Jerome Kern (1885-1945; composer of musical theatre and popular music; 'Ol' Man River'; 'Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man'; 'A Fine Romance'; 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes'; 'The Way You Look Tonight') -

    Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson; 1832-1898; author, illustrator, poet; 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland'; 'Through The Looking Glass') -

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791; composer, conductor, virtuoso pianist, organist and violinist; opera, symphony, concerto, chamber, choral, instrumental and vocal music; 'The Magic Flute'; 'Don Giovanni'; 'The Marriage Of Figaro') -

    Happy Birthday:
    to everyone celebrating Birthdays on January 27th.
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    January 28th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "The internet offers an opportunity to reach people that we might not otherwise be able to reach.

    They are projecting that at some point people will be attending church via the internet.

    I don't think going this far is a good thing, but the internet can definitely be an
    enhancement to our ministries, as long as it is not intended to be a replacement."

    - Marvin Sapp, interview with GospelFlava.com

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Marvin Sapp (gospel music singer-songwriter; Commissioned; founder and senior partner of Lighthouse Full Life Centre Church, Grand Rapids) -

    William 'Billy Bass' Nelson (funk, soul and psychedelic rock and soul singer, songwriter and record producer) -
    Anthony Hamilton (R&B, soul and neo soul singer, songwriter and record producer) -

    Big Freedia (Freddie Ross; hip hop/bounce musician, rapper and interior designer) -
    Dan Spitz (musician and watch maker; lead guitarist with Anthrax) -
    Jeremy Ruzumna (keyboardist and songwriter with Fitz and the Tantrums) -

    Terri Conn (Theresa Celeste Conn; also Terri Colombino; actress) -
    Barbi Benton (Barbara Lynn Klein; model, actress, television personality and singer) -
    Nick Carter (musician, singer and actor; The Backstreet Boys) -

    Chris Carter (musician; synthesist with Throbbing Gristle, also Chris and Cosey) -
    J. Cole (Jermaine Lamarr Cole; rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and record executive) -
    Joey Fatone (singer, dancer, actor and television personality; *NSYNC* ) -

    Sarah McLachlan (pop, rock and adult contemporary singer-songwriter) -
    DJ Muggs (Lawrence Muggerud; disc jockey and record producer) -
    Sam Phillips (Leslie Ann Phillips; alternative rock and pop singer-songwriter) -

    Rakim (William Michael Griffin, Jr; rapper) -
    Rick Ross (William Leonard Roberts II; rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and record executive)
    Robert Wyatt (Robert Wyatt-Ellidge; musician; Soft Machine) -
    Mario Biondi (Mario Ranno; disco, soul and R&B singer) -

    Alan Alda (Alphonso Joseph D'Abruzzo; actor; director, screenwriter, comedian and author) -
    Elijah Wood (actor, film producer and DJ) -
    John Beck (actor) -

    Lynda Boyd (actress, singer, dancer, musician and writer) -
    Keith Hamilton Cobb (actor) -
    Susan Howard (Jerri Lynn Mooney; actress, writer and political activist -

    Marthe Keller (actress and opera director) -
    Harley Jane Kozak (actress and author) -
    Kathryn Morris (actress) -
    Ariel Winter (Ariel Winter Workman; actress) -

    Frank Darabont (Ferenc Arpad Darabont; film director, screenwriter and producer) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Phil Flowers (1934-2001; singer and composer) -
    Bernard Stanley Bilk (Acker Bilk; 1929-2014; trad jazz and easy listening clarinettist and vocalist; 'Stranger On The Shore') -
    Ronnie Scott (Ronald Schatt; 1927-1996; jazz tenor saxophonist and jazz club owner) -

    Suzanne Flon (1918-2005; actress) -
    Tom Neal (1914-1972; actor and boxer) -
    John Banner (Johann Banner; 1910-1973; actor) -
    Frank Launder (1906-1997; writer, film director and producer) -

    Robert Stroud (1890-1963; 'Birdman Of Alcatraz'; convicted murderer, federal prisoner and author) -
    Artur Rubenstein (1887-1982; classical pianist) -
    Mary Boland (Marie Anne Boland;1882-1965; actress) -
    Colette (Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette; 1873-1954; author, woman of letters, mime, actress and journalist)

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on January 28th.
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    If I'm not mistaken, this is also the birth anniversary of one Anna Gordy Gaye.

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    Sans, check Anna out on the internet under December 12th.

    It's true, Wikipedia currently has her birth date listed as January 28th 1922.

    There seems to be some confusion with the birth date, as many references state December 12th 1921.

    Included among that number is 'Find-A-Grave', which is generally good enough for me in any discrepancy with dates/years, but there's no grave marker to view in the pics shown.

    Hence, I currently have Anna listed under December 12th 1921, but with the added note 'some sources state date of birth as 28th January' - if only because, in any uncertainty, it seems better to note a birthday before the event, than over a month afterwards.

    If you can find any clear evidence that January 28th is indeed the correct birth date, that would be helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    Sans, check Anna out on the internet under December 12th.

    It's true, Wikipedia currently has her birth date listed as January 28th 1922.

    There seems to be some confusion with the birth date, as many references state December 12th 1921.

    Included among that number is 'Find-A-Grave', which is generally good enough for me in any discrepancy with dates/years, but there's no grave marker to view in the pics shown.

    Hence, I currently have Anna listed under December 12th 1921, but with the added note 'some sources state date of birth as 28th January' - if only because, in any uncertainty, it seems better to note a birthday before the event, than over a month afterwards.

    If you can find any clear evidence that January 28th is indeed the correct birth date, that would be helpful.
    That's wild. I did a birthday salute for her today on IG. If I turn up anything else, you'll be the first to know. Thanks!

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    January 29th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I had a complete fit. I said I'm starving. I've just come from New York and I can't get anything at all.

    You're (Clarence Paul) a producer, you should be able to do something for me.

    We sneaked into the United Sound, sneaked the Funk Brothers in there, sneaked The Andantes in there, and this was all done early in the morning, because Motown would not let their people do anything else.

    Clarence Paul, Stevie Wonder and Morris Broadnax wrote 'I'm Holding On' for me. Stevie was coming up with the melody, and Clarence was pretty much the producer and director of putting it all together, but Morris Broadnax, who lived across the street from me - and it was he I used to cry to about Clarence Paul who was married - wrote all the lyrics.

    Other songs that Stevie, Morris and Clarence wrote - like 'Hey Love', which Stevie did first and then I covered it (for Karen Records, in 1969) and Aretha's 'Until You Come Back To Me' - were all written for me, about my relationship with Clarence Paul."

    - Bettye LaVette, interview with Soul Express, 2004.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Bettye LaVette (Betty Jo Haskins; soul, blues, rock and roll, funk, gospel and country singer-songwriter) -

    Charlie Wilson ('Uncle Charlie'; singer, songwriter and record producer; former lead vocalist with The Gap Band) -

    Salena Jones (Joan Elizabeth Shaw; jazz and cabaret singer) -

    Irlene Mandrell (Ellen Irlene Mandrell; musician, actor and model; The Mandrell Sisters) -
    Adam Lambert (singer, songwriter and actor; also lead vocalist with Queen) -
    J.G. Thirlwell (James George Thirlwell; singer, composer and record producer) -
    Pauline Henry (soul, dance and R&B singer and songwriter; The Chimes) -

    Andrew Loog Oldham (record producer, talent manager, impresario and author; manager and producer of The Rolling Stones, 1963-1967) -

    Tony Blackburn (disc jockey) -

    Leslie Bricusse (composer, lyricist and playwright) -

    Tom Selleck (actor and film producer) -
    Katharine Ross (actress and author) -
    Claudine Longet (actress, singer and dancer) -

    Edward Burns (actor, film producer, writer and director) -
    Sara Gilbert (Sara Rebecca Abeles; actress, director and producer) -
    Heather Graham (actress, director and writer) -

    Justin Hartley (actor) -
    Monica Horan (actress) -
    Sam Jaeger (actor and screenwriter) -

    Ann Jillian (actress) -
    Andrew Keegan (actor) -
    Terry Kinney (actor and theatre director) -
    Heidi Mueller (actress) -

    Judy Norton-Taylor (actress and theatre director) -
    Kelly Packard (actress and television personality) -
    Jason James Richter (actor and musician) -
    Nicholas Turturro (actor) -

    Oprah Winfrey (media executive, actress, talk show host, television producer and philanthropist) -

    Germaine Greer (writer and feminist) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    James Jamerson (1936-1983; R&B, soul, pop, funk and jazz bass player; The Funk Brothers) -
    Felice Taylor (Florain Corella Flanagan; 1944-2017; soul and pop singer) -
    Noel Harrison (1934-2013; actor and singer) -
    Sacha Distel (Alexandre 'Sacha' Distel; 1933-2004; singer, guitarist and actor) -

    Derek Bailey (1930-2005; avant-garde guitarist) -
    Jose Luis de Villalonga (1920-2007; actor, author and aristocrat) -
    John Forsythe (1918-2010; actor. producer, narrator, drama teacher and philanthropist) -

    John Raitt (1917-2005; actor and singer) -
    Victor Mature (1913-1999; actor) -
    Alan Marshal (1909-1961; actor) -

    Albert Conti (1887-1967; actor) -
    W.C. Fields (William Claude Dukenfield; 1880-1946; comedian, actor, juggler and writer) -
    Frederick Delius (1862-1934; composer) -
    Susan Coolidge (Sarah Chauncey Woolsey; 1835-1905; children's author) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on January 29th.
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    January 30th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "He (Jackie Wilson) was a family friend. My father was a minister, but he was also a gospel music disc jockey in Chicago at the time, on radio station WVEE.

    Ironically, my father knew Don Cornelius back then, but I didn't know until after 'Soul Train'. Because Don Cornelius had worked at the station, too.

    But my parents had a lot of friends in show business, too. Jackie Wilson was one. One of the first memories I have going to a concert was Jackie Wilson.

    He was the first person to bring me onstage and, I'm telling you, it had such an impact. To this day, I remember he was such a good-smelling man (laughs).

    We used to see him all the time when I was little. As time went on, and our family moved around a lot, we didn't see as much of him. We didn't have a christening or anything like that where he was my godfather, but he'd say "I'm your godfather".

    I don't have a lot of pictures from when I was little because some of our things were lost in storage, but I have a picture of Jackie Wilson and my father. It's on my piano."

    - Jody Watley, interview with Ebony.com, 2012.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    William 'Wak' King (choreographer and musician; The Commodores) -
    Jackie Ross (Jaculyn Bless Ross; soul singer) -
    Jody Watley (singer-songwriter and record producer) -

    Phil Collins (singer, songwriter and musician; Genesis) -
    Jeanne Pruett (country singer) -
    Joe Terranova (singer; Danny & The Juniors) -

    Sandy Deanne (Sandy Yagada; singer; Jay & The Americans) -
    Trevor Dunn (bassist; Mr. Bungle; Trio-Convulsant) -
    Mark Eitzel (singer-songwriter; American Music Club) -
    Kid Cudi (rapper) -

    Christian Bale (actor) -
    Gene Hackman (actor and novelist) -
    Vanessa Redgrave (actress) -

    Olivia Colman (actress) -
    Charles Dutton (actor) -
    Julie McCullough (model, actress and comedian) -

    Andy Milonakis (actor) -
    Jake Thomas (actor) -
    Khleo Thomas (actor) -
    Wilmer Valderrama (actor) -

    Harold Prince (theatrical producer and director) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Steve Marriott (1947-1991; guitarist; Small Faces; Humble Pie) -
    Marty Balin (1942-2018; musician, singer-songwriter; Jefferson Airplane; Jefferson Starship) -
    Heidi Bruhl (1942-1991; actress) -
    Rodd Keith (1937-1974; multi-instrumentalist and songwriter) -

    Horst Jankowski (1936-1998; pianist) -
    Tammy Grimes (1934-2016; actress) -
    Dolores Michaels (1933-2001; actress) -
    Buddy Montgomery (1930-2009; jazz vibraphonist and pianist) -

    Hank Marr (1927-2004; soul jazz and hard bop organist and pianist) -
    Dorothy Malone (1924-2018; actress) -
    Dick Martin (1922-2008; comedian and director; 'Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In') -

    David Opatoshu (1918-1996; actor) -
    David Wayne (1914-1995; actor) -
    John Ireland (1914-1992; actor) -

    Roy Eldridge (1911-1989; jazz trumpeter) -
    Hugh Marlowe (1911-1982; actor) -

    Martita Hunt (1899-1969; actress) -
    (some sources state 1900 as year of birth)

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on January 30th.
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    January 31st:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I'll come and make love to you at five o'clock. If I'm late, start without me."

    - Tallulah Bankhead.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Harry Casey (musician, singer, songwriter; K and The Sunshine Band) -
    Justin Timberlake (singer, songwriter, actor and record producer *NSYNC*) -
    John Lydon (Johnny Rotten; singer, songwriter and musician; The Sex Pistols) -
    Tm Schuman (pianist; Spyro Gyra) -

    Jessica Walter (actress) -
    Minnie Driver (actress) -
    Jonathan Banks (actor) -

    Dexter Fletcher (actor) -
    Matt King (actor and director) -
    Anthony LaPaglia (actor) -

    Kelly Lynch (actress) -
    Stuart Margolin (actor) -
    Portia de Rossi (actress) -
    Paul Scheer (actor) -

    Anna Silk (actress) -
    Glynn Turman (actor) -
    Kerry Washington (actor) -
    Preity Zinta (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Marvin Junior (1936-2013; R&B singer; The Dells) -
    Carol Channing (1921-2019; actress, singer, dancer and comedienne) -
    John Dye (1963-2011; actor) -
    Jeff Hanneman (1964-2013; guitarist; Slayer) -

    Terry Kath (1946-1978; guitarist; Chicago) -
    Suzanne Pleshette (1937-2008; actress) -
    James Franciscus (1934-1991; actor) -
    Jean Simmons (1929-2010; actress) -

    Chuck Willis (1928-1958; singer, songwriter) -
    Norman Mailer (1923-2007; author) -
    Joanne Dru (1922-1996; actress) -

    Mario Lanza (1921-1959; singer and actor) -
    John Agar (1921-2002; actor) -
    Garry Moore (1915-1993; television personality) -

    Bobby Hackett (1915-1976; jazz musician) -
    Eddie Byrne (1911-1981; actor) -
    Tallulah Bankhead (1902-1968; actress) -
    Olive Carey (1896-1988; actress) -

    Percy Helton (1894-1971; actor) -
    Eddie Cantor (1892-1964; dancer, singer, actor and songwriter) -
    Fritz Leiber (1882-1949; actor) -
    Franz Schubert (1797-1828; composer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on January 31st.
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    February 1st:

    Quote for the Day:

    "When I came to the company, I had probably the original five-note range...everyone else had 105 notes.

    So when the producers would go to do your song, they would find your key, and then they would cut it two keys above that.

    And when Levi did it, and Marvin did it, they reached for those notes, and it sounded great.

    And when I reached for those notes, I sounded like a chicken somebody was trying to strangle!"

