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    ...and the 'Perry Mason' theme ('Park Avenue Beat', by Fred Steiner) must be one of the most memorable and distinctive themes ever broadcast in TV history....

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    I agree with you, westgrand. Burr told the execs he wouldn't do the movies unless Barbara Hale was included. And, as an extra added piece Hale's real life son (William Kaat) played Paul Drake, Jr for the first (maybe around 6) episodes.

    My favorite episode is the last one of the series.....but, it's better in the uncut version (The Case of the Final Fade Out) for a lot of reasons. The best reason is the fact that the second judge in the show is none other than Erle Stanley Gardner, the creator of Perry Mason.

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    Moe, I knew that William Katt was Barbara Hale's son....and, to me, that made the casting more interesting. Real, family entertainment.

    A bit hazy about 'The Case Of The Final Fade Out' - I guess that is one of the few in which Raymond Burr does not appear, because he had passed away?

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    No, westgrand. The Case of the Final Fade Out is the last of the series (1967) with
    all characters (except maybe for Ray Collins who played Lt Tragg). This is one episode I could always watch, BUT, it has to be the uncut version. One of the cable channels here just had it on & they cut the fun parts out of it....what a shame...it doesn't come across as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    westgrand, i just saw josephine hutchinson on an old episode of perry mason.
    hey moe,folks may not know that the great josephine hutchingson starred in the classic universal monster flick-son of frankenstein,with basil rathbone.

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    October 13th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "There are two sorts of people in the world: those who listen, and those who are thinking about what they are going to say next."

    - Paul Simon.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Ashanti (Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas; R&B, hip hop and soul singer, songwriter and producer) -

    Olympia Ann 'Olan' Sylvers (R&B and soul singer; The Sylvers) -

    Shirley Caesar (Shirley Ann Caesar-Williams; gospel singer and songwriter) -

    Dorothy Moore (blues, gospel and R&B singer) -

    Paul Simon (Paul Frederic Simon; folk, rock and pop singer-songwriter and musician) -
    Marie Osmond (Olive Marie Osmond; pop singer) -
    Nana Mouskouri (Ioanna Mouskouri; pop and easy listening singer) -

    Chris Farlowe (John Henry Dighton; rock, blues and soul singer) -
    Robert Lamm (rock keyboardist, singer and songwriter; founding member of Chicago) -
    John Ford Coley (pop rock and folk singer and musician; England Dan and John Ford Coley) -

    Simon Nicol (rock guitarist, singer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer; founding member of Fairport Convention) -
    Pete Spencer (rock drummer; Smokie) -
    Lacy J. Dalton (Jill Lynne Byrem; country singer-songwriter) -

    Alan Wakeman (rock saxophonist; Soft Machine) -
    Sammy Hagar (Sam Roy Hagar; guitarist, singer and songwriter) -
    Pharoah Sanders (Farrell Sanders; jazz saxophonist) -

    Karen Akers (actress and singer) -
    Tisha Campbell (actress and singer) -

    Allen Covert (actor) -
    Melinda Dillon (actress) -
    Mel Jackson (actor) -

    Christopher Judge (actor) -
    T'Keyah Crystal Keymah (actress and singer) -
    John Lone (actor) -

    Kiele Sanchez (actress) -
    Pamela Tiffin (actress) -

    Phillippe Torreton (actor) -
    Kate Walsh (actress) -

    Demond Wilson (Grady Demond Wilson; actor and author) -
    (some sources state October 3rd as date of birth)

    Sacha Baron Cohen (Sacha Noam Baron Cohen; actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer) -

    Chris Carter (Christopher Carl Carter; film and television producer, director and writer) -

    those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Nipsey Russell (Julius Russell; 1924-2005; comedian, poet and dancer) -
    (some sources state 15 September 1918 as date of birth)

    Ray Brown (Raymond Matthews Brown; 1926-2002; jazz, double bassist and cellist) -
    Cornel Wilde (Kornel Lajos Weisz; 1912-1989; actor) -

