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    She's probobly being chased by a stickman,hehehe!

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    No such luck in catching me, R&B. I can run faster.....litty.....which means if the stickman
    tries to outdo me he'd be burned to a crisp.......only ashes

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...moe you're a hoot!

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    June 21st:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Publicity can be terrible. But only if you don't have any." - Jane Russell;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Mitty Collier (church pastor, gospel singer and former R&B singer) -

    Lalo Schifrin (pianist, composer, arranger and conductor) -

    Ray Davies (lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and songwriter; The Kinks) -

    Nils Lofgren (rock musician, recording artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist) -

    Lana del Rey (singer, songwriter and model) -

    Marcella Detroit (vocalist, guitarist and songwriter) -

    Joey Molland (composer and rock guitarist; Badfinger) -

    Joey Kramer (drummer; Aerosmith) -

    Monte Markham (Actor; Luke and Ken Carpenter on 'The Second Hundred Years'; and Harry Kellern on 'Hawaii Five-O) -

    Leigh McCloskey (actor, artist and writer; Mitch Cooper on 'Dallas') -

    Ron Ely (actor and novelist; title role on 'Tarzan' television series; title role in 'Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze') -

    Bernie Kopell (actor; Siegfried on 'Get Smart'; Dr. Adam Bricker on 'The Love Boat') -

    Juliette Lewis (actress and singer; Danielle Bowden in 'Cape Fear') -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Dave Godin (1936-2004; UK founder of the Tamla Motown Appreciation Society; journalist, compiler of records and CDs; world leading authority on soul music; popularised the terms ' Northern Soul' and 'Deep Soul' in the UK; founder of Soul City Records) -

    Clay Hammond (1936-2011; R&B and soul singer and songwriter) -

    O.C. Smith (1932-2001; R&B, jazz and soul singer ; 'The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp'; 'Little Green Apples') -

    Jane Russell (1921-2011; actress; 'The Outlaw'; 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes') -

    Maureen Stapleton (1925-2006; actress; 'Lonelyhearts'; 'Airport'; 'Interiors' and 'Reds') -

    Judy Holliday (1921-1965; actress, comedian and singer; 'Born Yesterday'; 'Bells Are Ringing') -

    Mack Gordon (1904-1959; composer and lyricist; 'You'll Never Know'; 'At Last') -

    Al Hirschfeld (1903-2003; caricaturist) -

    Anne Kirkbride (1954-2015; actress; Deirdre Barlow on 'Coronation Street') -

    Maggie Jones (1934-2009; actress; Blanche Hunt on 'Coronation Street') -

    Robert Pastorelli (1954-2004; actor; Eldin Bernecky on 'Murphy Brown') -

    Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980; philosopher, playwright, novelist, political activist, biographer and literary critic) -

    Dorothy Stickney (1896-1998; Vinnie in 'Life With Father') -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on June 21st.

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    June 22nd:

    Quote for the Day:

    "True freedom is understanding that we have a choice in who and what we allow to have power over us." - Meryl Streep;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Verne Allison (R&B singer; The Dells) -

    Kris Kristofferson (singer, songwriter, musician and actor) -

    Cyndi Lauper (singer, songwriter and actress) -

    Alan Osmond (musician, singer, songwriter and record producer; The Osmonds) -

    Todd Lundgren (multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and record producer) -

    Howard Kaylan (rock and roll musician and writer; founding member and lead singer of The Turtles; Eddie in 'Flo & Eddie') -

    Peter Asher (guitarist, singer, manager and record producer; Peter and Gordon) -

    Ruby Turner (R&B and soul singer, songwriter and actress) -

    Derek Forbes (bassist, vocalist and guitarist; Simple Minds) -

    Meryl Streep (actress and philanthropist) -

    Lindsay Wagner (actress, model, author, singer and acting coach; Jaime Sommers on 'The Bionic Woman') -

    Nicholas Lea (actor; Alex Krycek on 'The X-Files', and Torn Foss on 'Kyle XY') -

    Arny Brenneman (actress, writer and producer; Detective Janice Licalsi on 'NYPD Blue') -

    Graham Greene (actor; Kicking Bird in 'Dances With Wolves') -

    Erin Brockovich (legal clerk and environmental activist) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Gower Champion (1919-1980; actor, theatre director, choreographer and director) -

    Freddie Prinze (1954-1977; actor and stand-up comedian; Chico Rodriguez on 'Chico And The Man') -

    Amrish Puri (1932-2005; actor; Mola Ram in 'Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom') -

    Paul Frees (1920-1986; actor, impressionist, comedian and screenwriter) -

    Ralph Waite (1928-2014; actor and political activist; John Walton Sr., on 'The Waltons'; Jackson Gibbs on 'NCIS')

    Richard Eastham (1916-2005; actor and concert singer) -

    Mike Todd (1909-1958; theatre and film producer; 'Around The World In 80 Days') -

    Billy Wilder (1906-2002; film maker, screenwriter, producer, artist and journalist) -

    Naunton Wayne (1901-1970; actor; Caldicott in 'The Lady Vanishes') -

    William Scholl (1882-1968; pioneer of foot care; founder of Dr. Scholl's) -

    H. Rider Haggard (1856-1925; writer; 'King's Solomon's Mines'; 'Allan Quartermain' series) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on June 22nd.

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    June 23rd:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I'm afraid that the following syllogism may be used by some in the future.

    Turing believes machines think.
    Turing lies with men.
    Therefore, machines do not think.

    Yours, in distress,


    - Alan Turing;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Chico DeBarge (R&B singer and musician; DeBarge) -

    K.T. Tunstall (singer-songwriter and musician) -

    Duffy (singer-songwriter and actress) -

    Paul Arthurs (rhythm guitarist, and founder member of Oasis) -

    Anthony Jackson (jazz, fusion, R&B and funk bassist and session musician) -

    Leee John (musician, singer and actor; Imagination) -

    Anthony Costa (singer-songwriter and actor; Blue) -

    Jessica Taylor (singer, television personality and dancer; Liberty X) -

    Diana Trask (country singer) -

    Randy Jackson (bassist, singer, record producer, entrepreneur and television personality; 'American Idol'; 'America's Best Dance Crew') -

    Selma Blair (actress; Liz Sherman in the 'Hellboy' movies) -

    Frances McDormand (actress; Marge Gunderson in 'Fargo'; Mildred Hayes in 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri') -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Rosetta Hightower (1944-2014; R&B singer; lead singer, The Orlons) -

    Larry Cunningham (1951-2018; R&B singer; The Floaters; 'Float On') -

    June Carter Nash (1929-2013; singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, comedian and author) -

    Jimmy Castor (1940-2012; funk, R&B and soul multi-instrumentalist; 'Troglodyte (Cave Man') -

    Paul Goddard (1945-2014; bassist; Atlanta Rhythm Section) -

    Adam Faith (1940-2003; singer, actor and financial journalist) -

    Stuart Sutcliffe (1940-1962; painter and musician; original bass guitarist with The Beatles) -

    Bob Fosse (1927-1987; dancer, musical theatre choreographer, director, screenwriter, film director and actor; eight Tony Awards for choreography) -

    Dennis Price (1915-1973; actor; Louis Mazzini in 'Kind Hearts And Coronets') -

    Alan Turing (1912-1954; computer scientist, mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher and theoretical biologist) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on June 23rd.