    - Chris Clark; interview with Bill Dahl; Ponderosa Stomp, 2013.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Chris Clark (Christine Elizabeth Clark; soul, jazz and blues singer; AA nominated co-screenwriter for 'Lady Sings The Blues; 1972) -

    Don Everly (Isaac Donald Everly; rock and roll singer and guitarist; The Everly Brothers) -

    Lisa Marie Presley (singer and songwriter) -

    Harry Styles (singer, songwriter and actor; One Direction) -

    Big Boi (Antwan Andre Patton; rapper, songwriter, actor and record producer; Outkast) -

    Tego Calderon (Tegui Calderon Rosario; hip hop recording artist and actor) -

    Exene Cervenka (Christene Lee Cervenka; vocalist, artist and poet; X) -
    Patrick Wilson (musician, singer and songwriter; drummer and co-founder of Weezer) -
    Jerry Pike (jazz funk producer; Atmosfear) -
    Sadao Watanabe (Watanabe Sadao; jazz saxophonist and flautist) -

    Burt Braverman (actor) -
    Sherilyn Fenn (Sheryl Ann Fenn; actress) -
    Michael C. Hall (actor) -

    Brian Krause (actor) -
    Rachelle Lefevre (actress) -
    Heather Morris (actress, dancer, singer and model) -

    Bill Mumy (Charles William Mumy, Jr; actor and musician) -
    Linus Roache (actor) -
    Stuart Whitman (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Rick James (James Ambrose Johnson, Jr; 1948-2004; R&B, soul and funk singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer) -

    Debbie Dean (Reba Jeanette Smith; 1928-2001; singer) -

    Joe Sample (1939-2014; pianist, keyboard player and composer; The Crusaders) -

    Ray Sawyer (1937-2008; country singer and musician; Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show) -

    Terry Jones (1942-2020; actor, writer, comedian, screenwriter, film director and historian; Monty Python) -

    Brandon Lee (1965-1993; actor) -
    Dwayne Goettel (1964-1995; musician; Skinny Puppy) -

    Jani Lane (1964-2011; singer; Warrant) -
    Dennis Brown (1957-1999; singer) -

    Elisabeth Sladen (1948-2011; actress) -
    (some sources state 1946 as year of birth)

    Bibi Blesch (1942-1996; actress) -
    Jimmy Carl Black (1938-2008; drummer; Mothers Of Invention) -

    Sherman Hemsley (1938-2012; actor and comedian) -
    Peter Sallis (1921-2017; actor) -
    Nancy Gates (1926-2019; actress) -

    Andrea King (1919-2003; actress) -
    Muriel Spark (1918-2006; novelist) -
    Langston Hughes (1902-1967; poet, social activist, novelist, playwright and columnist) -

    Clark Gable (1901- 1960; actor) -
    John Ford (1894-1973; film director) -
    James P. Johnson (1894-1955 jazz pianist and composer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 1st.
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    February 2nd:

    Quote for the Day:

    "At the end of our set, this guy came up to us and said he was called Ron Richards and was from EMI at Abbey Road, and would The Hollies like to come to London and make a demo.

    We were like "Of course!". We went down, recorded the song, and it got in the charts, and we never looked back.

    With the success of The Beatles and the money EMI were making, the first thing they thought was "they can't be the only ones - there must be some more people in the North, so let's go and chase them down", and that was what Ron was doing at The Cavern that day. What great timing!"

    - Graham Nash, interview with Getintothis, May 2019.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Graham Nash (singer-songwriter and musician; The Hollies; Crosby, Stills and Nash) -
    Al McKay (guitarist, songwriter, and producer; Earth, Wind & Fire) -
    Alphonso Johnson (jazz bassist) -

    Peter Macbeth (bass guitarist; The Foundations) -
    Mayer Hawthorne (Andrew Mayer Cohen; singer, producer, songwriter and arranger) -

    Shakira (Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll; singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, businesswoman and philanthropist) -

    David Jason (David John White; actor, comedian, screenwriter, television presenter and producer ) -
    Bo Hopkins (William Hopkins; actor) -
    Lauren Lane (actress) -

    Zosia Mamet (Zosia Russell Mamet; actress and musician) -
    Jack McGee (actor) -
    Martin Spanjers (actor) -
    Brent Spiner (actor, comedian, musician and singer) -

    Michael T. Weiss (actor) -
    Jennifer Westfeldt (actress and film maker) -
    Marissa Jaret Winokur (actress) -
    Kim Zimmer (actress) -

    Tommy Smothers (comedian, composer and musician; The Smothers Brothers) -

    Martina Arroyo (operatic soprano) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Jack Goga (1944-1996; songwriter and arranger for Motown) -
    Eva Cassidy (1963-1996; singer and pianist) -
    Farah Fawcett (1947-2009; actress, model and artist) -

    Geoffrey Hughes (1944-2012; actor) -
    Alan Caddy (1940-2000; guitarist, arranger, record producer and session musician; Johnny Kidd & The Pirates; The Tornados) -

    Duane Jones (1937-1988; actor) -
    Tony Jay (1933-2006; actor) -
    Robert Mandan (1932-2018; actor) -

    Stan Getz (1927-1991; jazz tenor saxophonist) -
    Elaine Stritch (1925-2014; actress and singer) -
    David Whitfield (1925-1980; singer) -

    Sonny Stitt (1924-1982; jazz saxophonist) -
    Bonita Granville (1923-1988; actress) -
    Burton Lane (1912-1997; composer) -

    Jussi Bjorling (1911-1960; operatic tenor) -
    (some sources state 5th February as date of birth) -

    Frank Albertson (1909-1964; actor) -
    Frank McGrath (1903-1967; actor) -

    Emmett Miller (1900-1962; singer) -
    Herbie Faye (1899-1980; actor) -
    Charles J. Correll (1890-1972; actor) -

    Frank Lloyd (1886-1960; film director) -
    S.Z. Sakall (1883-1955; actor) -
    James Joyce (1882-1941; author, poet, teacher and literary critic) -
    Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962; violin virtuoso and composer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 2nd.
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    February 3rd:

    Quote for the Day:

    "You know, all my writing is basically about women in one way or another.

    Not necessarily about personal contacts; sometimes I'm just singing about something I have observed.

    But women are the key."

    - Johnny Bristol; interview with Jeff Burger; May 1975.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Melanie Safka (Melanie Anne Safka-Schekeryk; folk, pop and country singer and songwriter) -
    Angelo D'Aleo (doo-wop singer; The Belmonts) -
    Dave Davies (rock and pop singer, songwriter and guitarist; The Kinks) -
    John Handy (jazz musician) -

    Sean Kingston (Kisean Paul Anderson; singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer) -
    Lee Ranaldo (musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist, writer, visual artist and record producer; Sonic Youth) -
    Steven Stapleton (musician; Nurse With A Wound) -
    David Yankee (Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez; singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and record producer) -

    Blythe Danner (actress) -
    Nathan Lane (Joseph Lane; actor and writer) -
    Morgan Fairchild (Patsy Ann McClenny; actress) -

    Thomas Calabro (actor and director) -
    Mariclare Costello (actress) -

    Warwick Davis (actor, television presenter, writer, director, comedian and producer) -
    Elisha Donovan (Lisa Adaline Donovan; actress, writer and producer) -
    Isla Fisher (actress and author) -
    Pamela Franklin (actress) -

    Keith Gordon (actor and film director) -
    Bridget Hanley (actress) -
    Kathleen Kinmont (actress) -

    Stephen McHattie (Stephen McHattie Smith; actor) -
    Adrian R'Mante (actor and acting coach) -
    Ryne Sanborn (ice hockey player and former actor) -
    Maura Tierney (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Dennis Edwards (1943-2018; soul and R&B singer; The Temptations) -
    Johnny Bristol (1939-2004; songwriter, record producer and singer) -
    Johnny 'Guitar' Watson (1935-1996; blues, soul and funk guitarist and singer-songwriter) -
    Eric Haydock (1943-2019; bass guitarist; The Hollies) -

    Michael Cimino (1939-2016; film director, screenwriter, producer and author) -
    Shelley Berman (1925-2017; comedian, actor and writer) -
    Arthur Kane (1949-2004; bassist; New York Dolls) -
    Peggy Ann Garner (1932-1984; actress) -

    Frankie Vaughan (1928-1999; singer) -
    John Fiedler (1925-2005; actor) -
    Joey Bishop (1918-2007; actor and comedian) -

    Mary Carlisle (1914-2018; actress) -
    Mabel Mercer (1900-1984; jazz and cabaret singer) -
    Gertrude Stein (1874-1946; novelist, poet, playwright and art collector) -
    Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847; composer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 3rd.
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  12. #4662
    February 4th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "We always had the voices, so we didn't have to choose what kind of group we wanted to be.

    Some bands have pop voices, so they become a pop band. Some have gospel voices, so they do gospel.

    We happened to have such versatility that it didn't matter what we did.

    We could do everything from 'Pagliacci' to pop."

    - Florence LaRue; interview with Delaware State News; 2016.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Spyder Turner (Dwight David Turner; soul singer) -
    Florence LaRue (singer and actress; original member of The 5th Dimension) -
    James Dunn (soul singer; The Stylistics) -

    Alice Cooper (Vincent Damon Furnier; singer, songwriter and actor) -
    Natalie Imbruglia (singer-songwriter, model and actress) -
    John Steel (drummer; The Animals) -

    Jerry Shirley (drummer; Humble Pie) -
    Cam'ron (Cameron Ezike Giles; rapper, record executive, actor and philanthropist) -
    Clint Black (country music singer-songwriter and musician) -
    Gavin DeGraw (singer-songwriter) -

    Gabrielle Anwar (actress) -
    Michael Beck (John Michael Beck Taylor; actor) -
    Patrick Bergin (actor and singer) -

    Gary Conway (actor and screenwriter) -
    Rob Corddry (actor and comedian) -
    Pamelyn Ferdin (animal rights activist and former child actress) -

    Bug Hall (Brandon Hall; actor) -
    Jim O'Heir (actor and comedian) -
    Michael Riley (actor) -
    John Schuck (Conrad John Schuck, Jr; actor) -

    Dara O'Briain (comedian and television presenter) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Marguerite 'Marge' Ganser (1948-1996; pop singer; The Shangri-Las) -
    George A. Romero (1940-2017; film director) -
    David Brenner (1936-2014; stand-up comedian, actor and author) -
    Colin Wilcox Paxton (1935-2009; actress) -

    Conrad Bain (1923-2013; actor) -
    Kae Williams (1921-1987; DJ, record label owner and producer; one-time manager of Solomon Burke, The Silhouettes and The Sensations) -

    Ida Lupino (1918-1995; actress) -

    Ray Evans (1915-2007; composer, with Jay Livingston, of 'Buttons And Bows'; 'Mona Lisa'; 'Que Sera Sera'; 'Tammy') -

    William Talman (1915-1968; actor; Hamilton Burger on 'Perry Mason') -
    Norman Wisdom (1915-2010; actor, comedian, singer-songwriter) -
    Rosa Parks (1913-2005; civil rights activist) -

    James Craig (1912-1985; actor) -
    Robert Coote (1909-1982; actor) -
    Eddie Foy, Jr (1905-1983; actor) -

    Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974; aviator) -

    Walter Catlett (1889-1960; actor; the voice of J. Worthington Foulfellow, aka 'Honest John' the fox; 'Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee', from Disney's 'Pinocchio') -

    Happy Birthday:
    to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 4th.

  13. #4663
    February 5th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Songs outlive people.

    The real reason Motown worked was the publishing.

    The records were just a vehicle to get the songs out there to the public.

    The real money is in the publishing, and if you have publishing, hang onto it. That's what it's all about.

    If you give it away, you're giving away your life, your legacy.

    Once you're gone, those songs will still be playing."

    - Barrett Strong, interview with New York Times, 2013.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Barrett Strong (R&B and soul singer and composer; 'Money (That's What I Want') -
    Bobby Brown (R&B singer and songwriter; New Edition) -
    Ann Sexton (soul singer) -

    Adam Carson (drummer; AFI) -
    Sara Evans (country music singer-songwriter) -
    Chuck Winfield (trumpeter, flugelhorn and vocalist; Blood, Sweat & Tears) -

    Al Kooper (keyboardist, songwriter and record producer; Blood, Sweat & Tears) -
    Duff McKagan (bassist; Guns N' Roses) -
    Vast Aire (rapper) -
    Jane Eugene (singer; Loose Ends) -

    Barbara Hershey (actress) -
    Charlotte Rampling (actress) -
    Michael Sheen (actor) -

    Abhishek Bachchan (actor and film producer) -
    Darren Criss (actor, singer and songwriter) -
    Stuart Damon (actor) -

    Christopher Guest (screenwriter, composer, musician, director, actor and comedian) -
    Tony Jaa (martial artist and actor) -
    David Ladd (producer and former actor) -

    Jennifer Jason Leigh (actress) -
    Laura Linney (actress and singer) -
    Tim Meadows (actor and comedian) -
    Chris Parnell (actor, voice artist, comedian and singer) -

    David Selby (actor) -
    Jeremy Sumpter (actor) -
    Vivian Wu (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    James B. Cobb, Jr. (1944-2019; guitarist and songwriter; Classics IV; Atlanta Rhythm Section)

    Cory Wells (1941-2015; singer; Three Dog Night) -

    Red Buttons (1919-2006; actor and comedian) -
    Tim Holt (1919-1973; actor) -
    Isuzu Yamada (1917-2012; actress) -

    John Carradine (1906-1988; actor) -
    Andre Citroen (1878-1935; industrialist, Citroen Cars and vans) -
    Jermain Wesley Loguen (1813-1872; abolitionist and bishop; author of a slave narrative) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 5th.

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  14. #4664
    February 6th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I think that talented people really do have insecurities, and that is one of the things that kind of motivates them, because that's one thing they know they're good at.

    And when they're up on that stage, you can do no wrong.

    The audience is yours; they're there to see you."

    - Natalie Cole.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Axl Rose (singer, songwriter, record producer and musician; Guns N' Roses) -
    Rick Astley (singer) -
    Fabian (singer and actor) -
    Dave Berry (singer) -

    Mike Batt (singer-songwriter, musician, record producer) -
    Jerry Marotta (drummer; Peter Gabriel) -
    Punky Meadows (guitarist; Angel) -
    Har Mar Superstar (musician) -

    Gayle Hunnicutt (actress) -
    Kathy Najimy (actress) -
    Mamie Van Doren (actress, model and singer) -

    Kevin Whately (actor) -
    Alice Eve (actress) -
    Mike Farrell (actor) -

    Megan Gallagher (actress) -
    David Hayter (actor) -
    Simone Lahbib (actress) -

    Gigi Perreau (actress) -
    Brian Stepanek (actor) -
    Josh Stewart (actor) -

    Robert Townsend (actor) -
    Michael Tucker (actor) -
    Jon Walmsley (actor) -

    Jimmy Tarbuck (comedian) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Georgeanna Tillman (1944-1980; singer: The Marvelettes) -
    Natalie Cole (1950-2015; singer) -
    Bob Marley (1945-1981; singer-songwriter) -

    Willie Tee (1944-2007; keyboardist, songwriter, singer and producer) -
    Kate McGarrigle (1946-2010; singer-songwriter) -
    John London (1942-2000; musician and songwriter) -

    Rip Torn (1931-2019; actor, voice artist and comedian) -
    Jacques Villeret (1951-2005; actor) -
    Leslie Crowther (1933-1996; comedian, actor and game show host) -
    Francois Truffaut (1932-1984; film director) -

    Keith Waterhouse (1929-2009; novelist and newspaper columnist) -
    Pierre Brice (1929-2015; actor) -
    Patrick Macnee (1922-2015; actor) -

    Zsa Zsa Gabor (1917-2016; actress and socialite) -
    Thurl Ravenscroft (1914-2005; actor; the voice of Kellogg's 'Tony The Tiger', "They're Grrreat!") -
    John Lund (1911-1992; actor) -

    Ann Tyrrell (1909-1983; actress) -
    Claudio Arrau (1903-1991; virtuoso pianist) -
    Ramon Novarro (1899-1968; actor) -
    Sir Henry Irving (1838-1905; actor and theatre manager) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 6th.
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  15. #4665
    February 7th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I don't have any bad habits.