    Kelly Preston (Kelly Kamalelehua Smith; 1962-2020; actress and model)

    Art Tatum (Arthur Tatum, Jr; 1909-1956; jazz pianist) -
    Yves Montand (Ivo Livi; 1921-1991; actor) -
    Cliff Gorman (Joel Joshua Goldberg; 1936-2002; actor) -

    Liliane Montevecchi (1932-2018; actress, dancer and singer) -

    Robert Walker (Robert Hudson Walker; 1918-1951; actor) -
    Jack Colvin (1934-2005; actor) -

    Frank D. Gilroy (Frank Daniel Gilroy; 1925-2015; playwright, screenwriter, film producer and director) -

    Laraine Day (LaRaine Johnson; 1920-2007; actress) -
    Jack MacGowran (John Joseph MacGowran; 1918-1973; actor) -
    Jane Dulo (Bernice Dewlow; 1917-1994; actress) -

    Robert Bray (Robert E. Bray; 1917-1983; actor) -
    Yves Allegret (1905-1987; film director) -

    Arna Bontemps (Arna Wendell Bontemps; 1902-1973; poet, novelist and librarian; noted member of the Harlem Renaissance) -

    Irene Rich (Irene Frances Luther; 1891-1988; actress) -
    Douglass Dumbrille (Douglass Rupert Dumbrille; 1889-1974; actor) -
    Lillie Langtry (Emilie Charlotte Langtry, formerly Le Breton; 1853-1929; socialite, actress and producer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 13th.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    hey moe,folks may not know that the great josephine hutchingson starred in the classic universal monster flick-son of frankenstein,with basil rathbone.
    R&B, I had to look that one up. Sure enough.......there she is in the cast!! It's been AGES since I've seen that movie!!

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    And Donnie Dunagan, who plays her character's son Peter, was the voice of young Bambi (1942)...

    But then, you knew that, didn't you.....

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    October 14th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I don't design clothes, I design dreams."

    - Ralph Lauren.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Justin Hayward (Justin David Hayward; rock songwriter, lead singer and guitarist; The Moody Blues) -

    Cliff Richard (Harry Rodger Webb; pop, rock and roll and CCM singer, musician, performer, actor and philanthropist) -

    Dan McCafferty (William Daniel McCafferty; hard rock singer- songwriter and musician; lead singer with Nazareth) -

    Usher (Usher Raymond IV; R&B, pop and hip hop singer, songwriter, actor, businessman and dancer) -

    Chris Amoo (Christopher Charles Amoo; soul singer and songwriter; lead singer with The Real Thing) -

    Marcia Barrett (R&B, eurodisco and reggae singer; founding member of Boney M) -

    Karyn White (Karyn Layvonne White; R&B, soul and new jack swing singer) -
    Billy Harrison (William Harrison; rock guitarist and singer; Them) -

    Colin Hodgkinson (rock, jazz and blues bassist; Alexis Korner; Spencer Davis; Whitesnake) -
    Thomas Dolby (Thomas Morgan Robertson; musician, singer and producer) -
    Shaggy 2 Dope (Joseph William Utsler; hip hop rapper, record producer, DJ and professional wrestler; Insane Clown Posse) -

    Melba Montgomery (country music singer) -
    Natalie Maines (country singer, songwriter and activist; lead singer with The Chicks) -

    Steve Coogan (Stephen John Coogan; actor, stand-up comedian, impressionist, screenwriter and producer) -

    Greg Evigan (Gregory Ralph Evigan; actor)-
    Udo Kier (Udo Kierspe; actor) -
    Lori Petty (actress and director) -
    Jon Seda (Juan Francisco Secada Ramirez; pop and Latin singer and songwriter) -

    Max Thieriot (Maximillion Drake Thieriot; actor and director) -
    Joey Travolta (Joseph Anthony Travolta; actor, producer, director and screenwriter) -
    Ben Wishaw (Benjamin John Wishaw; actor) -