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    June 24th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I hope that someday, somebody wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight, and that's all they do. They don't pull away. They don't look at your face. They don't try to kiss you. All they do is wrap you up in their arms, without an ounce of selfishness in it." - Adrienne Shelly;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Siedah Garrett (R&B singer and songwriter; 'Don't Look Any Further', recorded with Dennis Edwards; co-writer of 'Love You I Do', from 'Dreamgirls') -

    Solange Knowles (singer, songwriter, model and actress; Destiny's Child) -

    Marvin 'Smitty' Smith (jazz drummer and composer) -

    Jeff Beck (rock guitarist) -

    Mick Fleetwood (musician and actor; drummer and co-founder of Fleetwood Mac) -

    Colin Blunstone (singer-songwriter and musician; lead singer of The Zombies) -

    Arthur Brown (rock singer; The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown; 'Fire') -

    Curt Smith (musician, songwriter, producer and actor; co-founder of Tears For Fears) -

    Andy McCluskey (musician, songwriter and record producer; Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) -

    John Illsley (bass guitarist; Dire Straits) -

    Terence 'Astro' Wilson (musician, rapper and toaster; UB40) -

    Nancy Allen (actress; Chris Hargensen in 'Carrie'; Liz Blake in 'Dressed To Kill') -

    Georg Stanford Brown (actor and director; Officer Terry Webster on 'The Rookies') -

    Iain Glen (actor; Ser Jorah Mormant on 'Game Of Thrones') -

    Michele Lee (actress, singer, dancer, producer and director; Karen Cooper Fairgate Mackenzie on 'Knots Landing') -

    Sherry Stringfield (actress, Dr. Susan Lewis on 'ER') -

    Peter Weller (actor, television director and art historian; Officer Alex J. Murphy / Robocop) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Chris Wood (1944-1983; musician; founding member of Traffic) -

    Al Molinaro (1919-2015; actor; Al Devecchio on 'Happy Days'; Officer Murray Greshler on 'The Odd Couple') -

    Phil Harris (1904-1995; comedian, jazz musician, singer and actor) -

    Gene Austin (1900-1972; singer and songwriter; 'When My Sugar Walks Down The Street') -

    Roy O. Disney (1893-1971; businessman; partner and co-founder, with brother Walt, of Walt Disney Productions, later The Walt Disney Company) -

    Adrienne Shelly (1966-2006; actress, film director and screenwriter; 'Waitress') -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on June 24th.

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    Hey moe..i'm working on a script about[stickmen]coming to earth and wanting to talk to you,hehehehehe!!

  9. #4309
    ......Only through my super barrister, Mr Westgrand, esq

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    Stickmen wanting to talk to Moe, Arr&bee?

    Isn't that what you want to do, too?

    You wouldn't happen to have been on a crash diet lately, would you??

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    June 25th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I've achieved what every artist wants, which is that some of their work will outlive them." - George Michael;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Eddie Floyd (R&B singer and songwriter; 'Knock On Wood') -

    Carly Simon (singer-songwriter, musician and children's author; 'You're So Vain') -

    Mike Kroeger (bassist with Nickelback) -

    Candyman (rapper and record producer; 'Knockin' Boots') -

    David Paich (keyboardist, singer, composer, recording producer and arranger; Toto) -

    Ian McDonald (multi-instrumentalist; founder member of King Crimson, and Foreigner) -

    Ricky Gervais (comedian, actor, writer, producer, director, singer and musician; 'The Office') -

    Erica Gimpel (actress, singer, songwriter and dancer. Coco Hernandez on 'Fame', and Angel Brown on 'Profiler') -

    Angela Kinsey (actress; Angela Martin on 'The Office') -

    Jason Lewis (actor and former fashion model; Smith Jerrod on 'Sex And The City') -

    June Lockhart (actress; Ruth Martin on 'Lassie'; Dr. Maureen Robinson on 'Lost in Space'; Dr. Janet Craig on 'Petticoat Junction')

    Mary Beth Peil (actress; Evelyn ' Grams' Ryan on 'Dawson's Creek'; Jackie Florrick on 'The Good Wife') -

    Busy Philipps (actress; Kim Kelly on 'Freaks And Geeks'; Audrey Liddell on 'Dawson's Creek') -

    Chloe Webb (actress; Laurette Barber on 'China Beach'; Nancy Spungeon in 'Sid And Nancy'; Louisa Kracklite in 'The Belly Of An Architect') -

    Lee Wilkoff (actor; Samuel Byck in 'Assassins'; Seymour in 'Little Shop Of Horrors') -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Harold Melvin (1939-1997; R&B and soul singer; Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes) -

    George Michael (1963-2016; singer, songwriter and record producer; Wham!; 'Faith') -

    Allen Lanier (1946-2013; keyboardist and rhythm guitarist; co-founder of Blue Oyster Cult) -

    Sidney Lumet (1924-2011; film director; 'Dog Day Afternoon'; 'The Wiz') -

    Johnny Smith (1922-2013; cool jazz and mainstream jazz guitarist; 'Walk, Don't Run') -

    Roger Livesey (1906-1976; actor; Captain 'Padre' Mycroft in 'The League Of Gentlemen') -

    Anne Revere (1903-1990; actress; Mrs Brown in 'National Velvet') -

    Charlotte Greenwood (1890-1977; actress; Aunt Eller in 'Oklahoma!') -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on June 25th.

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    West,i only speak to moe with your permission,hehe..and i'm on a liquid diet thank you very much...hehehehehe!

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    Arr&bee...ssshhhh, speak quietly...but I really should share with you that even I may only speak to Moe with the express permission of her clone, Little Moe.

    Ms. Moe (Superstar) - the real one - is generally rather reclusive. All that degree of talent can weigh very heavy on the human soul, you understand....

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    ok west,shhhhhh...i didn't know about[little moe]i'll write a [little movie] for her!!

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    June 26th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "..I was just fed up with not having hits out, and everyone around me were having hits.

    I didn't have the foresight because I left the Company in the middle of a Smokey Robinson session. I could have killed myself. He was cutting all these songs on me and I wanted a hit, like everybody else, but I didn't have any patience.