    They might be bad habits for other people, but they're all right for me."

    - Eubie Blake.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Alan Lancaster (bassist; Status Quo)-
    Brian Travers (saxophonist; UB40) -
    David Bryan (keyboardist; Bon Jovi) -

    Steve Bronski (keyboardist, percussionist and producer; Bronski Beat) -
    Garth Brooks (singer, songwriter) -
    Sully Erna (vocalist and guitarist; Gobsmack) -
    Vasco Rossi (singer) -

    Essence Atkins (actress) -
    Deanna Casaluce (actress) -
    Stephen Colletti (actor) -

    Jason Gedrick (actor) -
    Eddie Izzard (stand-up comedian, actor and writer) -
    Ashton Kutcher (actor) -

    Robyn Lively (actress) -
    Tina Majorino (actress) -
    David Nykl (actor) -

    Chris Rock (comedian, actor, writer, producer and director) -
    Robert Smigel (actor) -
    James Spader (actor)

    Cerina Vincent (actress) -
    Victor Webster (actor) -
    Deborah Ann Woll (actress) -

    Emo Philips (comedian) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    James Dean (1943-2006; songwriter; Dean-Weatherspoon) -
    King Curtis (1934-1971; saxophonist and bandleader) -
    Earl King (1934-2003; singer, guitarist and songwriter) -

    Eubie Blake (1887-1983; ragtime jazz pianist) -

    Jimmy Greenspoon (1948-2015; organist; Three Dog Night) -

    Eddie Bracken (1915-2002; actor) -
    Gary Bond (1940-1995; actor) -
    Miguel Ferrer (1955-2017; actor) -

    Gareth Hunt (1942-2007; actor) -
    Gloria Talbott (1931-2000; actress) -
    Romolo Valli (1925-1980; actor) -

    Keefe Brasselle (1923-1981; actor) -
    Joe Maross (1923-2009; actor) -
    Hattie Jacques (1922-1980; actress) -

    Jock Mahoney (1919-1989; actor) -
    Derek Farr (1912-1986; actor) -
    Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957; novelist) -

    Charles Dickens (1812-1870; novelist) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 7th.
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  16. #4666
    February 8th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure."

    - Jack Lemmon.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Ron Tyson (soul and R&B singer,songwriter and record producer; The Temptations) -
    Bessie Banks (Bessie White; soul singer) -
    John Williams (composer) -
    Vince Neil (Vincent Neil Wharton; singer; Motley Crue) -

    Phoenix Farrell (David Michael Farrell; bassist; Linkin Park) -
    Tom Rush (folk and blues singer-songwriter) -
    Adolfo de le Parra (drummer; Canned Heat) -
    Paul Wheatbread (drummer; Gary Puckett and the Union Gap) -

    Nick Nolte (actor) -
    Mary Steenburgen (actress, singer and songwriter) -
    Brooke Adams (actress) -

    Julia Barr (actress) -
    Jonah Blechman (actor) -
    Creed Bratton (actor, singer and musician) -

    Stephanie Courtney (actress and comedian) -
    Henry Czerny (actor) -
    Seth Green (actor) -

    Pooch Hall (Marion H. Hall, Jr; actor, rapper and model) -
    Mathilda May (actress) -
    Mary McCormack (actress) -

    Joshua Morrow (actor) -
    Ethan Phillips (actor and playwright) -
    Ryan Pinkston (actor) -

    Susan May Pratt (actress) -
    Shiva Rose (actress) -
    Jordon Todosey (actress) -

    Robert Klein (stand-up comedian, singer and actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Hal Davis (1933-1998; songwriter and record producer) -
    Otis Leavall (1937-2002; singer, songwriter and record company executive) -
    Gary Coleman (1968-2010; actor) -

    Dan Seals (1948-2009; country musician; England Dan and John Ford Coley) -
    Terry Melcher (1942-2004; musician and record producer) -
    James Dean (1931-1955; actor) -

    Alejandro Rey (1930-1987; actor) -
    Jack Larson (1928-2015; actor) -
    Audrey Meadows (1926-1996; actress) -

    Jack Lemmon (1925-2001; actor) -
    Lana Turner (1921-1995; actress) -
    Betty Field (1913-1973; actress) -

    Margot Stevenson (1912-2011; actress) -
    Steffi Duna (1910-1992; actress) -
    Lyle Talbot (1902-1996; actor) -

    King Vidor (1894-1982; film director) -
    Edith Evans (1888-1976; actress) -
    Charles Ruggles (1886-1970; actor) -

    Burt Mustin (1884-1977; actor) -
    Jules Verne (1828-1905; author) -
    John Ruskin (1818- 1900; Victorian art critic) -

    Happy Birthday:
    to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 8th.

  17. #4667
    February 9th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I never felt like a big star, anyway.

    I went back to Michigan and I never told a soul.

    I would hear it ('Hello Stranger') on the radio and it was disassociation.

    It was another lifetime.

    I was never sad about it. I just went about my life."

    - Barbara Lewis, interview with MinnPost, 2008.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Barbara Lewis (soul/R&B singer and songwriter) -
    Carole King (singer and songwriter) -
    Dennis D.T. Thomas (saxophonist; Kool & The Gang) -
    Holly Johnson (artist, singer, musician and writer; Frankie Goes To Hollywood) -

    Barry Mann (songwriter, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil) -
    Brian Bennett (drummer; The Shadows) -
    Travis Tritt (country musician) -
    Joe Ely (singer, songwriter and guitarist) -

    Mia Farrow (actress) -
    Tom Hiddleston (actor) -
    Ciaran Hinds (actor) -

    Janet Suzman (actress) -
    Logan Bartholomew (actor) -
    A J Buckley (Alan John Buckley; actor) -

    Jim J. Bullock (actor) -
    Sharon Case (actress) -
    Charlie Day (actor) -

    Colin Egglesfield (actor) -
    David Gallagher (actor) -
    Jason George (actor) -

    Avan Jogia (actor) -
    Michael B. Jordan (actor) -
    Judith Light (actress) -
    Joe Pesci (actor) -

    Charles Shaughnessy (actor) -
    Christian Vincent (actor) -
    Julie Warner (actress) -
    Zhang Ziyi (actress) -

    Alice Walker (author) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Morris Broadnax (1931-2009; songwriter) -
    Major Harris (1947-2012; singer; The Delfonics) -

    Hildegard Behrens (1937-2009; operatic soprano) -
    Clive Swift (1936-2019; actor) -
    Brendan Behan (1923-1964; playwright) -

    Kathryn Grayson (1922-2010; actress) -
    Ernest Tubb (1914-1984; musician) -
    Ginette Leclerc (1912-1992; actress) -

    Carmen Miranda (1909-1955; dancer) -
    Heather Angel (1909-1986; actress) -

    Brian Donlevy (1901-1972; actor) -
    Peggy Wood (1892-1978; actress) -
    Ronald Colman (1891-1958; actor) -

    Jules Berry (1883-1951; actor) -
    Mrs Patrick Campbell (1865-1940; actress) -
    Anthony Hope (1863-1933; novelist) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 9th.

  18. #4668
    February 10th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Accomplishments have no colour." - Leontyne Price.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Roberta Flack (jazz, folk, soul, R&B singer and pianist) -
    Leontyne Price (operatic soprano) -
    Geraldine Hunt (R&B singer) -

    Don Wilson (rhythm guitarist; The Ventures) -
    Jimmy Merchant (doo-wop singer and musician; Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers) -
    Nigel Olsson (rock drummer; Elton John) -

    Robert Wagner (actor) -
    Laura Dern (actress, director and film producer) -
    Elizabeth Banks (actress) -

    Didier Bezace (actor) -
    Philip Glenister (actor) -
    Keeley Hawes (actress) -

    Chloe Moretz (actress) -
    Francesca Neri (actress) -
    Emma Roberts (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Cliff Burton (1962-1986; bassist; Metallica) -
    Clifford T. Ward (1944-2001; singer-songwriter) -
    Peter Allen (1944-1992; singer-songwriter) -
    Jerry Goldsmith (1929-2004; composer) -

    Hazel Court (1926-2008; actress) -
    Neva Patterson (1920-2010; actress) -
    Larry Adler (1914-2001; harmonica virtuoso) -

    Lon Chaney, Jr. (1906-1973; actor) -
    Chick Webb (1905-1939; jazz musician) -
    Stella Adler (1901-1992; actress) -

    Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956; playwright) -
    Judith Anderson (1897-1992;actress) -
    Robert Keith (1898-1966; actor) -

    Jimmy Durante (1893-1980; singer, pianist, comedian and actor) -
    Alan Hale, Sr. (1892-1950; actor) -
    Boris Pasternak (1890-1960; author) -

    Harry Beaumont (1888-1966; film director) -
    Bert Kalmar (1884-1947; songwriter) -
    Adelina Patti (1843-1919; operatic soprano) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 10th.

  19. #4669
    February 11th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I think there are several components that explain the amazing success of the Bossa Nova.

    The melodies are haunting and catchy. Great harmonies, great chords.

    Then the sensuality of the music. That's what inspired so many North American musicians like Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie and Frank Sinatra to go to that repertoire.

    It's very romantic, but also quite sophisticated at the same time."

    - Sergio Mendes; AARP interview, September 2019.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Sergio Mendes (musician and bandleader) -
    Brandy (Brandy Rayana Norwood; R&B, pop, hip hop and soul singer) -
    Rochelle Fleming (soul, R&B and disco singer; lead singer with First Choice) -
    Sheryl Crow (musician, singer, songwriter and actress) -

    Kelly Rowland (singer; Destiny's Child) -
    Russ Freeman (guitarist; The Rippingtons) -
    D'Angelo (Michael Eugene Archer; singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer) -
    William Beckett (singer; The Academy Is..../TAI) -

    Aubrey O'Day (singer) -
    Mike Shinoda (singer and instrumentalist; Linkin Park) -
    Varg Vikernes (musician) -

    Jennifer Anniston (actress) -
    Harris Allan (actor) -
    Natalie Dormer (actress) -

    Taylor Lautner (actor) -
    Matthew Lawrence (actor) -
    Damian Lewis (actor) -

    Tina Louise (actress) -
    Carey Howell (actress) -
    Jeffrey Meek (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    William Weatherspoon (1936-2005; songwriter and record producer) -
    Leon Haywood (1942-2016; singer, songwriter and record producer) -
    Otis Clay (1942-2016; singer) -
    Little Johnny Taylor (1943-2002; singer) -

    Al Johnson (1948-2013; singer, writer, arranger and producer) -
    Gerry Goffin (1939-2014; lyricist; Gerry Goffin & Carole King) -
    Bobby 'Boris' Pickett (1938-2007; singer-songwriter) -
    Burt Reynolds (1936-2018; actor, director and producer) -

    Gene Vincent (1935-1971; musician) -
    Leslie Nielsen (1926-2010; actor) -
    Sonny Landham (1941-2017; actor) -

    Kim Stanley (1925-2001; actress) -
    Billy Halop (1920-1976; actor; Dead End Kid) -
    Eva Gabor (1919-1995; actress) -

    Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1909-1993; film director) -
    Rex Lease (1903-1966; actor) -
    John Mills, Sr. (1882-1967; singer and saxophonist; The Mills Brothers) -
    Thomas Edison (1847-1931; inventor of the light bulb, phonograph and motion picture camera) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 11th.
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  20. #4670
    February 12th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "The industry loves young, dumb kids.

    There's nothing wrong with that. I was a young, dumb kid.

    When I was young and dumb, they exploited me and stole millions of dollars from me.

    That's the way the industry works."

    - Gene McDaniels; Sound Projections online magazine.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Michael McDonald (singer, songwriter, keyboardist and record producer; The Doobie Brothers; Steely Dan) -
    Helen Scott (soul, R&B and disco singer; The Three Degrees) -
    Steve Hackett (musician, songwriter, singer and producer; lead guitarist with Genesis) -

    Chynna Phillips (singer and actress; Wilson Phillips) -
    Vincent James (soul singer; Sweet Sensation) -
    Bill Laswell (producer and musician) -

    Maud Adams (actress) -
    Josh Brolin (actor) -

    Claudio Armendola (actor, television presenter and director) -
    (some sources state February 16th as date of birth)

    Joe Don Baker (actor) -
    Cliff De Young (actor and musician) -
    Christine Elise (actress) -

    John Michael Higgins (actor and comedian) -
    Michael Ironside (Frederick Reginald Ironside; actor) -
    Joanna Kerns (actress and director) -

    Sarah Lancaster (actress) -
    Lochlyn Munro (actor) -
    Ajay Naidu (actor) -

    Christina Ricci (actress) -
    Raphael Sbarge (actor, director and producer) -
    Jesse Spencer (actor and musician) -
    Jennifer Stone (actress) -

    Tara Strong (actress) -
    Robin Thomas (actor and sculptor) -
    Sigrid Thornton (actress) -

    Arsenio Hall (comedian, radio show host, actor, writer and producer) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Gene McDaniels (1935-2011; singer and songwriter) -
    Joe Schermie (1946-2002; bassist; Three Dog Night) -
    Ray Manzarek (1939-2013; keyboardist; The Doors) -

    Vincent Montana, Jr. (1928-2013; composer, arranger and percussionist; MFSB; Salsoul Orchestra) -

    Hans Koller (1921-2003; saxophonist) -
    Max Geldray (1916-2004; jazz musician) -
    Tex Beneke (1914-2000; saxophonist; Glenn Miller Orchestra) -

    Ted Mack (1904-1976; broadcaster, bandleader and musician; Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour) -

    Franco Zeffirelli (1923-2019; film director and producer) -

    Lorne Greene (1915-1987; actor) -
    Forrest Tucker (1919-1986; actor) -
    Simon McCorkindale (1952-2010; actor) -
    Richard Lynch (1940-2012; actor) -

    Paul Shenar (1936-1989; actor) -
    Louis Zorich (1924-2018; actor) -
    Ernest Clark (1912-1994; actor) -
    Joseph Kearns (1907-1962; actor) -

    Wallace Ford (1898-1966; actor) -
    Anna Pavlova (1881-1931; ballerina) -
    Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865; 16th US President) -
    Charles Darwin (1809-1882; naturalist) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 12th.

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  21. #4671
    February 13th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Acting is such a bizarre way of life.

    Unless you're really passionate about it, you should give it up.

    Don't beat yourself up."