    Carroll Ballard (film director) -

    Ralph Lauren (Ralf Lifshitz; fashion designer, philanthropist and businessman) -

    Isaac Mizrahi (fashion designer and television presenter)-

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Robert Parker (1930-2020; R&B singer and musician) -

    Norman Harris (1947-1987; R&B and soul guitarist, producer, arranger and songwriter; The Philly Sound; founding member of MFSB) -

    Ivory Tilmon (1941-2014; R&B and soul singer; The Detroit Emeralds) -
    (some sources state 14th September as date of birth)

    Roger Moore (Roger George Moore; 1927-2017; actor) -
    Lillian Gish (Lillian Diana Gish;1893-1993; actress) -
    Allan Jones (1907-1992; actor and singer) -

    Harry Anderson (Harry Laverne Anderson; 1952-2018; actor, comedian and musician) -
    David Strickland (David Gordon Strickland, Jr; 1969-1999; actor) -
    Trevor Goddard (Trevor Joseph Goddard; 1962-2003; actor)-

    Carrie Nye (Carolyn Nye McGeoy; 1936-2006; actress) -

    Bill Justis (William Everett Justis, Jr; 1926-1982; musician, composer and musical arranger) -
    (some sources state 1927 as year of birth)

    Robert Webber (Robert Lamman Webber; 1924-1989; actor) -
    Frank Conroy (Frank Parish Conroy; 1890-1964; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 14th
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    October 15th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Karen and I started our first group in 1965.

    I played piano, Karen played drums and Wes Jacobs was on bass.

    We played light jazz. I began urging Karen to sing.

    The first song she tried was 'The End Of The World' in a higher voice. Her deep voice arrived later.

    As a singer, Karen was an exotic creature. She had impeccable intonation and remarkable breath control, without any training."

    - Richard Carpenter; interview with The Wall Street Journal; January 2019.

    If this is your Birthday,
    you are sharing it with:

    Mildred 'Millie' Gill (R&B/soul singer; The Velvelettes) -

    Tito Jackson (Toriano Adaryll Jackson; pop, R&B and soul singer-songwriter and guitarist; Jackson 5; The Jacksons) -

    Richard Carpenter (Richard Lynn Carpenter; pop musician, record producer, songwriter and music arranger; The Carpenters) -

    Barry McGuire (rock and CCM singer-songwriter) -
    Eric Benet (R&B and neo soul singer-songwriter and actor)-
    Chris de Burgh (singer-songwriter and instrumentalist) -

    Keyshia Cole (singer, songwriter and record producer) -
    Ginuwine (singer, songwriter, dancer and actor) -
    Alex Paterson (musician; co-founder of The Orb) -

    Brenda K. Starr (R&B, dance, pop and salsa singer-songwriter) -
    Don Stevenson (drummer, singer and songwriter; Moby Grape) -
    Chris Andrews (singer-songwriter) -

    Jere Burns (actor) -
    Mathieu Demy (actor, film director and producer) -
    John Getz (actor) -

    Matt Keeslar (actor) -
    Linda Lavin (actress and singer) -
    Bailee Madison (actress) -

    Vanessa Marcil (actress) -
    Vincent Martella (actor, voice actor and singer) -
    Brandon Jay McLaren (actor) -

    Chris Olivero (actor) -
    Zak Orth (actor) -
    Tanya Roberts (Victoria Leigh Blum; actress and producer) -

    those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Marv Johnson (Marvin Earl Johnson; 1938-1993; R&B and soul singer) -

    Mickey Baker (MacHouston Baker; 1925-2012; R&B, jazz and rock guitarist; Mickey & Sylvia) -

    Nellie Lutcher (1912-2007; R&B and jazz singer, and pianist) -
    Victoria Spivey (1906-1976; blues singer and songwriter) -
    Fela Kuti (1938-1997; musician, composer and activist) -