    You know, there's so much that goes along with the entertainment business backstage. You see a lot of other stuff that goes on, that other people don't see, and it kind of confuses you. I was a young kid." - Brenda Holloway; interview with monkey-picks.blogspot.com; March 2014;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Brenda Holloway (soul singer, songwriter) -
    (various sources also state birth date as June 21st)

    Gino Parks (Gene Purifoy; R&B singer) -

    Billy Davis, Jr. (R&B, soul and pop singer; The 5th Dimension) -

    Georgie Fame (R&B and jazz singer, and keyboard player; 'Yeh Yeh'; 'Get Away'; 'The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde') -

    Rosie Gaines (musician, singer-songwriter and record producer; 'Closer Than Close') -

    Dave Grusin (composer, arranger and pianist; 'The Champ'; 'Heaven Can Wait'; 'On Golden Pond'; 'The Milagro Beanfield War') -

    Colin Greenwood (musician, composer and bassist with Radiohead) -

    Mick Jones (musician, singer and songwriter; The Clash) -

    Patty Smyth (singer and songwriter; 'Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough', with Don Henley) -

    Terri Nunn (singer and actress; lead vocalist with Berlin) -

    Stef Burns (guitarist with Huey Lewis and The News) -

    Pamela Bellwood (actress; Claudia Blaisdel on 'Dynasty') -

    Robert Davi (actor, singer and entertainer; Agent Malone on 'Profiler') -

    Ariana Grande (singer and actress; Cat Valentine on 'Victorious') -

    Sean Hayes (Actor; Jack McFarland on 'Will & Grace') -

    Chis O'Donnell (actor; Dick Grayson/ Robin in 'Batman'; Special Agent G. Callen on 'NCIS : Los Angeles') -

    Jason Schwartzman (actor, screenwriter and musician; 'Rushmore'; 'Saving Mr. Banks'; and 'The Grand Budapest Hotel') -

    Gedde Watanabe (actor and comedian; Long Duk Dong in 'Sixteen Candles') -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Big Bill Broonzy (1893-1958; blues singer, songwriter and guitarist) -

    Colonel Tom Parker (1909-1997; businessman, manager of Elvis Presley) -

    Peter Lorre (1904-1964; actor; Joel Cairo in 'The Maltese Falcon') -

    Eleanor Parker (1922-2013; actress; 'Caged'; 'Detective Story'; 'Interrupted Melody'; and Baroness Schraeder in 'The Sound Of Music') -

    Richard X. Slattery (1925-1997; actor; Capt. Buckner on 'C.P.O. Sharkey') -

    Richard Bull (1924-2014; actor; 'Doc' on 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea'; Nels Oleson on 'Little House On The Prairie') -

    June Preisser (1920-1984; actress; Barbara Frances Morgan in 'Strike Up The Band') -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on June 26th.

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    June 27th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "When one door closes, another opens. But we often look so regretfully upon the closed door that we don't see the one that has opened for us." - Helen Keller;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Freddie McGregor (singer, musician and producer; 'Just Don't Want To Be Lonely') -

    'Prince' Philip Mitchell (R&B singer, songwriter and record producer; 'Starting All Over Again' for Mel & Tim; 'It Hurts So Good', and 'Leftovers' for Millie Jackson) -

    Louis Risbrook (funk/disco guitarist; B.T. Express) -

    Bruce Johnston (singer-songwriter; The Beach Boys) -

    Gilson Lavis (drummer and portrait artist; Squeeze; Jools Holland's Rhythm & Blues Orchestra)

    Lorrie Morgan (country singer; 'What Part of No'; 'Something In Red') -

    Vera Wang (fashion designer) -

    Vern Yip (interior designer; 'Trading Places'; 'Design Star'; 'Deserving Design') -

    Isabelle Adjani (actress and singer; 'Camille Claudel') -

    Shirley Anne Field (actress; Doreen in 'Saturday Night And Sunday Morning; Rachel in 'My Beautiful Launderette') -

    Matthew Lewis (actor; Neville Longbottom in the 'Harry Potter' film series) -

    Toby Maguire (actor and producer; title character in 'Spider-Man' trilogy; Sam Cahill in 'Brothers') -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Doc Pomus (Jerome Felder; 1925-1991; blues singer and songwriter; 'Save The Last Dance For Me'; 'This Magic Moment'; 'Sweets For My Sweet'; 'Can't Get Used To Losing You') -

    Gary Crosby (1933-1995; singer and actor; The Crosby Boys; Eddie The Bellhop on 'The Bill Dana Show'; Officer Edward 'Ed' Wells on 'Adam-12') -

    Anna Moffo (1932-2006; operatic soprano) -

    Bob Keeshan (1927-2004; actor; title role on 'Captain Kangaroo') -

    John McIntire (1907-1991; actor; Christopher Hale on 'Wagon Train') -

    Helen Keller (1880-1968; author, political activist and lecturer; the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree) -

    Reginald Mason (1875-1962; actor; Baron Philippe de La Tour-La Tour in 'Topaze'; Captain Barsanges in 'Suzy'; Aexander Crawford in 'Charlie Chan's Courage') -

    Moroni Olsen (1889-1954; actor; the voice of the Slave In The Magic Mirror, 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'; the voice of the Senior Angel in 'It's A Wonderful Life') -

    May Irwin (1862-1938; actress, singer, lyricist and vaudeville star; The Irwin Sisters, 'The Bully Song'; 'The Kiss', the first kiss in cinematic history) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on June 27th.
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    June 28th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "If Presidents can't do it to their wives, they do it to their country." - Mel Brooks;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Chayanne (latin pop singer, actor and composer) -

    Kellie Pickler (country music artist and television personality; 'Best Days Of Your Life'; 'Red High Heels') -

    Mel Brooks (actor, comedian, film maker; 'Blazing Saddles'; 'The Producers'; 'Young Frankenstein') -

    Kathy Bates (actress and director; 'Misery'; 'Primary Colours'; 'About Schmidt') -

    Aileen Quinn (actress, singer and dancer; 'Annie') -

    Bruce Davison (actor and director; 'Willard'; 'Longtime Companion') -

    Gil Bellows (actor; Tommy Williams in 'The Shawshank Redemption'; Billy Thomas in 'Ally McBeal'; CIA agent Matt Callan in 'The Agency') -

    Danielle Brisebois (producer, songwriter and former child actress; Stephanie Mills in 'All About The Family' and 'Archie Bunker's Place'; and Molly in 'Annie') -

    Steve Burton (actor; Jason Morgan on 'General Hospital') -

    Jessica Hecht (actress and singer; Susan Bunch on 'Friends'; Beatrice on 'A View From The Bridge') -

    Alice Krige (actress and producer; The Borg Queen in the 'Star Trek' film series) -

    those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Jimmy Munday (1907-1983; jazz tenor saxophonist, arranger and composer; notable for arrangements for Benny Goodman, Count Basie and Earl Hines) -

    Joe 'Fox' Smith (1902-1937; jazz trumpeter, particularly as accompanist for Ethel Waters) -

    Gilda Radner (1946-1989; comedian and actress; 'Saturday Night Live') -

    Tony Young (1937-2002; actor; 'Gunslinger'; 'Taggart') -

    John Inman (1935-2007; actor; Mr Humphries on 'Are You Being Served?') -

    Pat Morita (1932-2005; actor; Miyagi on 'Karate Kid') -

    Ian Bannen (1928-1999; actor; 'The Flight Of The Phoenix'; 'The Offence'; 'Hope And Glory'; 'Waking Ned Devine') -

    Don Dubbins (1928-1991; actor; 'The D.I.'; 'Sugarfoot'; 'Perry Mason'; 'Dynasty') -

    Maxine Stuart (1918-2013; actress; Amanda Earp on 'The Rousters') -

    Ian MacDonald (1914-1978; actor; 'High Noon') -

    Richard Rodgers (1902-1979; composer; Rodgers and Hammerstein) -

    Odette Myrtil (1898-1978; actress, singer and violinist; 'Out Of The Fog') -

    Polly Moran (1883-1952; actress; 'Adam's Rib') -

    Otis Skinner (1858-1942; actor and writer, noted for his Shakespearean roles) -

    Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640; Flemish baroque painter) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on June 28th.