    - Stockard Channing.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Robbie Williams (singer-songwriter; Take That) -
    Peter Gabriel (singer, songwriter and musician; Genesis) -

    Peter Hook (Peter Woodhead; singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer; bassist for Joy Division & New Order) -

    Feist (Leslie Feist; singer-songwriter) -
    cEvin Key (Kevin William Crompton; musician; Skinny Puppy) -
    Henry Rollins (Henry Lawrence Garfield; musician) -
    Roy Dyke (rock drummer; Ashton, Gardner & Dyke) -

    Kim Novak (Marilyn Pauline Novak; actress) -
    Stockard Channing (Susan Williams Antonia Stockard; actress) -

    Pernilla August (actress, director and screenwriter) -
    Jesse Birdsall (actor) -
    Caroline Blakiston (actress) -

    Richard Eden (actor) -
    Galen Gering (actor) -
    Kelly Hu (actress) -

    Neal McDonough (actor and producer) -
    David Naughton (actor and singer) -
    Matt Salinger (actor and producer) -

    George Segal (actor and musician) -
    Mena Suvari (actress) -
    Bo Svenson (actor) -

    Barry Tubb (actor and director) -
    Richard Tyson (actor) -
    Brook Yeaton (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    King Floyd (1945-2006; singer and songwriter) -
    Peter Tork (Peter Halsten Thorkelson; 1942-2019; guitarist and singer; The Monkees) -
    Carol Lynley (Carole Anne Jones; 1942-2019; actress) -

    Ed Gagliardi (1952-2014; bassist; Foreigner) -

    Oliver Reed (1938-1999; actor) -

    Susan Oliver (1932-1990; actress) -
    Wardell Gray (1921-1955; jazz saxophonist) -
    Boudleaux Bryant (1920-1987; songwriter; 'Wake Up Little Susie') -

    Eileen Farrell (1920-2002; operatic soprano) -
    Tennessee Ernie Ford (1919-1991; country musician) -
    Lyle Bettger (1915-2003; actor) -

    Georges Simenon (1903-1989; novelist) -
    Feodor Chaliapin (1873-1938; operatic bass) -
    Leopold Godowsky (1870-1938; pianist) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 13th.

  22. #4672
    February 14th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I've always loved performing and, especially, love for the people.

    That's what keeps me going."

    - Maceo Parker.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Maceo Parker (funk and soul jazz saxophonist; also with James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic) -
    Dwayne Wiggins (musician, blues guitarist, producer and composer; Tony! Toni! Tone!) -
    Vic Briggs (also known as Antion Meredith; musician and singer; lead guitarist with The Animals) -

    Dwele (Andwele Gardner; soul singer, songwriter and record producer) -
    Razzy Bailey (Rasie Michael Bailey; country musician) -
    Jeru the Damaja (Kendrick Jeru Davis; rapper) -
    Rob Thomas (singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist; lead singer; Matchbox Twenty) -

    Renee Fleming (operatic soprano) -

    Meg Tilly (Margaret Elizabeth Chan; actress and novelist ) -
    Freddie Highmore (Alfred Thomas Highmore; actor) -
    Enrio Colantoni (actor and director) -

    James Eckhouse (actor) -
    Zach Galligan (actor) -
    Joan O'Brien (actress and singer) -
    Simon Pegg (actor) -

    Andrew Prine (actor) -
    Andrew Robinson (actor) -
    Valente Rodriguez (actor) -
    Tiffany Thornton (actress and singer) -

    Teller (formerly Raymond Teller; magician, illusionist and entertainer; Penn & Teller) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Hattie Littles (1937-2000; soul, blues and gospel singer) -
    Clarence Reid ('Blowfly'; 1939-2016; rapper, musician, songwriter and producer) -
    Tim Buckley (1947-1975; singer-songwriter) -

    Gregory Hines (1946-2003; dancer, singer, actor and choreographer) -
    Lee Chamberlin (1938-2014; actress) -
    Florence Henderson (1934-2016; actress) -

    Merl Saunders (1934-2008; jazz keyboardist) -
    Vic Morrow (1929-1982; actor) -
    Lois Maxwell (1927-2007; actress) -

    Trudy Marshall (1920-2004; actress) -
    Edward Platt (1916-1974; actor) -
    Irving Gordon (1915-1996; songwriter) -

    Florence Rice (1907-1974; actress) -
    (some sources state 1911 as year of birth) -

    Thelma Ritter (1902-1969; actress) -
    Stuart Erwin (1903-1967; actor) -

    Crash Corrigan (1902-1976; actor) -
    Nigel Bruce (1895-1953; actor) -
    Jack Benny (1894-1974; comedian and actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 14th.
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  23. #4673
    February 15th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I would be a fool if I told you I knew these songs would be so big.

    I felt we could be successful, but I had no idea that these songs would live as long as they have.

    It's just been phenomenal. I remember saying back at Motown "Man, I would love to write classic songs, like a 'White Christmas'."

    As it turns out, many of our songs have become classic, too.

    But back during that time, we were just focused on writing songs for the current project we were doing."

    - Brian Holland; interview with Dale Kawashima, Songwriter Universe Magazine.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Brian Holland (songwriter, record producer and singer; Holland-Dozier-Holland) -
    Melissa Manchester (singer-songwriter) -
    John Helliwell (keyboardist and saxophonist; Supertramp) -

    Mick Avory (drummer; The Kinks) -
    Mikey Craig (bassist; Culture Club) -
    Ali Campbell (lead singer; UB40) -

    Brandon Boyd (singer, songwriter and musician; lead vocalist with Incubus) -
    Conor Oberst (singer-songwriter; Bright Eyes) -
    Henry Threadgill (composer, saxophonist and flautist) -
    Gloria Trevi (singer and songwriter) -

    Marisa Berenson (actress) -
    Claire Bloom (actress) -
    Jane Seymour (actress) -
    Joseph R. Gannascoli (actor) -

    Sherry Jackson (actress) -
    Christopher McDonald (actor) -
    Renee O'Connor (actress, producer, writer and director) -
    Sarah Wynter (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Alvin Cash (1939-1999; singer) -
    David Brown (1947-2000; bassist; Santana) -
    Rusty Hamer (1947-1990; actor) -

    Harvey Korman (1927-2008; comedic actor) -
    Miep Giles (Hermine Santruschitz; 1909-2010; Dutch citizen who sheltered Anne Frank and her family) -
    Sidney Gilliat (1908-1994; film director) -

    Allan Arbus (1918-2013; actor and photography) -
    Meg Wyllie (1917-2002; actress) -
    Mary Jane Croft (1916-1999; actress) -

    Kevin McCarthy (1914-2010; actor) -
    Cesar Romero (1907-1994; actor) -
    Jean Langlais (1907-1991; organist and composer) -

    Harold Arlen (1905-1986; songwriter) -
    Gale Sondergaard (1899-1985; actress) -
    George Auric (1899-1983; composer) -

    Toto (1898-1967; comedian, actor, writer, singer and songwriter) -
    Walter Donaldson (1893-1947; songwriter) -

    John Barrymore (1882-1942; actor) -
    (some sources state February 14th as date of birth) -

    Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922; Antarctic explorer) -
    Charles Lewis Tiffany (1812-1902; jeweller and businessman; founder of Tiffany & Co.) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 15th.
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  24. #4674
    February 16th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "When people ask me, I say I studied at the University of Ray Charles, and went to learn with the master, Quincy."

    - James Ingram; Associated Press, 1991.

    If this is your Birthday,
    you are sharing it with:

    Lenny Williams (R&B and soul singer, songwriter and musician; Tower Of Power) -
    Ice-T (Tracy Lauren Marrow; musician, rapper, songwriter, actor, record producer and author) -

    Andy Taylor (musician, singer, songwriter and record producer; Duran Duran) -
    Lyn Paul (Lynda Susan Belcher; singer and actress; The New Seekers) -
    Lupe Fiasco (Wasalu Muhammad Jaco; rapper, record producer, entepreneur and activist) -

    Dave Lombardo (drummer; Slayer) -
    LeVar Burton (actor, presenter, director and author) -
    William Katt (actor) -

    Kevin Allison (comedian, writer and actor) -
    Sarah Clarke (actress) -
    Christopher Eccleston (actor) -

    Amanda Holden (television presenter, actress and singer) -

    Lisa Loring (actress) -
    Elizabeth Olsen (actress) -
    Barry Primus (actor, director and writer) -
    Jon Tataglia (puppeteer, actor, singer and dancer) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    James Ingram (1952-2019; singer, songwriter, record producer and instrumentalist) -
    Leon Ware (1940-2017; singer, songwriter and musician) -
    Marvin Sease (1946-2011; singer and songwriter) -
    Margaux Hemingway (1954-1996; fashion model and actress) -

    Pete Postlethwaite (1946-2011; actor) -
    (some sources state February 7th as date of birth) -

    John Balance (1962-2004; electronic musician) -
    Sonny Bono (1935-1988; singer, producer and politician; Sonny & Cher) -
    Brian Bedford (1935-2016; actor) -
    Ted Taylor (1934-1987; singer) -

    Otis Blackwell (1932-2002; songwriter, singer and pianist) -
    (some sources state 1931 as year of birth) -

    Harry Goz (1932-2003; actor) -

    Vera-Ellen (1921-1981; dancer and actress) -
    Patty Andrews (1918-2013; singer; The Andrews Sisters) -
    Hal Kalin (1934-2005; singer; The Kalin Twins) -
    Herbie Kalin (1934-2006; singer; The Kalin Twins) -

    Bill Doggett (1916-1996; pianist and organist) -
    Jeffrey Lynn (1909-1995; actor) -
    Hugh Beaumont (1909-1982; actor) -

    Edgar Bergen (1903-1978; ventriloquist; Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd) -
    Chester Morris (1901-1970; actor) -
    Katherine Cornell (1893-1974; actress) -
    Vernon Dent (1895-1963; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 16th.

  25. #4675
    February 17th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I'm approaching 70.

    Unfortunately, from the wrong direction."

    - Barry Humphries.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Mickey McGill (R&B singer; The Dells) -

    Bobby Lewis (rock and roll, R&B singer) -
    (some sources state February 9 as date of birth)

    Ed Sheeran (singer-songwriter, record producer and actor) -

    John Leyton (actor and singer) -
    Taylor Hawkins (drummer; The Foo Fighters) -
    Billie Joe Armstrong (musician, singer, songwriter and actor; lead vocalist, Green Day) -

    Vicente Fernandez (singer) -
    Tom Jones (songwriter; 'The Fantasticks') -
    Bryan White (country musician) -

    Daniel Merriweather (singer-songwriter, composer and record producer) -
    Chante Moore (singer, songwriter and actress) -
    Hal Holbrook(actor) -

    Barry Humphries (comedian, actor, satirist, artist and author; Dame Edna Everage; Sir Les Patterson) -

    Patricia Routledge (actress) -

    Brenda Fricker (actress) -
    Kelly Carlson (actress) -
    Bonnie Wright (actress) -

    Garry Chalk (actor) -
    Brooke D'Orsay (actor) -
    Andre Dussollier (actor) -

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt (actor) -
    Ashton Holmes (actor) -
    Jackson Hurst (actor) -

    Richard Karn (actor) -
    Lynne Moody (actress) -
    Jerry O'Connell (actor) -

    Chord Overstreet (actor, singer and musician) -
    Lou Diamond Phillips (actor) -
    Christina Pickles (actress) -
    Sasha Pieterse (actress) -

    Dominic Purcell (actor) -
    Denise Richards (actress) -
    Jason Ritter (actor) -
    Rene Russo (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Tommy Edwards (1922-1969; singer and songwriter) -

    Orville 'Hoppy' Jones (1908-1944; singer and cellist; The Ink Spots) -
    (some sources state 1902 or 1905 as year of birth) -

    Gene Pitney (1940-2006; singer-songwriter, musician and sound engineer) -

    Zina Bethune (1945-2012; actress) -
    Alan Bates (1934-2003; actor) -
    Jeremy Slate (1926-2006; actor) -

    Ralphie May (1972-2007; stand-up comedian) -
    Buddy DeFranco (1923-2014; jazz clarinettist; Glenn Miller Orchestra) -
    Kathleen Freeman (1919-2001; actress) -

    Raf Vallone (1916-2022; actor) -
    Arthur Kennedy (1914-1990; actor) -
    Wayne Morris (1914-1959; actor) -

    Arthur Hunnicutt (1910-1979; actor) -
    James Millican (1910-1955; actor) -
    Marc Lawrence (1910-2005; actor) -
    Marjorie Fielding (1892-1956; actress) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 17th.

  26. #4676
    February 18th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "There were a lot of artists here in New Orleans that Motown wanted to sign, and they didn't sign up with Motown. For whatever reasons, they chose not to.

    Probably some reason they didn't feel comfortable with the whole situation.

    But Motown people came to New Orleans, and hung out in New Orleans, before they went back to Motown and came up with what they came up with.

    But they don't say that, because they want people to think they came up with this all by themselves.

    But they didn't. People like Earl King and people who have passed on, there are stories they could tell you about Motown that would make your hair stand on its end, OK?"

    - Irma Thomas, interview with Transatlantic Modern, 2013.

    If this is your Birthday,
    you are sharing it with:

    Irma Thomas (R&B, soul, blues, gospel and pop singer) -
    Randy Crawford (Veronica Crawford; jazz and R&B singer) -
    Herman Santiago (rock and roll singer; Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers) -

    Juice Newton (Judy Kay Newton; pop and country singer, songwriter and musician) -

    Denny Zager (singer and guitarist; Zager & Evans) -
    (some sources state February 14th as date of birth)

    Robbie Bachman (drummer; Bachman-Turner Overdrive) -
    Yoko Ono (multimedia artist, singer, songwriter and peace activist) -
    Dr. Dre (Andre Romelle Young; rapper, songwriter and music producer) -
    Bobby Hart (Robert Luke Harshman; songwriter; Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart) -

    Dennis De Young (singer-songwriter; lead singer; Styx) -
    Regina Spektor (singer-songwriter) -
    Carl McIntosh (guitarist and singer; Loose Ends) -

    John Travolta (actor, producer, dancer and singer) -
    Cybill Shepherd (actress) -
    Sinead Cusack (actress) -

    Molly Ringwald (actress) -
    Greta Scacchi (actress) -
    Jayne Atkinson (actress) -

    Ike Barinholtz (actor) -
    Matt Dillon (actor) -
    Jean-Claude Dreyfus (actor) -
    Kristoffer Polaha (actor) -

    Julie Strain (actress) -
    Maiara Walsh (actress) -
    Jess Walton (actress) -
    Vanna White (television personality and actress) -

    Len Deighton (novelist) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Bobby Taylor (1934-2017; singer and record producer) -

    Toni Morrison (Chloe Ardelia Wofford; 1931-2019; novelist, essayist, book editor and college professor) -

    George Kennedy (1925-2016; actor) -
    John Hughes (1950-2009; film director) -
    Keith Knudsen(1948-2005; drummer; Doobie Brothers) -

    Mary Ure (1933-1975; actress) -
    Milos Forman (1932-2018; film director) -
    Russell Hunter (1925-2004; actor) -

    Allan Melvin (1923-2008; actor) -
    Helen Gurley Brown (1922-2012; author; editor of 'Cosmopolitan' magazine, 1967-1997) -
    Jack Palance (1919-2006; actor) -

    Phyllis Calvert (1915-2002; actress) -
    Jerry Fujikawa (1912-1983; actor) -
    Billy De Wolfe (1907-1974; actor) -
    George Givot (1903-1984; actor) -

    Hugh Haas (1901-1968; actor) -
    Mervyn Johns (1899-1992; actor) -
    Edward Arnold (1890-1956; actor) -
    Adolphe Menjou (1890-1963; actor) -

    Happy Birthday:
    to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 18th.

  27. #4677
    February 19th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Berry and I talk about it all the time.

    We never dared to dream that Motown would become what it has become.

    The very first day of Motown, there were five people there.

    Berry Gordy sat us down and said, "I'm going to start my own record company. We are not just going to make black music - we're going to make music for the world."

    That was our plan, and we did it."