    Penny Marshall (Carole Penny Marshall; 1943-2018; actress, director and producer; Laverne DeFazio on 'Laverne & Shirley') -

    Peter Haskell (1934-2010; actor) -
    Jean Peters (1926-2000; actress) -
    Mark Lenard (1924-1996; actor)-

    Nigel Green (1924-1972; actor)-
    Jan Miner (1917-2004; actress) -
    Bruna Castagna (1905-1983; opera singer) -
    (some sources state 1896 as year of birth)

    Fritz Feld (1900-1993; actor) -
    Melville Cooper (1896-1973; actor) -
    Ina Claire (1893-1985; actress) -

    P.G. Wodehouse (1881-1975; author; 'Jeeves') -
    Jane Darwell (1879-1967; actress) -
    Helen Ware (1877-1939; actress) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 15th.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    r&b, i had to look that one up. Sure enough.......there she is in the cast!! It's been ages since i've seen that movie!!
    moe,as a producer myself,i had to know that one[hehe]i may have a halloween flick in the works for you...trick or treat-boo!!!

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    October 16th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I feel the progress of the disease in my case is unusual because of my mental attitude.

    I am a supremely happy woman.

    I have never been beautiful, but I have been blessed with a rich career, and the love of two fine men.

    The strength I have found in the devotion of my dear Paul is beyond measure."

    - Alice Pearce.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Sugar Pie DeSanto (Peylia Marsema Balinton; R&B singer) -

    Carla Benson (R&B/soul singer; 'The Sweethearts Of Sigma') -

    Bill Johnson (R&B singer; Sam & Bill) -

    Fred Turner (rock bassist; founding member of Bachman-Turner Overdrive) -
    Dave Hynes (rock drummer; Spencer Davis Group) -

    Dave Lovelady (beat and pop drummer and vocalist; The Fourmost) -
    Gary Kemp (guitarist, singer, songwriter and actor; Spandau Ballet) -

    Bob Weir (songwriter and rhythm guitarist; The Grateful Dead) -
    Wendy Wilson (singer and songwriter; Wilson Phillips) -
    Simon Bartholomew (guitarist; Brand New Heavies) -

    John Mayer (singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer) -
    Bob Mould (guitarist, vocalist and songwriter) -
    Flea (Michael Peter Balzary; bassist, singer and actor; Red Hot Chili Peppers) -
    Inna (Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu; singer and songwriter) -

    Angela Lansbury (Angela Brigid Lansbury; actress) -
    Pamela Bach (Pamela Ann Weissenbach; actress) -
    Randall Batkinoff (actor) -

    Trevor Blumas (actor and singer-songwriter) -
    Peter Bowles (actor) -
    Barry Corbin (actor) -

    Jeremy Jackson (actor and singer) -
    Hema Malini (actress, writer, director, producer, dancer and politician) -

    Kellie Martin (actress) -
    Fernanda Montenegro (actress) -
    Misty Mundae (Erin DeWright, later Brown; aka Sadie Lane; actress) -

    Tim Robbins (actor, screenwriter, director, producer and musician) -
    Eileen Ryan (Eileen Rose Annucci; actress) -
    Caterina Scorsone (actress) -

    Guy Siner (actor) -
    Martha Smith (actress, model and real estate broker) -
    Suzanne Somers (actress, author, singer, businesswoman and health spokesperson) -
    Todd Stashwick (actor) -

    Morgan Stevens (actor) -
    Michael Tylo (actor) -
    Terri J. Vaughan (Terri Juanita Vaughn; actress) -
    Kim Wayans (actress, director and producer) -

    David Zucker (film director, producer and screenwriter) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Cordell 'Boogie' Mosson (1952-2013; bass guitarist; Parliament-Funkadelic) -