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    June 29th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "The secret of life is to have no fear: it is the only way to function. " - Stokely Carmichael;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Stedman Pearson (singer and dancer; Five Star) -

    Roger Ruskin Spear (multi-instrumentalist; Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band) -

    Richard 'Ritch' Battersby (drummer with The Wildhearts) -

    Colin Hay (musician and actor; lead vocalist with Men At Work) -

    Ian Paice (musician; drummer with Deep Purple) -

    Nicole Scherzinger (recording artist, actress and television personality) -

    Sam Bailey (singer and songwriter) -

    Katherine Jenkins (mezzo-soprano singer and songwriter) -

    John Feldman (musician and producer) -

    Don Dokken (heavy metal singer, guitarist; lead singer and founder of Dokken) -

    Bret McKenzie (comedian, actor, musician and producer; Flight Of The Conchords) -

    Gary Busey (actor; title role in 'The Buddy Holly Story') -

    Maria Conchita Alonso (singer, songwriter and actress) -

    Amanda Donohue (actress; C. J. Lamb on 'L.A.Law') -

    Clementine Ford (actress; Molly Kroll on 'The L Word') -

    Fred Gandy (actor; Gopher on 'The Love Boat') -

    Melora Hardin (actress and singer; Jan Levinson on 'The Office'; and Trudy Monk on 'Monk') -

    Sharon Lawrence (actress, singer and dancer; Sylvia Costas Sipowicz on 'NYPD Blue') -

    Kathleen Wilhoite (actress, singer and songwriter; Arabella McGee in 'Murphy's Law'; Deirdre Murphy in 'Lorenzo's Oil'; Ginny in 'The Edge') -

    Cara Williams (actress; Bill's Mother in 'The Defiant Ones'; Gladys Porter on 'Pete And Gladys')

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Little Eva (Eva Boyd; 1943-2003; singer; 'The Loco-Motion') -

    Stokely Carmichael (1941-1998; prominent figure in Black Panthers and Civil Rights Movement, and the global Pan-African Movement) -

    Jean Kent (1921-2013; actress; Queen Elizabeth I on UK ITV television series 'Sir Francis Drake') -

    Slim Pickens (1919-1983; rodeo performer and actor; Major T.J. 'King' Kong in 'Dr. Strangelove'; Taggart in 'Blazing Saddles') -

    Ruth Warrick (1916-2005; singer, actress and political activist; Emily Monroe Norton Kane in 'Citizen Kane'; Phoebe Tyler Wallingford on 'All My Children') -

    Bernard Hermann (1911-1975; film composer; 'All That Money Can Buy'; 'Psycho'; 'Citizen Kane') -

    Frank Loesser (1910-1969; songwriter, including the theatre and films; 'Guys And Dolls'; 'How To Success In Business Without Really Trying'; 'Baby, It's Cold Outside') -

    Joan Davis (1912-1961; actress; 'I Married Joan' television series) -
    (some sources state 1907 as year of birth)

    Nelson Eddy (1901-1967; classically trained singer and actor; co-starred in films with Jeanette MacDonald) -

    Frieda Inescort (1901-1976; actress; Sorrel Bliss in 'Hay Fever') -

    Andrew Tombes (1885-1976; comedian and character actor; Ted Held in 'Oh, You Beautiful Doll') -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on June 29th.

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    June 30th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "You have to be taught to be second class; you're not born that way." - Lena Horne;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Our fellow Soulful Detroit member, Detmotownguy.

    Happy Birthday Detmotownguy, and hope you are having a great day.

    - also -

    William 'Barry' Brown (R&B singer; The Broadways (formerly The Uniques); The Moments, and Ray, Goodman & Brown) -

    Stanley Clarke (jazz musician, bassist and composer) -

    Fantasia (R&B singer, songwriter and actress) -

    Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (singer, dancer and television personality; Girls Aloud) -

    Adrian Wright (musician, composer and keyboard player with Human League) -

    Hal Lindes (guitarist and film score composer; former member of Dire Straits) -

    Andy Scott (musician and songwriter; lead guitarist and backing vocalist with Sweet) -

    Rupert Graves (actor; 'Room With A View'; 'Maurice'; 'The Madness Of King George'; 'The Forsyte Saga'; DI Lestrade in 'Sherlock') -

    Leonard Whiting (actor; Romeo, in 'Romeo And Juliet') -

    Brian Bloom (actor, voice actor, and screenwriter; 'As The World Turns') -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Florence 'Blondie' Ballard (1943-1976; R&B, soul and pop singer; co-founding member of The Supremes) -

    Lena Horne (1917-2010; jazz and pop music singer; dancer, actress and civil rights activist) -

    Ronald Winans (1956-2005; gospel singer; The Winans) -

    Ted Ross (1934-2002; actor; 'The Wiz'; 'Arthur'; 'The Jeffersons'; 'Benson'; 'The Cosby Show'; 'A Different World') -

    Susan Hayward (1917-1975; actress; 'Smash-Up, The Story Of A Woman'; 'My Foolish Heart'; 'With A Song In My Heart'; 'I'll Cry Tomorrow'; 'I Want To Live!') -

    Glenda Farrell (1904-1971; actress; The 'Torchy Blane' film series) -

    Nestor Paiva (1905-1966; actor; Theo Gonazales in 'Zorro' and 'The Sign Of Zorro'; Lucas, the Boat Captain in 'The Creature From The Black Lagoon' and 'Revenge Of The Creature') -

    Walter Hampden (1879-1955; actor and theatre manager; 'All About Eve'; 'Sabrina') -

    George Chandler (1898-1985; actor; Uncle Petrie Martin on 'Lassie') -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on June 30th.