    - Smokey Robinson, interview with AARP, 2018.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Smokey Robinson (William Robinson, Jr; R&B, soul and pop singer, songwriter, record producer and former record executive; The Miracles) -

    Lou Christie (Lugee Alfredo Giovanni Sacco; pop singer and songwriter) -
    Seal (Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel; musician, singer and songwriter) -

    Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick (acid jazz guitarist, bandleader, composer and record producer; frontman with Incognito) -

    Tony Iommi (guitarist, songwriter and producer; Black Sabbath) -
    Andy Powell (guitarist and songwriter; Wishbone Ash) -
    Jon Fishman (drummer, Phish) -

    Ray Winstone (actor) -
    Justine Bateman (writer, director and producer) -
    Kathleen Beller (actress) -

    Jeff Daniels (actor, musician and playwright) -
    Benicio Del Toro (actor) -
    Haylie Duff (actress, singer, songwriter, television host, writer and fashion designer) -

    Martin Hewitt (actor) -
    Victoria Justice (actress and singer) -
    Arielle Kebbel (actress and model) -

    Bill Kirchenbauer (actor and stand-up comedian) -
    Michael Nader (actor) -
    Gwen Taylor (actress) -
    Jessica Tuck (actress) -

    Helen Fielding (novelist and screenwriter; 'Bridget Jones's Diary') -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Bobby Rogers (1940-2013; singer and songwriter; The Miracles) -

    Al Abrams (1941-2015; former Soulful Detroit member 'Stalebagel'; journalist and author, press officer for Motown Records; Stax Records and James Brown) -

    Eddie Hardin (1949-2015; rock pianist and singer-songwriter; Spencer Davis Group) -

    Falco (Johann Holzel; 1957-1998; singer, songwriter and rapper) -
    Massimo Troisi (1953-1994; actor) -
    Steve James (1952-1993; actor) -

    Karen Silkwood (1946-1974; chemical technician and labour union activist) -
    Jon Frankenheimer (1930-2002; film director) -
    Lee Marvin (1924-1987; actor) -

    Ann Savage (1921-2008; actress) -
    Carson McCullers (1917-1967; author; 'The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter') -
    Merle Oberon (1911-1979; actress) -

    Bill Bowerman (1911-1999; fitness guru; co-founder of Nike) -
    Nydia Westman (1902-1970; actress) -
    Mary Anderson (1866-1953; inventor of the windshield wiper) -

    Louis Calhern (1895-1956; actor) -
    Cedric Hardwicke (1893-1964; actor) -
    Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805; composer) -

    David Garrick (1717-1779; actor, playwright, theatre manager and producer; Drury Lane Theatre, London) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 19th.
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  28. #4678
    February 20th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "...I've always enjoyed performing in smaller venues.

    People can see all of me there.

    In large venues, audiences miss the essence of who I am. Part of what I do is in my body language, my hands, my arms - all of that.

    You miss a lot by just hearing my voice.

    It's a performance, it really is, and I love doing it."

    - Nancy Wilson, interview with Jazz Wax, 2010.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Lynda Laurence (R&B, pop and jazz singer; The Third Generation; The Supremes; Former Ladies Of The Supremes (FLOS) -

    Buffy Sainte-Marie (Beverly Sainte-Marie; Folk, First Nations, rock and country folk singer-songwriter) -

    Rihanna (Robin Rihanna Fenty; R&B, pop and reggae singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman) -

    Brian Littrell (singer, songwriter and actor; The Backstreet Boys) -
    Ian Brown (musician and vocalist; The Stone Roses) -
    k-os (Kevin Brereton; rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer) -
    Julia Volkova (Yulia Olegovna Volkova; singer, pianist and guitarist; t.A.T.u.) -

    Sidney Poitier (actor and film director) -
    Sandy Duncan (actress, singer, dancer and comedian) -
    James Wilby (actor) -

    Lauren Ambrose (actress and singer) -
    Richard Beymer (George Richard Beymer, Jr; actor, film maker and artist) -
    Brenda Blethyn (actress) -

    Majandra Delfino (actress and singer) -
    Ron Eldard (actor) -
    Louis Ferreira (Luis Ferreira; actor) -

    Willie Garson (William Garson Paszamant; actor) -
    Anthony Head (actor and musician) -
    David Herman (actor and comedian) -

    Jay Hernandez (Javier Manuel Hernandez, Jr; actor) -
    Julia Jentsch (actor) -
    Jennifer O'Neill (actress, model, author and speaker) -

    Andrew Shue (actor) -
    Kath Soucie (actress) -
    French Stewart (Milton French-Stewart; actor) -

    Peter Strauss (actor) -
    Imogen Stubbs (actress and writer) -
    Lili Taylor (actress) -

    Mike Leigh (film and theatre writer and director) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Nancy Wilson (1937-2018; song stylist, including blues, jazz, R&B, pop and soul genres) -

    J. Geils (1946-2017; guitarist; The J. Geils Band) -

    Walter Becker (1950-2017; musician, songwriter and record producer; co-founder of Steely Dan) -

    Henry Polic II (1945-2013; actor) -

    Kurt Cobain (1967-1994; lead singer; Nirvana) -
    Edward Albert (1951-2006; actor) -
    Brion James (1945-1999; actor) -

    Alan Hull (1945-1995; singer-songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist; founding member of Lindisfarne) -
    Lew Soloff (1944-2015; jazz trumpeter, composer and actor; Blood, Sweat & Tears) -
    Larry Hovis (1936-2003; actor) -

    Amanda Blake (1929-1989; actress) -
    Robert Altman (1925-2006; film director; M*A*S*H) -
    Whitney Blake (1925-2002; actress) -

    Gloria Vanderbilt (1924-2019; artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress and socialite) -

    Margot Grahame (1911-1982; actress) -
    Malcolm Atterbury (1907-1992; actor) -
    Gale Gordon (1906-1995; actor)-

    Russel Crouse (1893-1966; playwright and librettist; Lindsay and Crouse; 'The Sound Of Music') -
    Mary Garden (1874-1967; operatic soprano) -
    Carl Czerny (1791-1857; composer, teacher and pianist) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 20th.
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  29. #4679
    February 21st:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Honey, I can't sleep with all the worry and guilt I have been suffering.

    I wasn't totally honest with you.

    I told you that car was in perfect condition.

    Well, it's not. It's a piece of junk.

    It's the noisiest thing to come out of Detroit since Martha and the Vandellas.....".

    - Rue McLanahan, as Blanche Devereaux, 'The Golden Girls'.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Jerry Harrison (guitarist and keyboardist; Talking Heads) -
    Mary Chapin Carpenter (singer, songwriter and musician) -
    Paul Newton (bass guitarist; Uriah Heep) -

    Jean-Jacques 'J.J.' Burnel (bass guitarist; The Stranglers) -
    James Dean Bradfield (singer-songwriter, musician and record producer; lead guitarist and vocalist; Manic Street Preachers) -

    Justine Sane (Justin Cathal Geever; lead singer; Anti-Flag) -
    Charlotte Church (singer-songwriter, actress and television presenter) -

    David Geffen (business magnate, producer, film studio executive, philanthropist; Asylum Records; Geffen Records; Dreamworks SKG) -

    Tyne Daly (Ellen Tyne Daly; actress) -
    Kelsey Grammer (actor) -
    Jennifer Love Hewitt (actress) -

    Christopher Atkins (actor) -
    William Baldwin (actor) -
    Corbin Bleu (Corbin Bleu Reivers; actor) -

    Jack Coleman (actor) -
    Anthony Daniels (actor) -
    Christine Ebersole (actress) -

    Aunjanue Ellis (actress) -
    Ashley Greene (actress) -
    Mimi Kuzyk (actress) -
    Melanie Laurent (actress) -

    Gary Lockwood (actor) -
    Ellen Page (actress) -
    Jordan Peele (actor) -
    William L. Petersen (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this day, but who have now passed away:

    Nina Simone (1933-2003; singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger and civil rights activist) -

    Ranking Roger (Roger Charlery; 1963-2019; rapper) -

    Vince Welnick (1951-2006; keyboardist; The Tubes; The Grateful Dead) -
    Alan Rickman (1946-2016; actor) -

    Bobby Charles (1938-2010; singer-songwriter) -
    Rue McLanahan (1934-2010; actress) -
    Sam Peckinpah (1925-1984; film director) -

    Larry Drake (1949-2016; actor) -
    Larry Pennell (1928-2013; actor) -
    Lucille Bremer (1917-1996; dancer) -

    Ann Sheridan (1915-1967; actress) -
    Arline Judge (1912-1974; actress) -
    W.H. Auden (1907-1973; poet) -

    Charles King (1895-1957; actor) -
    Andres Segovia (1893-1987; classical guitarist) -
    Felix Aylmer (1889-1979; actor) -

    Frank Orth (1880-1962; actor) -
    Jeanne Calment (1875-1997; believed to be the oldest recorded person, passing away at 122 years) -
    Leo Delibes (1836-1891; composer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 21st.

  30. #4680
    February 22nd:

    Quote of the Day:

    "Natalie Wood was the hardest situation, because she'd been lied to.....

    The studio executives knew I would do all of her voice work but, because her ego couldn't take it and they were afraid she'd walk off the picture, they let her record all the songs with the orchestra.

    But they told me they'd throw it all out and record over with my voice.

    We were there at the same time, recording."

    - Marni Nixon; interview with Philadelphia Magazine, 2015.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Bobby Hendricks (R&B singer; The Swallows; The Flyers; The Drifters) -
    Harvey Mason (jazz drummer, record producer, Fourplay) -
    James Blunt (James Hillier Blount; pop and folk rock singer, songwriter and record producer) -

    John B. Sparks (bass guitarist; Dr. Feelgood) -
    Genesis P-Orridge (Neil Andrew Megson; electronic singer-songwriter, musician and performance artist) -

    Lea Salonga (singer and actress) -

    Drew Barrymore (actress, producer, director, author, model and entrepreneur) -
    Julie Walters (actress, writer and comedian) -
    E. J. Peaker (Edra Jean Peaker; actress) -

    Nigel Planer (actor, comedian,novelist and playwright) -
    John Ashton (actor) -
    Pauul Dooley (actor, writer and comedian) -

    Rachel Dratch (actress, comedian and writer) -
    Ellen Greene (singer and actress) -
    Sheila Hancock (actress and author) -

    James Hong (actor, producer and director) -
    Miko Hughes (actor) -
    Thorsten Kaye (Thorsten Ernst Kieselbach; actor) -

    Scott Lowell (actor) -
    Kyle MacLachlan (actor) -
    Miou-Miou (Sylvette Herry; actress) -

    Jerri Ryan (Jeri Lynn Zimmermann; actress) -
    Tucker Smallwood (actor, author and vocalist) -
    James Wicek (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Louise Lopez (1933-2015; singer; Odyssey) -
    Jonathan Demme (1944-2017; film director) -
    Bruce Forsyth (1928-2017; television personality and entertainer) -

    Brad Nowell (1968-1996; lead singer; Sublime) -
    Philip Ballou (1950-2005; singer; Revelation) -
    Oliver (William Swofford; 1945-2000; singer) -

    Mick Green (1944-2010; guitarist; Johnny Kidd & The Pirates; Billy J. Kramer; Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers) -

    Robert 'Big Sonny' Edwards (1942-2016; singer; The Intruders) -
    Ernie K-Doe (1933-2001; singer) -
    Marni Nixon (1930-2016; singer, playback singer and actress) -

    Kenneth Williams (1926-1988; actor, raconteur and diarist) -
    Giulietta Masina (1921-1994; actress) -
    Jules Munshin (1915-1970; actor) -

    Dan Seymour (1915-1993; actor) -
    Buddy Tate (1913-2001; jazz saxophonist and clarinettist) -
    John Mills (1908-2005; actor) -

    Robert Young (1907-1998; actor) -
    Sheldon Leonard (1907-1997; actor) -
    Mildred Davis (1901-1969; actress) -

    Luis Bunuel (1900-1983; film director) -
    Dwight Frye (1899-1943; actor) -
    Nacio Herb Brown (1896-1964; songwriter) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 22nd.
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  31. #4681
    February 23rd:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I dig my father. I wish he could open his eyes and dig me."

    - Peter Fonda.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Larry 'Squirrel' Demps (soul and R&B singer; The Dramatics) -
    Howard Jones (musician, singer and songwriter) -
    David Sylvian (David Alan Batt; singer-songwriter) -
    Chris Vrenna (musician, producer and engineer; Nine Inch Nails; Marilyn Manson) -

    Mike Maxfield (songwriter and guitarist; The Dakotas) -
    Steve Priest (bass guitarist and vocalist; Sweet) -
    Brad Whitford (guitarist and songwriter; Aerosmith) -

    Dakota Fanning (Hannah Dakota Fanning; actress) -
    Linda Cristal (Marta Victoria Moya Peggo Burges; actress) -
    Emily Blunt (actress) -

    Kristin Davis (actress) -
    Kelly MacDonald (actress) -
    Niecy Nash (Carol Denise Nash; comedian, actress, television host, model and producer) -
    Patricia Richardson (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Johnny Winter (1944-2014; musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer) -

    Peter Fonda (1940-2019; actor, director and screenwriter) -

    Diane Varsi (1938-1992; actress) -
    Majel Barrett (Majel Barrett-Roddenberry; 1932-2008; actress) -
    Jon Hall (1915-1979; actor) -

    Kathleen Harrison (1892-1995; actress) -
    Victor Fleming (1889-1949; film director, cinematographer and producer) -
    George Frideric Handel (1685-1759; Baroque composer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 23rd.

  32. #4682
    February 24th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "If you don't love it, you're going to fail."

    - Steve Jobs.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Rupert Holmes (David Goldstein; singer-songwriter) -
    Paul Jones (Paul Pond; singer, actor, harmonica player, radio personality and television presenter) -
    Sammy Kershaw (country musician) -

    Colin Farley (bassist; Cutting Crew) -
    Trace Cyrus (Neil Timothy Helson; musician; Metro Station) -
    Michelle Shocked (Karen Michelle Johnston; musician) -
    Earl Sweatshirt (Thebe Neruda Kgositsile; rapper, songwriter and record producer) -

    Renata Scotto (operatic soprano and opera director) -

    Billy Zane (actor, painter and producer) -
    Barry Bostwick (actor and singer) -
    Beth Broderick (actress) -

    Alessandro Gassmann (actor) -
    Jay Kenneth Johnson (actor) -
    Kasi Lemmons (film director and actress) -

    Mark Moses (actor) -
    (some sources state February 25th as date of birth) -

    Jenny O'Hara (Patricia Joanne O'Hara; actress) -
    Edward James Olmos (actor, director, producer and activist) -

    Debra Jo Rupp (actress) -
    Helen Shaver (actress and film director) -
    Bonnie Somerville (actress and singer) -
    Dennis Waterman (actor and singer) -

    Bill Bailey (comedian, musician, actor, television and radio presenter, and author) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Michel Legrand (1932-2019; composer, arranger, conductor and jazz pianist) -
    Lonnie Turner (1947-2013; bassist; Steve Miller Band) -
    Nicky Hopkins (1944-1994; pianist and organist) -
    Steve Jobs (1955-2011; co-founder of Apple Inc.) -

    Pete Duel (1940-1971; actor) -
    James Farentino (1938-2012; actor) -
    David 'Fathead' Newman (1933-2009; jazz and R&B saxophonist) -

    John Vernon (1932-2005; actor) -
    Barbara Lawrence (1930-2013; actress) -
    Richard B. Shull (1929-1999; actor) -

    Steven Hill (1922-2016; actor) -
    Abe Vigado (1921-2016; actor) -
    Richard Thorpe (1896-1991; film director) -

    Marjorie Main (1890-1975; actress) -
    J.P. McGowan (1880-1952; actor) -
    Victor Moore (1876-1962; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 24th.

