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    Make This A Birthday To Remember.......

    If I have this right, then it is Ralph's Birthday today....?

    If so, Happy Birthday to you, Ralph. Thanks for having all of us here with you!

    Hope you have a great day, making many new memories for the future.

    May all your days feel like Summer.

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    Happy Birthday Ralph! Thanks for letting us know WGB.

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    We all still love you! Have a wonderful birthday!

    Best Always,

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    What,da godfadder's birthday?wow hey ralph the elephants are on thier way with something special for ya,hehe..enjoy your day!!

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    Let's not forget that, in addition to Ralph, it is also brother Russ's birthday today.

    Best send more elephants, Arr&bee.....LOL

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    And..... there's more.

    To add to the list of 'birthday today' people.....there's George Solomon, 762rob, and Della Reese......

    So, exactly how many elephants can you supply, before midnight...??

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    Calling all elephants-calling all elephants.

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    You'll have to shout louder. Most of them are in Africa, or India.....!

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    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    you'll have to shout louder. Most of them are in africa, or india.....!
    i'll text em!!

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    I've just noticed that Kent Washburn also needs to be added to the 'Birthday Today' list.

    We're hoping everyone is enjoying their special day!!

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    HI Ralph,
    Wishing you a very happy birthday!

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    Here in the UK, I can remember the days when ringing long distance was known as making 'trunk calls'.....

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    If anyone here on SDF has their own birthday today, July 7th - or who will be remembering a special someone who was born on this date, including those who have passed away - then please let us know, and have a great day!