  20. #4320
    July 1st:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I would prefer to live forever in perfect health, but if I must at some time leave this life, I would like to do so ensconced on a chaise longue, perfumed, wearing a velvet robe and pearl earrings, with a flute of champagne beside me, and having just discovered the answer to the last problem in a British cryptic crossword." - Olivia de Havilland, now celebrating her 103rd Birthday;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Evelyn 'Champagne' King (disco, pop and soul singer; 'Shame') -

    Syl Johnson (blues and soul singer, and record producer) -

    Victor Willis (singer, songwriter and actor; lead vocalist, Village People) -

    Debbie Harry (singer, songwriter and actress; lead singer with Blondie) -

    Missy Elliott (rapper, dancer and record producer) -

    Twyla Tharp (dancer, choreographer and author) -

    Olivia de Havilland (actress; Lady Marian Fitzwalter in 'The Adventures Of Robin Hood'; Melanie Hamilton in 'Gone With The Wind'; Miss Josephine 'Jody' Norris in 'To Each His Own'; Virginia Stuart Cunningham in 'The Snake Pit'' Catherine Sloper in 'The Heiress') -

    Leslie Caron (actress and dancer; Lise Bouvier in 'An American In Paris'; Lili Daurier in 'Lili'; Gigi in 'Gigi'; Jane Fosset in 'The L-Shaped Room') -

    Dan Aykroyd (actor, comedian, producer, screenwriter, musician and businessman) -

    Genevieve Bujold (actress; Anne Boleyn in 'Anne Of The Thousand Days') -

    Pamela Anderson (actress and model; Casey 'C.J.' Parker on 'Baywatch'; Lisa on 'Home Improvement'; Valerie Irons on 'V.I.P.') -

    Jean Marsh (actress and writer; co-creator of 'Upstairs, Downstairs') -

    Remembering: those also born on this date. but who have now passed away:

    Andrew 'Mike' Terry (1940-2008; baritone saxophonist, The Mohawks (as pianist). Session player for Motown, Golden World and Okeh Records, latterly arranger and producer) -

    Curtis W. Harris (1924-2017; minister, civil rights activist and politician) -

    Karen Black (1939-2013; actress, screenwriter, singer and songwriter; Rayette Dipesto in 'Five Easy Pieces'; Myrtle Wilson in 'The Great Gatsby'; Faye Greener in 'The Day Of The Locust') -

    Bobby Day (1930-1990; rock and roll and R&B singer; multi-instrumentalist, music producer and songwriter; 'Rockin' Robin') -

    Willie Dixon (1915-1992; blues musician, vocalist, songwriter, arranger and record producer. 'I Just Want To Make Love To You'; 'Little Red Rooster') -

    Andrae Crouch (1942-2015; gospel musician, recording artist, songwriter, arranger and producer) -

    Sydney Pollack (1934-2008; film director, producer and actor; 'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?'; 'Tootsie'; 'Out Of Africa') -

    Farley Granger (1925-2011; actor; Philip Morgan in 'Rope'; Guy Haines in 'Strangers On A Train') -

    Estee Lauder (1908-2004; businesswoman; co-founder of Estee Lauder cosmetics company) -

    William Wyler (1902-1981; film director, producer and screenwriter; Henry VIII in 'The Private Life Of Henry VIII'; Captain Bligh in 'Mutiny On The Bounty'; Sir Wilfrid Robarts Q.C. in 'Witness For The Prosecution') -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 1st.

  21. #4321
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my super barrister, SDF's keeper of the birthdays & just an
    all round great person!!

  22. #4322
    Thank you, Moe...I've done the town centre, and am now spending the day quietly and enjoyably, right here at West Grand Heights.

    I'd better get moving, as I'm now late with Birthday post for today!

  23. #4323

    I see where Ms Olivia hit 103 July 1st. WOW!!

  24. #4324
    Nowadays Moe, she'd be quietly pleased if you'd make that 'Dame Olivia', after HM finally saw fit.

    Presented to her by British Ambassador at home in France, March last year.

  25. #4325
    West,is it that time of year again? I got some special buzzards coming my good fellow...they'll be wearing bowlers and carrying gold colored flasks..you da man!!

  26. #4326
    I'll look out for them, Arr&bee.....though I suspect it could be vultures, wearing bowlers, and those flasks indicate preparation for a long wait...so I'd best keep moving.....

  27. #4327
    pssssssssssssss..over here west,i have the buzzards dressed up as canaries so the vultures won't know who they are!!

  28. #4328
    Happy Birthday West! Have the best day ever! West is the best!

  29. #4329
    Happy birthday, wgb!!!!

  30. #4330
    Thank you Soph_Soul and Sans, it's been a very good day.

    Hope you both enjoyed your UnBirthdays just as much, in your own ways.

  31. #4331
    Ok west,don't be modest,i know that you're going to the palace for a little bash with[hm]and the royals and i know that our favorite[superstar]will be right by your side all decked out in something chic..party on west-party on!!!

  32. #4332
    Hahaha. I have fun with that storyline as a parody, but 'Dream on West' would be much more like the truth, Arr&bee.

    If Ms Moe(Superstar) and myself ever really did party on at the palace, the closest we'd get to HM would be a long distance view of a little ole lady in a bright coloured outfit.

    And if the UK press can be believed (and there's no smoke without a fire of some sort?) then William and Harry may be brothers, but aren't always the best of buddies... and sometimes forget that being Royal is just a business, even if it's a bizarre and privileged one, with a lot of perks.

    So let 'em all Royal right along, I say, while we have our own soul party, right here

  33. #4333
    pssssssssssssssss...umm west you're killin me over here,now you know as well as i do that when it comes to printing the truth or the myth...PRINT THE MYTH!!!

  34. #4334
    Happy Birthday, wgb. You share your birthday with my great great nephew, Noah, who was born this morning.

  35. #4335
    July 2nd:

    Quote for the Day:

    "When you hate, the only person that suffers is you, because most of the people you hate don't know it, and the rest don't care." - Medgar Evers;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Jeffrey Cooper (bassist; Midnight Star) -
    Ahmad Jamal (jazz pianist, composer, bandleader and educator) -
    Monie Love (rapper and radio personality) -

    Dave Parsons (bassist; Transvision Vamp) -
    Pete Briquette (bassist, record producer and composer; The Boomtown Rats) -
    Johnny Colla (musician, singer and songwriter; founding member of Huey Lewis and The News) -

    Michelle Branch (singer, songwriter and actress) -
    Dee Palmer (formerly David Palmer; composer, arranger and keyboardist; formerly with Jethro Tull) -

    Jerry Hall (model and actress) -
    Lindsay Lohan (actress and singer) -
    Ashley Tisdale (actress, singer and producer) -

    Peter Kay (comedian and actor) -
    Frank Williams (actor; vicar Timothy Farthing on 'Dad's Army') -
    Imelda Marcos (former First Lady of The Philippines, 1965-1986) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Paul Williams (1939-1973; R&B and soul singer, and choreographer; co-founder of The Temptations) -

    Stevie Woods (1951-2014; R&B musician and singer) -

    Ron Silver (1946-2009; actor, director, producer, radio host and political activist) -

    Kenneth McMillan (1932-1989; actor; Jack Doyle on 'Rhoda') -

    Brock Peters (1927-2005; Tom Robinson in 'To Kill A Mockingbird'; 'Crown' in 'Porgy And Bess')

    Medgar Evers (1925-1963; civil rights activist) -

    Catherine McLeod (1921-1997; actress; roles include appearances on 'Maverick'; 'Perry Mason'; '77 Sunset Strip'; 'Bonanza'; 'Hawaiian Eye'; 1960s Anacin headache remedy TV commercial: "Mother, please! I'd rather do it myself!") -

    Alan Webb (1906-1982; actor; Broadway production of 'I Never Sang For My Father') -

    Junior Durkin (1915-1935; Huckleberry Finn in 'Tom Sawyer' and 'Huckleberry Finn' films) -

    Jack Hylton (1892-1965; bandleader and impresario) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 2nd.