  33. #4683
    February 25th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I'd rather be smart than be an actor."

    - Dickie Jones, as 'Pinocchio'; 1940.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Mike Peters (lead singer; The Alarm) -
    Bert McCracken (singer-songwriter; The Used) -
    John Doe (singer, songwriter, actor, poet, guitarist and bass player; X) -
    Stuart Wood (musician, songwriter and producer; guitarist with The Bay City Rollers) -

    Tom Courtenay (actor) -
    Tea Leoni (actress and producer) -
    Sean Astin (actor, director and producer) -

    Neil Jordan (film director, screenwriter, novelist and short-story writer) -
    Rashida Jones (actress, writer and producer) -
    Diane Baker (actress, producer and educator) -
    Justin Berfield (actor, writer and producer) -

    Lesley Boone (producer and actress) -
    Carrot Top (Scott Thompson; stand up comedian and actor) -
    Alexis Denisof (actor) -

    Lee Evans (comedian, writer, actor and musician) -
    Isabelle Fuhrman (actress) -
    Karen Grassle (actress) -

    Shahid Kapoor (actor) -
    Sandrine Kiberlain (actress and singer) -
    Anson Mount (actor) -

    Nancy O'Dell (Nancy Evelyn Humphries; television host and entertainment journalist) -
    James Phelps (actor) -
    Oliver Phelps (actor) -

    those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    George Harrison (1943-2001; guitarist, singer, songwriter, music and film producer; The Beatles) -
    Faron Young (1932-1996; country music singer and songwriter) -
    Christopher George (1931-1983; actor) -

    Richard G. Stern (1928-2013; novelist) -
    Larry Gelbart (1928-2009; television writer, playwright, screenwriter, director and author) -
    Dickie Jones (Richard Percy Jones; 1927-2014; actor) -
    Bernard Bresslaw (1934-1993; comic actor) -

    Bert Remsen (1925-1999; actor) -
    Anthony Burgess (1917-1993; novelist) -
    Jim Backus (1913-1989; actor) -

    Gert Frobe (1913-1988; actor) -
    Richard Wattis (1912-1975; actor) -
    Brenda Joyce (1917-2009; actress) -
    Zeppo Marx (1901-1979; actor; The Marx Brothers) -

    Myra Hess (1890-1865; pianist) -
    Enrico Caruso (1873-1921; operatic tenor) -
    Auguste Renoir (1841-1919; French artist, painter in the Impressionist style) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 25th.

  34. #4684
    February 26th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "The music business is motivated by money.

    Music is motivated by energy and feelings."

    - Erykah Badu.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Mitch Ryder (William Sherille Levise, Jr; rock and roll, R&B, soul and rock singer-songwriter) -

    Erykah Badu (Erica Abi Wright; R&B, neo soul and hip hop singer, songwriter, record producer and actress) -

    Michael Bolton (Michael Bolotin; rock and blue-eyed soul singer) -

    Corinne Bailey Rae (R&B and neo soul singer, songwriter and guitarist) -
    Jaz Coleman (musician, composer, singer-songwriter and record producer) -
    Sandie Shaw (Sandra Ann Goodrich; pop singer) -

    Steve Agee (comedian, actor, writer, director and musician) -
    Erinn Bartlett (actress) -

    Mark Dascascos (actor and martial artist) -
    Taylor Dooley (actress) -
    Bill Duke (actor, film director, producer and screenwriter) -

    Greg Germann (actor) -
    Currie Graham (actor) -
    Jennifer Grant (actress) -

    Ally Hilfiger (film and television producer and former reality show star) -
    Mandana Jones (actress) -
    Tom Kennedy (television game show host) -

    Marta Kristen (actress) -
    Priscilla Lopez (singer, dancer and actress) -
    Chase Masterson (actress, singer and activist) -

    Barbara Niven (actress and producer) -
    Teresa Palmer (actress, writer, model and film producer) -
    Ed Quinn (actor and musician) -
    Josephine Tewson (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Fats Domino (1928-2017; pianist, singer-songwriter) -
    Bob Hite (1943-1981; vocalist and harmonica player; Canned Heat) -
    Godfrey Cambridge (1933-1976; stand-up comic and actor) -
    Johnny Cash (1932-2003; country musician) -

    Michele Carey (1943-2018; actress) -
    Robert Francis (1930-1955; actor) -
    Ron Hayes (1929-2004; actor) -
    Margaret Leighton (1922-1976; actress) -

    Betty Hutton (1921-2007; actress) -
    Michael Pate (1920-2008; actor) -
    Tony Randall (1920-2004; actor) -

    Mason Adams (1919-2005; actor) -
    Jackie Gleason (1916-1987; actor) -
    Dane Clark (1912-1998; actor) -

    Tex Avery (1908-1980; cartoonist) -
    Dub Taylor (1907-1994; actor) -
    Madeline Carroll (1906-1987; actress) -

    William Frawley (1887-1966; actor) -
    Emma Dunn (1875-1966; actress) -
    William 'Buffalo Bill' Cody (1846-1917; scout, bison hunter and showman) -
    Levi Strauss (1829-1902; businessman, first manufacturer of riveted blue jeans) -

    Happy Birthday:
    to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 26th.
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  35. #4685
    February 27th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "You can be fat and still be sexy.

    It all depends on how you feel about yourself."

    - Elizabeth Taylor.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Josh Grobhan (singer, songwriter, actor and producer) -
    Rozonda 'Chili' Thomas (R&B, pop and hip hop singer, songwriter and dancer; TLC) -
    Steve Harley (Stephen Malcolm Ronald Nice; glam, art and progressive rock singer and songwriter; Cockney Rebel) -

    Eddie Gray (singer; The Shondells) -
    Robert 'Bobby' Lee Balderrama (guitarist; ? and the Mysterians) -
    Adrian Smith (heavy metal guitarist; Iron Maiden) -
    Paul Humphreys (new wave keyboardist and singer; Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark; OMD) -

    Peter Andre (Peter James Andrea Greek; singer, songwriter, businessman and television personality) -
    Hurricane Chris (Christopher Jerrod Dooley, Jr; hip hop rapper) -
    Bobby V (Bobby Marcel Wilson; 'Bobby Valentino'; singer, songwriter and actor) -

    Joanne Woodward (Joanne Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward; actress, producer and philanthropist)
    Barbara Babcock (actress) -
    Adam Baldwin (actor) -

    Brandon Beemer (actor and model) -
    Noah Emmerich (actor) -
    Howard Hesseman (actor) -

    Stoney Jackson (Alwyn Jackson; actor) -
    JWoww (Jennifer Lynn Farley; television personality) -
    Donal Logue (actor, producer and writer) -

    Kate Mara (actress and fashion model) -
    Debra Monk (actress, singer and writer) -
    Grant Shaud (Edward Grant Shaud; actor) -

    Grant Show (Grant Alan Show; actor) -
    Timothy Spall (Timothy Leonard Spall; actor and occasional presenter) -
    Charlotte Stewart (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Peter Christopherson (1955-2010; musician, video director, commercial artist and designer) -
    Carl Anderson (1945-2004; singer) -
    Mary Frann (1943-1998; actress) -

    Van Williams (1934-2016; actor) -
    Alan Fudge (1944-2011; actor) -
    Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011; actress) -

    Dr. Ralph Stanley (1927-2016; bluegrass musician) -
    Dexter Gordon (1923-1990; jazz musician) -
    Irwin Shaw (1913-1984; playwright) -

    Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990; novelist) -
    Joan Bennett (1910-1990; actress) -
    Wolfgang Preiss (1910-2002; actor) -

    Franchot Tone (1905-1968; actor) -
    Reginald Gardiner (1903-1980; actor) -
    John Steinbeck (1902-1968; novelist) -

    Ian Keith (1899-1960; actor) -
    Marian Anderson (1897-1993; concert and recital singer) -
    Edward Brophy (1895-1960; actor) -

    William Demarest (1892-1983; actor) -
    Lotte Lehmann (1888-1976; operatic soprano) -
    Ellen Terry (1847-1928; actress) -
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882; poet) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 27th.

  36. #4686
    February 28th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I remember Diana saying to me one day, 'You know, I'm no method actress'.

    And I said to her 'Diana, you have no idea. You are the most method actress I have ever met in my entire life!"

    - Sidney J. Furie; The Diana Ross Project, 2017.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Jason Aldean (Jason Aldine Williams; country musician) -
    Donnie Iris (Dominic Ierace; rock musician) -
    Patrick Monahan (singer-songwriter; lead singer; Train) -

    Cindy Wilson (vocalist; The B-52s) -
    Phil Gould (drummer, songwriter and singer; Level 42) -
    Ian Stanley (musician, songwriter and record producer; Tears For Fears) -

    Stephanie Beacham (actress) -
    Bernadette Peters (Bernadette Lazarra; actress, singer and children's author) -
    Rae Dawn Chong (actress) -

    Geoffrey Arend (actor) -
    Kelly Bishop (Carole 'Kelly' Bishop; actress) -
    Eduardo Blanco (actor) -

    Frank Bonner (actor and television director) -
    Rory Cochrane (actor) -
    Mimsy Farmer (Merle Farmer; actress) -

    Ali Larter (Alison Elizabeth Larter; actress) -
    Robert Sean Leonard (actor) -
    Gavin MacLeod (Allan George See; actor) -
    Cristina Raines (former actress and model) -

    Mercedes Ruehl (actress) -
    Tasha Smith (actress, director and producer) -
    Peter Stebbings (actor, director, producer and screenwriter) -
    John Turturro (actor, writer and film maker) -

    Tommy Tune (actor, dancer, singer, theatre director, producer and choreographer) -

    Mike Figgis (film director, screenwriter and composer) -

    Sidney J. Furie (film director, screenwriter and producer) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Barbara Acklin (1943-1998; soul singer and songwriter) -
    Brian Jones (1942-1969; guitarist; The Rolling Stones) -
    Joe South (1940-2012; songwriter, singer, guitarist and record producer) -
    Arthur 'T-Boy' Ross (1949-1996; singer and songwriter) -

    Bubba Smith (1945-2011; football player and actor) -
    Dorothy Stratten (1960-1980; actress) -
    John Fahey (1939-2001; guitarist) -

    Olivier Despax (1939-1974; singer) -
    Don Francks (1932-2016; actor) -
    Tom Aldredge (1928-2011; actor) -

    Charles Durning (1923-2012; actor) -
    Jean Carson (1923-2005; actress) -
    Alf Kjellin (1920-1988; actor) -

    Saul Zaentz (1921-2014; film and television producer) -
    Zero Mostel (1915-1977; actor) -
    Billie Bird (1908-2002; actress and comedian) -

    Vincente Minnelli (1903-1986; film director) -
    Ben Hecht (1894-1964; screenwriter) -
    Geraldine Ferrar (1882-1967; operatic soprano) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 28th.
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  37. #4687
    February 29th:

    Quote for The Day:

    "I never wanted to set the world on fire.

    So I never had to burn any bridges behind me."

    - Dinah Shore.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Mervyn Warren (film composer, record producer, music conductor, music arranger, lyricist, songwriter, pianist and vocalist; Take 6)

    Gretchen Christopher (pop and doo-wop singer; The Fleetwoods) -
    Ja Rule (Jeffrey Atkins; rapper, songwriter, singer, actor and television personality) -
    Saul Williams (rapper, singer, songwriter,musician, poet, writer and actor) -

    Mark Foster (indie and alternative pop and rock singer, songwriter and musician; Foster The People) -
    Majesty Rose (Majesty Rochelle York; pop singer) -

    Jessie Usher (actor) -
    Peter Scanavino (actor) -
    Tempest Storm (Annie Blanche Banks; burlesque star and actress) -

    Antonio Sabato, Jr. (model, actor and politician) -
    Joey Greco (television personality and actor) -
    Caitlin EJ Meyer (actress) -

    Ken Foree (actor) -
    Joss Ackland (Sidney Edmond Jocelyn Ackland; actor) -
    Wendi Peters (actress and singer) -) -

    J. Randy Taraborrelli (John Randall Anthony Tarraborrelli; journalist and biographer) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Dinah Shore (Fannye Rose Shore; 1916-1994; singer, actress and television personality)

    David Briggs (1944-1995; record producer, Neil Young, Crazy Horse)
    Dennis Farina (1944-2013; actor) -
    Dave Williams (1972-2002; alternative and nu metal singer and guitarist; Drowning Pool) -

    Alex 'Bobo' Rocco (Alessandro Frederico Petricone, Jr; 1936-2015; actor) -

    James Mitchell (1920-2010; actor and dancer) -

    Jimmy Dorsey (1904-1957; jazz clarinettist, saxophonist, composer and big band leader) -

    William A. Wellman (William Augustus Wellman; 1896-1975; film director) -

    Augusta Savage (Augusta Christine Fells; 1892-1962; sculptor, artist, activist and arts educator; associated with the Harlem Renaissance) -

    Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868; operatic composer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on February 29th.
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  38. #4688
    March 1st:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Music has been my whole life.

    I don't know if you'd call it a spiritual connection, but I'd die without it.

    One thing that I'm proud of is that I was able to make a living for my kids.

    I've always wanted them to know about what goes on around here, so they can take it on after I've gone.

    I've always loved all of them, the boys and the girls.

    I teach them the board, help them write songs, play the piano for them.

    I just can't live without music, man. I still walk the floor at night, get up, and play something that's in my head.

    I'm still always trying to create something."

    - Willie Mitchell; interview with Memphis Flyer, 2003.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Harry Belafonte (Harold George Bellanfanti, Jr; singer, songwriter, activist and actor) -
    Norman Connors (jazz drummer, composer, arranger and producer) -
    Sammi (Sammie Leigh Bush, Jr; R&B, soul and hip hop singer and songwriter) -
    Roger Daltrey (rock singer, actor and film producer; The Who) -

    Jerry Fisher (R&B singer; Blood, Sweat & Tears) -
    Michael Giles (jazz fusion and progressive rock drummer; co-founder of King Crimson) -
    Mike D'Abo (rock, pop and folk singer and songwriter; Manfred Mann) -
    Justin Bieber (R&B and pop singer, songwriter and actor) -

    Nik Kershaw (pop singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer) -
    Kesha (pop singer, songwriter and rapper) -
    Mary Lou Lord (indie folk musician, busker and recording artist) -

    Lucine Amara (Lucine Tockqui Armaganian; operatic soprano) -

    Catherine Bach (Catherine Bachman; actress) -
    Dirk Benedict (Dirk Niewoehner; actor and author) -
    Jensen Ackles (actor, singer and director) -

    Javier Bardem (actor and environmental activist) -
    Maurice Benard (actor) -
    Rob Brown (actor) -
    Robert Clary (actor, author, artist and lecturer) -

    Tim Daly (James Timothy Daly; actor and producer) -
    Jack Davenport (actor) -
    George Eads (actor) -
    Mark-Paul Gosselaar (actor) -

    Ron Howard (film maker and actor) -
    Adam LaVorgna (actor) -
    Luke Mably (actor) -
    Daniella Monet (Danielle Monet Zuvic; actress and singer) -

    Lupita Nyong'o (actress) -
    Russell Wong (actor) -
    Lana Wood (Svetlana Gurdin; actress and film producer) -
    Chuck Zito (actor, amateur boxer and martial artist) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Willie Mitchell (1928-2010; trumpeter, bandleader and record producer; former vice-president of Hi Records) -

    Oliver Sain, Jr. (1932-2003; saxophonist, songwriter, bandleader, drummer and record producer) -

    Alan Thicke (1947-2016; actor, songwriter, comedian, game and talk show host) -

    Tony Ashton (1946-2001; pianist, keyboardist, singer, composer, producer and artist; Ashton, Gardner & Dyke) -

    Robert Conrad (Conrad Robert Falk; 1935-2020; actor, singer and stuntman) -

    Joan Hackett (1934-1983; actress) -
    Raymond St. Jacques (1930-1990; actor) -
    Cesare Danova (1926-1992; actor) -

    William M. Gaines (1922-1992; publisher of Mad Magazine) -
    Kenny Baker (1921-1999; trumpeter, bandleader and composer) -
    David Niven (1910-1983; actor) -

    Lois Moran (1909-1990; actress) -
    Glenn Miller (1904-1944; bandleader and trombonist) -
    Paul Hartman (1904-1973; actor) -

    Lionel Atwill (1885-1946; actor) -
    Ida Moore (1882-1964; actress) -
    Frederic Chopin (1810-1849; composer and virtuoso pianist) -
    Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510; painter) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 1st.
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  39. #4689
    March 2nd:

    Quote for the Day:

    "People never think of entertainers as being human.