  36. #4336
    July 3rd:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Dear World, I am leaving because I am bored. I feel I have lived long enough. I am leaving you with your worries in this sweet cesspool. Good luck." - George Sanders;

    If this is your birth date,
    you are sharing it with:

    John Klemmer (saxophonist, composer, songwriter and arranger) -

    Vince Clarke (musician and songwriter; Yazoo; Erasure) -

    Tom Cruise (actor and producer; 'Born On The Fourth Of July'; 'Jerry Maguire'; 'Magnolia') -

    Betty Buckley (actress and singer; Sandra Sue 'Abby' Abbott Bradford on 'Eight Is Enough'; 'Cats'; 'Sunset Boulevard'; 'Triumph Of Love') -

    Tom Stoppard (playwright and screenwriter; 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead'; 'Shakespeare In Love'; 'The Real Thing') -

    Andrea Barber (actress; Kimmy Gibbler on 'Full House' and 'Fuller House') -

    Michael Cole (actor; Pete Cochran on 'The Mod Squad') -

    Tommy Flanagan (actor; Flip 'Chibs' Telford on 'Sons Of Anarchy') -
    Hotchner on 'Criminal Minds') -

    Audra McDonald (actress and singer; 'Carousel'; 'Masterclass'; 'Ragtime'; A Raisin In The Sun'; 'Porgy And Bess') -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Fontella Bass (1940-2012; R&B and soul singer, and songwriter; 'Rescue Me') -

    Johnnie Wilder, Jr; (1949-2006; co-founder and lead vocalist of Heatwave) -

    Laura Branigan (1952-2004; singer, songwriter and actress; 'Gloria') -

    Ken Russell (1927-2011; film director; 'Women In Love'; 'The Devils'; 'Tommy') -

    Susan Peters (1921-1952; actress; Kitty in 'Random Harvest') -

    Louise Allbritton (1920-1979; actress; 'Pittsburgh'; ' Son Of Dracula'; 'The Egg And I'; 'Sitting Pretty') -

    George Sanders (1906-1972; actor, singer-songwriter, music composer and author; Jack Favell in 'Rebecca'; Scott ffolliott in 'Foreign Correspondent'; Addison De Witt in 'All About Eve'; Shere Khan in Disney's The Jungle Book') -

    Wynne Gibson (1898-1987; stage and film actress) -

    Doris Lloyd (1896-1968; actress; Mrs Cutten in 'Tarzan' films; Nora Stanley in 'Midnight Lace'; Baroness Ebberfield in 'The Sound Of Music') -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 3rd.

  37. #4337
    July 4th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "It is a sad commentary of our times when our young must seek advice and counsel from 'Dear Abby', instead of going to Mom and Dad.' - Abigail Van Buren;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Annette Beard Simmons (R&B and soul singer; original member of The Vandellas) -

    Bill Withers (singer-songwriter and musician) -

    Ralph Johnson (musician; original member, percussionist and vocalist with Earth, Wind & Fire)

    Melanie Fiona (R&B singer) -

    John Waite (musician, solo artist; 'Missing You'; also with The Babys, and Bad English) -

    Gina Lollobrigida (actress, photojournalist and sculptor) -

    Eva Marie Saint (actress and producer) -

    Neil Morrissey (actor, voice actor, singer and comedian and businessman) -

    Jenny Seagrove (actress) -

    Remember: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Jacques Morali (1947-1991; singer-songwriter, producer and arranger; The Ritchie Family; Village People) -

    Eric Fleming (1925-1966; actor; Gil Favor on 'Rawhide') -

    Neil Simon (1927-2018; playwright, screenwriter and author) -

    Cathy Berberian (1925-1983; mezzo-soprano and composer) -

    Stephen Boyd (1931-1977; actor) -

    Willoughby Goddard (1926-2008; actor) -

    Leona Helmsley (1920-2007; businesswoman; 'Queen Of Mean') -

    Abigail Van Buren (Pauline Phillips; 1918-2013; advice columnist and radio show host; 'Dear Abby') -

    Ann Landers (Eppie Lederer; 1918-2002; advice columnist and media personality) -

    Viviane Romance (1912-1991; actress) -

    Gloria Stuart (1910-2010; actress) -

    Mitch Miller (1911-2010; oboist, conductor, recording producer and record industry executive)

    Angela Baddeley (1904-1976; actress) -

    George Murphy (1902-1992; dancer, actor and politician) -

    Gertrude Lawrence (1898-1952; actress, singer, dancer and musical comedy performer) -

    Henry Armetta (1888-1945; actor) -

    Louis B. Mayer (1885-1957; film producer and co-founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Film Studios) -

    Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864; songwriter) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 4th.
    Last edited by westgrandboulevard; 07-03-2019 at 06:51 PM.

  38. #4338
    July 5th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "No-one ever made a difference by being like everyone else." - P.T. Barnum;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Marc Cohn (folk rock singer-songwriter and musician) -

    Joe (Joe Lewis Thomas; R&B singer, songwriter and record producer) -

    Huey Lewis (singer, songwriter and actor) -

    Bizarre (Rufus Arthur Johnson; rapper; D12) -

    Robbie Robertson (musician, songwriter, film composer, producer, actor and author) -

    Michael Monarch (lead guitarist; Steppenwolf) -

    Shane Filan (singer, songwriter; Westlife) -

    Shirley Knight (actress) -

    Jason Dolley (actor and musician) -

    Kathryn Erbe (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Mac Dre (1970-2004; rapper, record producer and record label owner) -

    Katherine Helmond (1929-2019; actress and director) -

    John Wood (1930-2011; actor) -

    Warren Oates (1928-1982; actor) -

    Beverly Tyler (1927-2005; actress and singer) -

    Mack David (1912-1993; lyricist and songwriter) -

    Isa Miranda (1905-1982; actress) -

    Milburn Stone (1904-1980; actor) -

    Edward Woods (1903-1989; actor) -

    Wanda Landowska (1879-1959; harpsichordist) -

    P.T. Barnum (1810-1891; politician, showman and businessman; Barnum & Bailey Circus) -

    Sarah Siddons (1755-1831; actress) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 5th.

  39. #4339
    July 6th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." - His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Ralph, and Russ Terrana,
    George Solomon and Kent Washburn -
    Our Moderator, fellow Soulful Detroit members and friends.

    Here's wishing you all a Birthday to remember.