    When you walk out on stage, the public think, 'Nothing can go wrong with them'.

    We get sick, and we have headaches just like they do.

    When we are cut, we bleed."

    - Karen Carpenter.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Jon Bon Jovi (John Francis Bongiovi, Jr; rock singer, songwriter and record producer) -
    Chris Martin (rock singer, songwriter, musician and record producer; lead singer; Coldplay) -
    Jay Osmond (drummer; The Osmonds) -

    Bobby Eli (Eli Tatarsky; musician, arranger, composer and record producer; founding member and lead guitarist with MFSB) -
    Larry Carlton (jazz fusion, rock and pop guitarist; The Crusaders; Fourplay) -
    Mark Evans (hard rock bassist; AC/DC) -

    Daniel Craig (actor) -
    John Cullum (actor and singer) -
    Bryce Dallas Howard (actress and film maker) -

    Robert Iler (actor) -
    Mitchell Laurance (Mitchell Dyckoff; actor and sports broadcaster) -
    BarBara Luna (Barbara Luna; actress) -

    Heather McComb (actress) -
    Gates McFadden (Cheryl Gates McFadden; actress and choreographer) -
    Ziva Rodann (Ziva Blechman; Ziva Shapir; actress and mime artist) -

    Richard Ruccolo (actor) -
    Hilary Thompson (also Hilarie Thompson; actress) -
    Cassie Yates (Cassandra Yates; actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Lawrence Payton (1938-1997; singer, songwriter, arranger and record producer; Four Tops) -

    Karen Carpenter (1950-1983; singer and drummer; The Carpenters) -

    Rory Gallagher (1948-1995; guitarist, songwriter and producer) -
    Lou Reed (1942-2013; musician, singer and songwriter) -
    Corinne Camacho (1942-2010; actress) -

    Jon Finch (1942-2012; actor) -
    Al Waxman (1935-2011; actor and director) -
    Jennifer Jones (1919-2009; actress and mental health advocate) -

    Desi Arnaz (1917-1986; actor, musician and television producer) -
    Kurt Weill (1900-1950; composer) -
    Felix Bressart (1892-1949; actor) -
    Bedrich Smetana (1824-1984; composer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 2nd.

  40. #4690
    March 3rd:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I gave Scotty an Aberdeen accent, and I learned that when I was sent over to Catterick Camp in England during World War II.

    While I was there, I met this fellow from Aberdeen - and I couldn't understand a word he said!

    But I learned that accent from him, and that was the one I used for Scotty.

    Scotty is 99 per cent James Doohan, and 1 per cent accent.

    - James Doohan; sci-fi-online interview; 2003.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Jennifer Warnes (singer-songwriter, arranger and record producer) -
    Ronan Keating (singer; Boyzone) -
    Clark Burroughs (singer; The Hi-Lo's) -
    Lil' Flip (rapper) -

    Robyn Hitchcock (singer-songwriter and guitarist) -
    Stacie Orrico (singer, songwriter and occasional actress) -
    Tone-Loc (rapper, actor and producer) -

    Jessica Biel (actress) -
    Julie Bowen (actress and model) -
    David Faustino (actor and rapper) -

    Robert Gossett (actor) -
    Laura Harring (actress) -
    Mary Page Keller (actress) -

    Miranda Richardson (actress) -
    Heidi Swedberg (actress and musician) -
    Darnell Williams (actor) -
    Hattie Winston (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Bobby Driscoll (1937-1968; actor; the voice of Disney's 'Peter Pan') -
    Gia Scala (1934-1972; actress) -
    Thomas McCook (1927-1998; saxophonist; The Skatalites) -

    Tomas Milian (1933-2017; actor) -
    Barney Martin (1923-2005; actor) -
    James Doohan (1920-2005; actor; Scotty on 'Star Trek') -

    Jean Harlow (1911-1937; actress) -
    Harold J. Stone (1913-2005; actor) -
    Canada Lee (1907-1952; actor) -
    Adrian (Adrian Greenberg; 1903-1959; fashion designer; head of wardrobe for Cecil B. DeMille) -

    Edna Best (1900-1974; actress) -
    Edmund Lowe (1890-1971; actor) -
    Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922; inventor of the telephone) -
    William Macready (1793-1873; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 3rd.

  41. #4691
    March 4th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Age is wisdom, if one has lived one's life properly."

    - Miriam Makeba.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Chris Rea (rock and blues singer-songwriter and guitarist) -
    Shakin' Stevens (Michael Barratt; rock and roll singer-songwriter) -

    Evan Dando (alternative, punk and country rock singer, songwriter and guitarist; The Lemonheads) -
    Ivy Queen (Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodriguez; singer, songwriter, rapper, actress and record producer) -
    Jason Newsted (heavy metal bassist; Metallica) -

    Paula Prentiss (Paula Ragusa; actress) -
    John Aprea (actor and comedian) -
    Andrea Bowen (actress and singer) -

    Joshua Bowman (actor) -
    Patricia Heaton (actress) -
    Patsy Kensit (actress, singer, model and former child star) -

    Kay Lenz (actress) -
    Ronn Moss (actor, musician and singer-songwriter) -
    Catherine O'Hara (actress, writer and comedian) -

    Daniel Roebuck (actor) -
    Steven Weber (actor, comedian and singer) -
    Mykelti Williamson (Michael T. 'Mykelti' Williamson; actor) -

    Adrian Lyne (film director, writer and producer) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Bobby Womack (1944-2014; singer-songwriter, musician and producer) -
    Barbara McNair (1934-2007; singer and actress) -
    Miriam Makeba (1932-2008; singer, actress, UN goodwill ambassador and civil rights activist) -

    Bobbi Christina Brown (1993-2015; television personality, singer and actress) -
    Chris Squire (1948-2015; musician, singer and songwriter; bassist; Yes) -
    Gunaar Hansen (1947-2015; actor and author) -

    Anne Haney (1934-2001; actress) -
    Alan Sillitoe (1928-2010; novelist) -
    Thayer David (1927-1978; actor) -

    Paul Mauriat (1925-2006; arranger and conductor) -
    Martha O'Driscoll (1922-1998; actress) -
    Joan Greenwood (1921-1987; actress) -

    Leonard Cimino (1917-2012; actor) -
    Hans Eysenck (1916-1997; psychologist) -
    Dorothy Mackaill (1903-1990; actress) -
    Peter Illing (1899-1966; actor) -

    Pearl White (1889-1938; actress) -
    Rafaela Ottiano (1888-1942; actress) -
    Garrett Morgan (1877-1963; inventor and community leader) -
    Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741; composer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 4th.

  42. #4692
    March 5th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "God gave me this skin colour, he also made us what we are.

    So, in Junior High School I could do two things.

    I was an athlete, so I could run real fast, and I could sing, which helped me mix with the Black Americans, the sisters, who accepted me for who I was.

    When they heard me sing they were like, 'whoa, is that you?!'.

    It's something I think God gave me, to help me break down that divide.

    Someone said to me, 'I never had a white friend, until I met you."

    - Teena Marie; Soul Culture interview, 2010.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Marvin Winans (gospel pastor and gospel singer) -
    Steve Arrington (funk, soul, R&B, gospel and pop singer, songwriter, drummer, record producer, engineer and minister) -
    Eddy Grant (reggae, pop and funk vocalist and musician; The Equals) -

    Murray Head (actor and singer) -
    Alan Clark (rock and roll, folk and blues rock keyboardist; Dire Straits) -
    John Frusciante (rock guitarist, singer, composer and record producer, former guitarist with Red Hot Chili Peppers) -

    Bertrand Cantat (rock musician) -
    David Tibet (folk and neofolk poet and artist) -
    Elaine Paige (Elaine Jill Bickerstaff; singer and actress) -

    Dean Stockwell (actor) -
    Talia Balsam (actress) -
    Adrianna Barraza (actress) -

    Paul Blackthorne (actor) -
    Jolene Blalock (actress and model) -
    Kevin Connolly (actor and director) -

    Samantha Eggar (actress) -
    Sterling Knight (actor, singer and dancer) -
    Jake Lloyd (actor) -

    Matt Lucas (actor, comedian and writer) -
    Aasif Mandvi (actor and comedian) -
    Kimberly McCullough (actress, television director and dancer) -
    Eva Mendes (actress) -

    Jill Ritchie (actress) -
    Paul Sand (actor and comedian) -
    Marsha Warfield (actress and comedian) -
    Michael Warren (Lloyd Michael Warren; actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Teena Marie (1956-2010; singer-songwriter) -
    Andy Gibb (1958-1988; singer, songwriter and musician) -
    Tommy Tucker (1933-1982; blues singer, songwriter and pianist) -

    Mark E. Smith (1957-2018; singer, songwriter and musician; The Fall) -
    Lisa Robin Kelly (1970-2013; actress) -
    Lou Levy (1928-2001; jazz pianist) -

    Jack Cassidy (1927-1976; actor and singer) -
    Craig Hill (1926-2014; actor) -
    Joan Shawlee (1925-1987; actress) -

    Virginia Christine (1920-1996; actress) -
    Rex Harrison (1908-1990; actor) -
    George Meeker (1904-1984; actor) -

    Irving Kahal (1903-1942; songwriter; as lyricist, collaborated with Sammy Fain) -
    Henry Daniell (1894-1963; actor) -
    Walter Long (1879-1952; actor) -
    Henry Travers (1874-1965; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 5th.

  43. #4693
    March 6th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I can tell you things about Diane I wish she wasn't.

    I can tell you things about myself, I wish I wasn't.

    It doesn't mean it's all bad."

    - Mary Wilson, interview with The Guardian, September 2019.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Mary Wilson (R&B, soul and pop singer; founding member of The Supremes) -

    Gary U.S. Bonds (Gary Levone Anderson; R&B, rock and roll and pop rock singer) -
    Kiki Dee (Pauline Matthews; blue-eyed soul and pop singer) -
    Flora Purim (jazz singer) -

    Charles Tolliver (jazz trumpeter and composer) -
    David Gilmour (guitarist; Pink Floyd) -
    Betty Boo (Alison Moira Clarkson; singer, songwriter and pop rap artist) -

    Beanie Sigel (Dwight Equan Grant; rapper and actor) -
    Tyler, The Creator (Tyler Gregory Okonma; rapper, record producer and music video director) -
    Peter Brotzmann (jazz saxophonist and clarinettist) -

    Kiri Te Kanawa (Claire Mary Teresa Rawstron; operatic soprano) -

    Richard Elfman (actor, producer, director, screenwriter, author and magazine publisher) -

    Ben Murphy (Benjamin Edward Castleberry, Jr; actor) -
    Rob Reiner (actor, writer, director, producer and activist) -
    Tom Arnold (actor and comedian) -

    Connie Britton (actress, singer and producer) -
    Alan Davies (stand-up comedian, writer and actor) -
    Eddie Deezen (actor, voice actor and comedian) -

    Andrea Elson (actress) -
    Anna Maria Horsford (actress) -
    Moira Kelly (actress) -
    Martin Kove (actor) -

    Alex McArthur (actor) -
    Ellen Muth (actress) -
    Amy Pietz (actress) -

    Carmen de Lavallade (actress, dancer and choreographer) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Sylvia Robinson (1935-2011; singer, musician, record producer and record label executive) -
    Yvette Wilson (1964-2012; actress) -
    David Spielberg (1939-2016; actor) -

    Lisa Gaye (1935-2016; actress, singer and dancer) -
    Alberta Watson (1955-2015; actress) -
    John Smith (1931-1995; actor) -

    Allison Hayes (1930-1977; actress) -
    Lorin Maazel (1930-2014; conductor, violinist and composer) -
    Eddie Fontaine (1927-1992; actor and singer) -

    Wes Montgomery (1923-1968; jazz guitarist) -
    Jack Creley (1926-2004; actor) -
    Lewis Gilbert (1920-2018; film director, producer and screenwriter) -

    Ed McMahon (1923-2009; comedian, actor, singer, talk show host and announcer: 'The Tonight Show') -

    Howard McGhee (1918-1987; bebop jazz trumpeter) -
    Frankie Howerd (1917-1992; comedian and comic actor) -
    Virginia Gregg (1916-1986; actress) -

    Ella Logan (1913-1968; actress and singer) -
    Lou Costello (1906-1959; actor; Abbott and Costello) -
    Bob Wills (1905-1975; swing musician, songwriter and bandleader) -

    Hugh Williams (1904-1969; actor) -
    Jay C. Flippen (1899-1971; actor) -
    Victor Kilian (1891-1979; actor) -

    Nella Walker (1886-1971; actress and vaudeville performer; Mack and Walker) -
    Guy Kibbee (1882-1956; actor) -
    George du Maurier (1834-1896; cartoonist and author) -

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861; poet) -
    Cyrano de Bergerac (1619-1655; playwright) -
    Michelangelo (1475-1564; Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect and poet) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 6th.
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  44. #4694
    March 7th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "My first gig was in Philadelphia, and I played the drums for my older brothers.

    That same night, I played drums for Martha and the Vandellas.

    Ah, the fond memories of being 14."