    - and -

    Gene Chandler (singer, songwriter, talent scout, music producer and record label executive; 'The Duke Of Earl') -

    Nanci Griffith (singer, guitarist and songwriter) -

    Jeannie Seely (country music singer) -

    John Keeble (drummer: Spandau Ballet) -

    Rik Elswit (guitarist; Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show) -

    50 Cent (rapper and actor) -

    Inspectah Deck (Jason Hunter; rapper and producer; Wu-Tang Clan and Czarface) -

    Sylvester Stallone (actor, film maker and screenwriter) -

    Geoffrey Rush (actor and film producer) -

    Jennifer Saunders (comedian, screenwriter and actress) -

    Geraldine James (actress) -

    Ned Beatty (actor) -

    Burt Ward (actor and activist) -

    - and -

    His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama (spiritual leader of the Tibetan people) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Della Reese (1931-2017; singer, actress and ordained minister) -

    Phyllis Hyman (1949-1995; singer and actress) -

    Sherrick (1957-1999; soul singer and musician; Kagny) -

    Richard Beckinsale (1947--1979; actor) -

    Ahna Capri (1944-2010; actress) -

    Candy Barr (1935-2005; stripper, burlesque dancer, actress and adult model) -

    Janet Leigh (1927-2004; actress, dancer and author) -

    Bill Haley (1925-1981; singer, guitarist and bandleader) -

    Merv Griffin (1925-2007; singer, bandleader, actor, television host and media mogul) -

    Cathy O'Donnell (1923-1970; actress) -

    Sebastian Cabot (1918-1977; actor) -

    LaVerne Andrews (1911-1967; singer; The Andrews Sisters) -

    Jack Yellen (1892-1991; lyricist and screenwriter; 'Happy Days Are Here Again'; 'Ain't She Sweet') -

    Ralph Morgan (1883-1956; actor) -

    Stamford Raffles (1781-1826; statesman, founder of Singapore) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 6th.

  40. #4340
    West my good man,please inform your esteemed client that a nice summer script is being written for her,she'll like this one!

  41. #4341
    Arr&bee, if it's a 'nice summer script' which heavily features ice cream, then you could be on to a winner!

  42. #4342
    July 7th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "People keep saying, "Why are you still playing?" That's what I do! I'm not an electrician. As a lad, I used to think of other musicians, 'Boy, he's still playing at 40! But they do it because some nights you get uplifted, and it's like getting high, in a clean way. Everyone in the audience knows I love them, and I know they love me." - Ringo Starr, Parade interview, July 2019;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Doc Severinsen (Carl Hilding Severinsen; pop and jazz trumpeter) -

    Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey; drummer, singer, songwriter, actor; The Beatles) -

    David 'Scar' Hodo (singer and actor; the construction worker in Village People) -

    Synyster Gates (Brian Elwin Haner, Jr.; musician; lead guitarist and backing vocalist with Avenged Sevenfold) -

    Chan Romero (rock and roll singer, songwriter and guitarist; 'Hippy Hippy Shake') -

    Vonda Shepard (singer, songwriter and actress) -

    Mark White (bass guitarist; Spin Doctors) -

    Gabbie Nolen (country music singer and songwriter) -

    Shelly Duvall (former actress, producer, writer, singer and comedian) -

    Berenice Bejo (actress) -

    Billy Campbell (actor) -

    Amy Carlson (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Joe Zawnful (1932-2007; jazz keyboardist and composer) -

    Yvonne Mitchell (1915-1979; actress) -

    Mary Ford (1924-1977; vocalist and guitarist) -

    Jon Pertwee (1919-1996; actor, entertainer and cabaret performer) -

    Ruth Ford (1911-2009; actress) -

    Joan Perry (1911-1996; actress, model and singer) -

    Vittorio De Sica (1901-1974; director and actor) -

    George Cukor (1899-1983; film director) -

    Tom Powers (1890-1955; actor) -

    March Chagall (1887-1985; artist) -

    Gustav Mahler (1860-1911; composer and conductor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 7th.

  43. #4343
    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    Arr&bee, if it's a 'nice summer script' which heavily features ice cream, then you could be on to a winner!
    Westgrand. tell R&B I am extremely picky about ice cream!

  44. #4344
    OK Moe, I'll ask Arr&bee 'to do you a flavor'. Let's see what he can arrange.

    But he's not to get it from that place where the woman was spotted licking the ice cream in store without buying it, and then replacing it....

  45. #4345
    July 8th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "You can't sing about love unless you know about it." - Billy Eckstine;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Joan Osborne (singer and songwriter) -
    Steve Lawrence (singer and actor) -
    Andy Fletcher (keyboard player and founding member of Depeche Mode) -

    Graham Jones (lead guitarist; Haircut One Hundred) -
    Jaimoe (drummer and percussionist; The Allman Brothers Band) -
    Beck (singer, songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist) -

    Toby Keith (singer, songwriter, actor and record producer) -
    Sky Ferreira (singer, songwriter, model and actress) -
    Russell Christian (keyboardist, saxophonist and vocalist; The Christians) -

    Anjelica Huston (actress, director and former fashion model) -
    Joshua Alba (actor) -
    Kevin Bacon (actor, director, spokesperson and activist) -
    Rocky Carroll (actor) -

    Billy Crudup (actor) -
    Kim Darby (actress) -
    Alexis Dziena (actress) -
    Schuyler Fisk (actress and singer-songwriter) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Earl Van Dyke (1930-1992; keyboardist and bandleader; The Funk Brothers) -
    Billy Eckstine (1914-1993; jazz and pop singer, and bandleader) -
    Louis Jordan (1908-1975; musician, songwriter and bandleader) -

    Jerry Vale (1930-2014; singer and actor) -
    Craig Stevens (1918-2000; actor) -
    Marty Feldman (1934-1982; comedy writer, comedian and actor) -
    Glenn Langan (1917-1991; actor) -

    Pamela Brown (1917-1975; actress) -
    Faye Emerson (1917-1983; actress and television interviewer) -
    Eugene Pallette (1889-1954; actor) -
    John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937; business magnate and philanthropist) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 8th.
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  46. #4346
    July 9th:

    Quote of the Day:

    "I constantly deal with being called Shaft, and I vacillate back and forth with people coming up to me about it. But it never ceases to blow me away with the impact that character had on my life and my fan's lives." - Richard Roundtree;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Debbie Sledge (singer; Sister Sledge) -
    Courtney Love (singer, actress, writer and visual artist) -
    Marc Almond (singer-songwriter and musician) -

    Ed Ames (singer and actor) -
    Isaac Brock (lead singer, guitarist, banjoist and songwriter; Modest Mouse; Ugly Casanova) -
    Jim Kerr (musician; singer-songwriter; Simple Minds) -

    Mighty Sparrow (calypso singer, songwriter and guitarist) -
    Jack White (musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor; The White Stripes) -
    Kiely Wlliams (singer, rapper, dancer ,actress and songwriter) -

    Tom Hanks (actor and film maker) -
    Kelly McGillis (actress) -
    Richard Roundtree (actor and former model) -
    David Hockney (painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Gwen Guthrie (1950-1999; singer, songwriter and pianist) -
    Donald McPherson (1941-1971; singer and co-founder, The Main Ingredient) -
    Mitch Mitchell (1946-2008; drummer; Jimi Hendrix Experience) -
    (some sources state 1947 as year of birth)

    Lee Hazlewood (1929-2007; singer, songwriter and record producer) -
    Michael Williams (1935-2001; actor) -
    Bon Scott (1946-1980; rock musician, lead singer and lyricist, AC/DC) -

    Susan Cabot (1927-1986; actress) -
    Kay Aldridge (1917-1995; actress and model) -
    Barbara Cartland (1901-2000; author) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 9th.