    - Ernie Isley.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Ernie Isley (R&B, funk and rock guitarist, musician, songwriter and vocalist; The Isley Brothers) -

    Hamilton Bohannon (R&B, disco and funk percussionist, bandleader, songwriter and record producer) -

    Leon Sylvers III (R&B, dance, soul, disco and funk singer, songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist; The Sylvers) -

    Francis Rocco Prestia (Francis Houghton; smooth jazz, funk and R&B bassist; Tower Of Power)

    Taylor Dane (Leslie Wunderman; pop, dance and adult contemporary singer, songwriter and actress) -

    Jules Shear (pop singer, songwriter and guitarist) -
    Peter Wolf (Peter W. Blankfield; rock, blues and soul musician and vocalist; J. Geils Band) -

    Daniel J. Travanti (Danielo Giovanni Travelanty; actor) -
    Bill Brochtrup (actor) -
    Bryan Cranston (actor, producer, director and screenwriter) -

    Jenna Fischer (Regina Marie Fischer; actress) -
    Richard Lawson (actor) -
    Donna Murphy (actress and singer) -

    Laura Prepon (actress) -
    Peter Sarsgaard (actor) -
    Darryl Stephens (actor) -

    T. J. Thyne (Thomas Joseph Thyne; actor) -
    Rachel Weisz (actress) -
    Wanda Sykes (comedian, writer, actress and voice artist) -

    Willard Scott (weather presenter, author and television personality) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Rik Mayall (1958-2014; comedian, actor and writer) -
    Kae Williams, Jr. (1956-2008; singer, songwriter and producer; Breakwater) -
    John Heard (1946-2017; actor) -

    Arthur Lee (1945-2006; singer, songwriter and musician; Love) -
    Townes Van Zandt (1944-1997; singer-songwriter) -
    James Broderick (1927-1982; actor) -

    Alan Sues (1926-2011; actor) -
    Richard Vernon (1925-1997; actor) -
    Morton DaCosta (1914-1989; theatre director) -

    Anna Magnani (1908-1973; actress) -
    Rene Lefevre (1898-1991; actor) -
    Maurice Ravel (1875-1937; composer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 7th.
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  45. #4695
    March 8th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "MGM was a fairyland.

    You'd walk down the lot, seeing all these fabulous movies being made with the greatest talent in the world sitting there.

    It was a dream to walk through that lot."

    - Cyd Charisse; Daily Mail article, June 2008.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Peggy March (Margaret Annemarie Battavio; pop singer) -

    Van Hunt (neo soul, funk and rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer) -

    Mike Allsup (rock guitarist; Three Dog Night) -
    Sweet Charles Sherrell (R&B and funk bass guitarist with James Brown) -
    Paul Lytton (free jazz percussionist) -

    Gary Numan (Gary Anthony James Webb; synth pop, new wave and rock singer, songwriter, musician and record producer) -
    Shel Macrae (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist; The Fortunes) -
    Phil Sawyer (R&B, pop and rock guitarist; Spencer Davis Group) -

    Peter Gill (dance, house and synth pop drummer; Frankie Goes To Hollywood) -
    Shawn Mullins (alternative and country pop singer-songwriter) -

    Tom Chaplin (soft rock singer-songwriter; musician and composer; lead singer with Keane) -

    Kristinia DeBarge (pop, R&B and soul singer, songwriter, dancer and actress) -

    Carole Bayer Sager (lyricist, singer, songwriter and painter) -

    Dick Hayman (jazz pianist, organist, conductor and composer) -

    Mickey Dolenz (actor, musician, television director, radio personality and theatre director; vocalist and drummer with The Monkees) -

    Aidan Quinn (actor) -
    Susan Clark (Nora Golding; actress) -
    John Kapelos (actor) -

    Boris Kodjoe (actor) -
    Sue Ane Langdon (actress) -
    Camryn Manheim (Debra Manheim; actress) -

    Andrea Parker (actress) -
    Reagan Pasternak (actress) -
    Christiane Paul (actress) -

    Freddie Prinze, Jr. (actor) -
    Leon Robinson (actor and singer) -
    Cynthia Rothrock (martial artist and actress) -

    James Van Der Beek (actor) -
    Devon Westheiser (actor, singer-songwriter and musician) -
    Nick Zano (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Raynoma Gordy Singleton (1937-2016; record producer, songwriter and vocalist) -
    Lynn Redgrave (1943-2010; actress) -
    Gabor Szabo (1936-1982; jazz guitarist) -

    Sean McClory (1924-2003; actor) -
    Cyd Charisse (Tula Ellice Finklea; 1922-2008; dancer) -
    Alan Hale, Jr. (Alan Hale MacKahan; 1921-1990; actor)-

    Claire Trevor (Claire Wemlinger; 1910-2000; actress) -
    Louise Beavers (1902-1962; actress) -
    Kenneth Grahame (1859-1932; novelist; 'The Wind In The Willows') -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 8th.

  46. #4696
    March 9th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Every day, when I wake up, I ask myself the question, 'Which of God's blessings can you deny?'

    If you didn't know what the bad one was, you wouldn't know what the good one is."

    - Lloyd Price; interview with Jazz Weekly, December 2017;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Lloyd Price (R&B singer) -
    Laura Lee (soul and gospel singer and songwriter) -
    Jeffrey Osborne (R&B musician, singer-songwriter and lyricist; lead singer with LTD) -

    Mark Lindsay (singer and musician; lead singer with Paul Revere & The Raiders) -
    Martin Fry (singer, songwriter, musician and record producer; ABC) -
    Robin Trower (guitarist; Procol Harum) -

    Jim Cregan (guitarist; bassist and vocalist with Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel; also Rod Stewart) -
    C-Murder (rapper, songwriter and actor) -
    Chingy (rapper, singer and actor) -

    La India (salsa, house and Latin pop singer and songwriter) -
    Zakir Hassain (virtuoso table player; musical producer, film actor and composer) -
    Johnny Kelly (drummer; Type O Negative) -

    Shannon Leto (musician and songwriter; drummer with Thirty Seconds to Mars) -
    Bow Wow (rapper, actor and television host) -
    John Cale (musician, composer, singer-songwriter; record producer) -

    Tom Amandes (actor) -
    Jaime Lyn Bauer (actress) -
    Juliette Binoche (actress, artist and dancer) -

    Trish Van Devere (actress) -
    Linda Fiorentino (actress) -
    Matthew Gray Gubler (actor, director, fashion model and painter) -

    Jean Louisa Kelly (actress) -
    Emmanuel Lewis (actor) -
    Ornella Muti (actress) -

    Charles Siebert (actor and television director) -
    Kerr Smith (actor) -
    Brittany Snow (actress and singer) -
    Joyce Van Patten (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Ornette Coleman (1930-2015; jazz saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter and composer) -
    Keely Smith (Dorothy Jacqueline Keely; 1928-2017; jazz singer) -
    Raul Julia (1940-1994) -

    Roy Brooks (1938-2005; jazz drummer) -
    Marty Ingels (1936-2015; actor, comedian, comedy sketch writer and theatrical agent) -
    Del Close (1934-1999; actor, writer and teacher) -

    Joe Franklin (1926-2015; radio and television host) -
    Carl Betz (1921-1978; actor) -
    Mickey Spillane (1918-2006; author; The Mike Hammer novels) -

    Marguerite Chapman (1918-1999; actress) -
    Samuel Barber (1910-1981; composer; 'Adagio For Strings') -
    Will Geer (1902-1978; actor; Grandpa Walton; 'The Waltons') -

    Frank Puglia (1892-1975; actor) -
    David Landau (1879-1935; actor) -

    Eddie Foy, Sr. (1856-1928; actor, comedian, dancer and vaudevillian; Eddie Foy and the Seven Little Foys) -

    Edwin Forrest (1806-1872; actor) -
    Amerigo Vespucci (1454-1512; explorer, financier, navigator and cartographer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 9th.
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  47. #4697
    March 10th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I feel sad when I realise how much truth is being changed or obscured in the American media."

    - Sharon Stone.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Dean Torrence (singer; Jan and Dean) -
    Tina Charles (singer) -
    Neneh Cherry (singer,songwriter and rapper) -

    Jeff Ament (bassist; Pearl Jam) -
    Keren Ann (singer-songwriter) -
    Edie Brickell (singer) -

    Rick Rubin (record producer; former co-president of Columbia Records) -
    Robin Thicke (singer, songwriter and record producer) -
    Timbaland (music producer, singer, songwriter, rapper and DJ) -
    Carrie Underwood (singer, songwriter and actress) -

    Sharon Stone (actress, film producer and former fashion model) -
    Natasha Alam (actress) -
    Paget Brewster (actress) -

    Jasmine Guy (actress, director, singer and dancer) -
    Jon Hamm (actor, director and television producer) -
    Katherine Houghton (actress and playwright) -

    Chuck Norris (martial artist, actor, film producer and screenwriter) -
    Emily Osment (actress, singer and songwriter) -
    Danny Pudi (actor and comedian) -

    Tim Scholz (rock musician and songwriter, Boston) -
    Bree Turner (actress) -
    Shannon Tweed (actress and model) -
    Olivia Wilde (actress and model) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Joe Viterelli (1937-2004; actor) -
    Claude Laydu (1927-2011; actor) -
    Lisa Ferraday (1921-2004; actress) -

    Warner Anderson (1911-1976; actor) -
    Edward Norris (1911-2002; actor) -
    Richard Haydn (1905-1985; actor) -

    Bix Beiderbecke (1903-1931; jazz cornetist) -
    Sam Jaffe (1891-1984; actor) -
    Barry Fitzgerald (1888-1961; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 10th.

  48. #4698
    March 11th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "When I got ready to leave school, I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to make music my profession.

    I learned basically from my mother - I didn't have any musical classes per se.

    I'd been playing piano by ear since I was a kid, and I always loved music of all kinds - but as a career, I really didn't know."

    - Cheryl Lynn.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Cheryl Lynn (Lynda Cheryl Smith; R&B, disco and soul singer) -
    LeToya Luckett (R&B and soul singer, songwriter and actress; Destiny's Child) -
    Bobby McFerrin (jazz vocalist, songwriter and conductor) -

    Lisa Loeb (singer, songwriter and producer) -
    Benji Madden (guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer; Good Charlotte) -
    Joel Madden (singer, record producer and actor; Good Charlotte) -

    David Anders (actor) -
    John Barrowman (actor, singer, dancer, presenter and writer) -
    Peter Berg (actor, director, writer and producer) -

    Thora Birch (actress) -
    Nina Hagen (singer, songwriter and actress) -
    Terrence Howard (actor and singer) -

    Alex Kingston (actress) -
    Elias Koteas (actor) -
    Nancy Kovack (actress) -

    Wallace Langham (actor) -
    Sandra Milo (actress) -
    Jeffrey Nordling (actor) -

    Rob Paulsen (actor and singer) -
    Susan Richardson (actress) -
    Dominique Sanda (actress and former fashion model) -

    Jerry Zucker (film director) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Al Cleveland (1930-1996; songwriter) -
    Vinnie Paul (1964-2018; drummer and producer; Pantera) -
    Anton Yelchin (1989-2016; actor) -
    Anissa Jones (1958-1976; actress) -

    Douglas Adams (1952-2001; novelist; 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy') -
    Diana Brewster (1931-1991; actress) -
    Albert Salmi (1928-1990; actor) -

    Terence Alexander (1923-2009; actor) -
    Sacha Pitoeff (1920-1990; actor and theatre director) -
    Jessie Matthews (1907-1981; actress, dancer and singer) -

    Lawrence Welk (1903-1992; musician, accordionist, bandleader and television impresario) -
    Dorothy Gish (1898-1968; actress) -
    Raoul Walsh (1887-1980; film director and actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 11th.
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  49. #4699
    March 12th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "When 'Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)' was released, and I heard it on the radio for the first time, I was lying on the floor half asleep, and it came on.

    And from there I started working right away at the Howard Theatre in Washington.

    There, I met so many other artists and friends - James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Joe Tex, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder.

    That was the very highest and happiest point of my life."

    - Ruby Andrews; Wax Poetics interview.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Marlon Jackson (musician, singer, songwriter and dancer; The Jackson 5) -
    Ruby Andrews (Ruby Stackhouse; soul singer) -
    James Taylor (singer, songwriter and guitarist) -

    Kelle Bryan (singer, actress and television personality; Eternal) -
    Tony Terry (soul/new jack swing singer) -
    Dana Walden (keyboardist; Champaign) -

    Steve Harris (musician and songwriter; founder of Iron Maiden) -
    Pete Doherty (musician, songwriter, actor, poet, writer and artist; The Libertines) -
    Graham Coxon (musician, singer-songwriter, painter; guitarist with Blur) -
    Danny Jones (lead vocalist and guitarist; McFly) -

    Liza Minnelli (actress and singer) -
    Jason Beghe (actor) -
    Julia Campbell (actress) -

    Aaron Eckhart (actor) -
    Barbara Feldon (actress) -
    Scoey Mitchell (actor, writer and television director) -

    Jon Provost (actor) -
    Courtney B. Vance (actor) -
    Titus Welliver (actor and painter) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Al Jarreau (1940-2017; singer and musician) -
    Leonard Chess (1917-1969; record company executive; co-founder of Chess Records) -
    Brian O'Hara (1941-1999; vocalist and lead guitarist; The Fourmost) -

    Myrna Fahey (1933-1973; actress) -
    Don Drummond (1932-1969; ska trombonist and composer; The Skatalites) -
    Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas (1931-1980; actor; 'Our Gang' - Little Rascals short films) -

    Edward Albee (1928-2016; playwright) -
    Georges Delerue (1925-1992; composer) -
    Edward G. Zubler (1925-2004; inventor of the halogen lamp) -
    Gordon MacRae (1921-1986; actor and singer) -

    Frank Campanella (1919-2006; actor) -
    Googie Withers (1917-2011; actress) -
    Paul Weston (1912-1996; pianist, arranger, composer and bandleader) -
    Takashi Shimura (1905-1982; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 12th.

  50. #4700


    March 13th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "When I married my first husband, Johnny Nero, I used to live in a rooming house. It was only one room.

    One day I heard these girls singing, I came out, sat on the stairs and heard them saying that they needed somebody to sing part of the harmony.

    One girl was missing. I just said 'I can sing', and one of the girls said 'We don't need you, we already got somebody'.

    Then Katherine Anderson of The Marvelettes said 'Let her come down and sing the part. We got to get it together, and we can't find the girl'.

    I went down and started singing, and we were harmonising really good.

    They were scheduled to sing at a talent contest at Inkster High School, but at the same time I got homesick, so I went back home to North Carolina and stayed there for a few months, and while I was there I saw this magazine cover: 'Marvelettes discovered by Motown.....'.

    - Frances Nero; Soul Express interview, April 2010.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Candi Staton (Canzetta Maria Staton; soul, R&B, gospel, house, dance and disco singer-songwriter) -
    Neil Sedaka (pop singer, composer, pianist and record producer) -
    Mike Stoller (songwriter and record producer) -
    Bobby Patterson (blues and soul musician, singer, songwriter and record producer) -

    Glenn Lewis (neo soul singer-songwriter) -
    Adam Clayton (rock bassist; U2) -

    Charo (Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza; singer, actress, comedian and flamenco guitarist) -
    (some sources state January 15th as date of birth) -

    Common (Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn; rapper, actor, writer, philanthropist and activist) -

    Julia Migenes (mezzo-soprano) -

    Steve Bacic (actor) -
    Dana Delany (actress, producer, presenter and health activist) -
    Annabeth Gish (actress) -

    Emile Hirsch (actor) -
    William H. Macy (actor, screenwriter, teacher and theatre director) -
    Danny Masterson (actor and disc jockey) -
    Harry Melling (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Frances Nero (Willie Frances Peak Nero; 1943-2014; soul and jazz singer) -
    David Peaston (1957-2012; R&B and gospel singer) -
    Glenne Headly (1955-2017; actress) -

    Fred Berry (1951-2003; actor and street dancer) -
    Peter Breck (1929-2012; actor) -
    Hugh Sanders (1911-1966; actor) -

    Sammy Kaye (Samuel Zarnocay, Jr; 1910-1987; bandleader and songwriter) -
    Paul Stewart (Paul Sternberg; 1908-1986; actor, director and producer) -
    Paul Fix (1901-1983; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on March 13th.


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