  47. #4347
    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    OK Moe, I'll ask Arr&bee 'to do you a flavor'. Let's see what he can arrange.

    But he's not to get it from that place where the woman was spotted licking the ice cream in store without buying it, and then replacing it....
    I expect nothing less, my super barrister

  48. #4348
    July 10th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "My purpose: to lift your spirit and to motivate you." - Mavis Staples;

    If this is your Birthday, you share it with:

    Willie Ford (soul and R&B singer; The Dramatics) -
    Mavis Staples (R&B, blues and gospel singer; also The Staples Singers) -
    Jerry Herman (lyricist; 'Hello, Dolly!') -

    Arlo Guthrie (singer, songwriter) -
    Neil Tennant (musician, singer and songwriter; Pet Shop Boys) -
    John Dymond (rhythm guitarist; 'Beaky' of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich) -

    Jacky Cheung (singer, songwriter and actor) -
    Bela Fleck (banjo musician) -
    Gary LeVox (country musician; lead vocalist, Rascal Fletts) -

    Jessica Simpson (singer, actress and fashion designer) -
    Anna Waronker (singer-songwriter, composer and producer) -
    Kim Mitchell (musician; former lead singer and guitarist, Max Webster) -
    Sue Lyon (actress) -

    Chiwetel Ejiofor (actor) -
    John Simm (actor) -
    Gina Bellman (actress) -
    Carleton Carpenter (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Johnny Griffith (1936-2002; pianist and keyboardist; The Funk Brothers) -

    John Whitehead (1948-2004; singer and songwriter; McFadden & Whitehead; Philadelphia International Records) -

    Arthur Ashe (1943-1993; tennis player) -
    Lee Morgan (1938-1972; jazz musician) -
    Charles 'Cootie' Williams (1911-1985; jazz musician) -

    Fred Gwynne (1926-1993; actor; Herman on 'The Munsters') -
    Earl Hammer, Jr., (1923-2016; film and television producer; 'The Waltons') -
    John Wyndham (1903-1969; author; 'The Day Of The Triffids') -
    Mitchell Parish (1900-1993; lyricist; 'Volare'; 'Deep Purple'; 'Star Dust') -

    Sam Wood (1883-1949; film director; 'A Night At The Opera'; 'Goodbye, Mr Chips') -
    John Gilbert (1899-1936; actor) -
    Carl Orff (1895-1982; composer; 'Carmina Burana') -
    Jimmy McHugh (1894-1969; songwriter; 'On The Sunny Side Of The Street') -

    Happy Birthday
    : to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 10th

  49. #4349
    July 11th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "People believe what they want to believe." - Tab Hunter;

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Bonnie Pointer (R&B and soul singer; The Pointer Sisters) -
    Peter Brown (singer-songwriter, and record producer) -
    Goapele (soul and R&B singer-songwriter) -

    Lil' Kim (rapper, songwriter, record producer, model and actress) -
    Suzanne Vega (singer-songwriter, and record producer) -
    Kirk Whalum (smooth jazz saxophonist and songwriter) -

    Andrew Bird (musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist) -
    Leisha Hailey (actress and musician) -
    Mark Lester (actor) -
    Giorgio Armani (fashion designer) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Roquel 'Billy' Davis (1932-2004; songwriter, record producer and singer) -
    Tab Hunter (1931-2018; actor, pop singer and author) -
    John Holt (1947-2014; reggae singer and songwriter) -

    David Kelly (1929-2012; actor) -
    Hermann Prey (1929-1998; operatic baritone) -
    Brett Somers (1924-2007; actress, singer and game-show personality) -

    Gene Evans (1922-1998; actor) -
    Patrick Wymark (1926-1970; actor) -
    Yul Brynner (1920-1985; actor) -

    Reg Varney (1916-2008; actor, comedian and entertainer) -
    Sally Blane (1910-1997; actress) -
    Irene Hervey (1909-1998; actress) -
    Thomas Mitchell (1892-1962; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 11th.

  50. #4350
    July 12th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "What happens to men when they grow old? Why do they forget everything? I believe now that those two young people need each other the way they need the air to breathe. Anyone can see that by looking at them." - Beah Richards; 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner';

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Bill Cosby (comedian, actor, musician and author) -

    Swamp Dogg (Jerry Williams, Jr; soul and R&B singer, musician, songwriter and record producer) -

    Bigg Robb (Robert Smith; arranger, producer, writer, rapper, singer, studio engineer and record label owner) -

    Christine McVie (singer, keyboardist and songwriter: Fleetwood Mac) -
    Tim Gane (songwriter and guitarist co-founder of Stereolab) -
    Magoo (Melvin Barcliff; rapper) -

    John Petrucci (virtuoso guitarist, composer and producer: founding member of Dream Theatre)

    Wilko Johnson (singer, guitarist, songwriter and actor; founder member of Dr. Feelgood) -

    Walter Egan (rock musician) -
    Liz Mitchell (singer; Boney M.) -

    Billy and Bobby Alessi (singer-songwriters; 'Oh Lori') -
    Cheryl Ladd (actress; singer and author) -
    Anna Friel (actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Bernard Wilson (1946-2010; R&B, funk and soul vocalist; Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes) -

    Phillip Kramer (1952-1995; bass guitarist; Iron Butterfly) -

    Eric Carr (Paul Charles Caravello; 1950-1991; musician and multi-instrumentalist; Iron Butterfly) -

    Steve Young (1942-2016; country music singer, songwriter and guitarist; 'Seven Bridges Road') -

    Big John Patton (1935-2002; jazz, blues and R&B pianist and organist) -

    Beah Richards (1920-2000; actress, poet, playwright and author; Mary Prentice in 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner') -

    Keith Andes (1920-2005; actor) -
    Joe DeRita (1909-1993; actor and comedian; 'Curly Joe', The Three Stooges) -
    Milton Berle (1908-2002; comedian and actor) -

    Jean Hersholt (1886-1956; actor) -
    Oscar Hammerstein II (1895-1960; librettist, theatrical producer and theatre director)
    Kirsten Flagstad (1895-1962; operatic soprano) -

    Tod Browning (1882-1962; film actor, film director, screenwriter and vaudeville performer) -

    George Eastman (1854-1932; entrepreneur; The Eastman Kodak Company) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on July 12th.


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