    Big Joe Williams (1903-1982; Delta blues guitarist, singer and songwriter) -

    Henry Lewis (1932-1996; double bassist and orchestral conductor) -

    Emile Ford (1937-2016; musician and singer; Emile Ford & the Checkmates) -
    Linda Darnell (1923-1965; actress) -
    Max Bygraves (1922-2012; comedian and singer) -

    Ann Morgan Guilbert (1928-2016; actress) -
    Nico (1938-1988; singer, songwriter and musician) -
    Michael Conrad (1925-1983; actor) -
    Bert Kaempfert (1923-1980; orchestral leader and songwriter) -

    Stoney Cooper (1918-1977; country singer and musician) -
    Alice Pearce (1917-1966; actress; Gladys Kravitz on 'Bewitched') -
    Rex Bell (1903-1962; actor and politician) -
    Wild Bill Elliott (1904-1965; actor) -

    Lloyd Corrigan (1900-1969; actor, producer, screenwriter and director) -
    Eugene O'Neill (1888-1953; playwright and Nobel laureate in literature) -
    Clem Bevans (1879-1963; actor) -
    Oscar Wilde (1854-1900; poet and playwright) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 16th.

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    October 17th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Thank you so much for the interest you've taken.

    I'm an unfamiliar name to most of the public.

    My name wouldn't be known to most people today.

    Some of my films are still going around, and if they are learning about me for the first time, then that is wonderful."

    Marsha Hunt,
    interview with MovieMaker, on reaching 100 years of age; 2017.
    (from same year, check out: Classic Movie Hub - A Morning With Marsha Hunt)

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III; rapper and lyricist) -
    Wyclef Jean (singer, songwriter; The Fugees) -
    Jim Seals (fiddler and guitarist; Seals & Crofts) -

    Gary Puckett (singer; Union Gap) -
    Jim Tucker (rhythm guitarist; The Turtles) -
    Alan Howard (bassist; The Tremeloes) -

    Ziggy Marley (David Nesta Marley; reggae singer; Melody Makers) -
    Alan Jackson (country musician) -
    Chris Kirkpatrick (singer) -

    ************************************************** *********

    Marsha Hunt
    (Marcia Virginia Hunt; retired actress, model and activist,
    today celebrating her 103rd Birthday).

    Now probably the oldest surviving actress from the Golden Age Of Hollywood.

    "I just remembered, I have an appointment with a headache."

    Marsha Hunt, as Martha Gray, in 'Smash-Up, The Story Of A Woman', 1947.

    ************************************************** *********

    Alimi Ballard (actor) -
    Dee Jay Daniels (actor) -
    Mark Gatiss (actor, comedian, screenwriter and novelist) -

    Wood Harris (Sherwin David Harris; actor) -
    Felicity Jones (actress) -
    Erin Karpluk (actress and producer) -

    Sharon Leal (actress and singer) -
    Chris Lowell (actor) -
    Matthew Macfadyen (actor) -

    Michael McKean (actor, comedian and musician) -
    Vincent Van Patten (actor) -
    George Wendt (actor and comedian) -

    Mae Jemison (physician and NASA astronaut; the first African-American woman to travel in space) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Margot Kidder (Margaret Ruth Kidder; 1948-2018; actress and activist) -

    Cozy Cole (William Randolph Cole; 1909-1981; jazz drummer) -
    Barney Kessel (1923-2004; jazz guitarist) -

    Jeanne Deckers (Jeanne-Paule 'Jeannine' Marie Deckers; 'Soeur Sourire/Sister Smile' - 'The Singing Nun'; 1933-1985; 'Dominique') -

    Julie Adams (Betty May Adams; 1926-2019; actress) -

    Michael Hossack (Michael 'Big Mike' Joseph Hossack; 1946-2012; rock drummer; The Doobie Brothers) -

    Rico Rodriguez (Emmanuel Rodriguez; 1934-2015; ska and reggae trombonist; The Specials; Jools Holland R&B Orchestra) -

    Rita Hayworth (Margarita Carmen Cansino; 1918-1987; actress) -

    Montgomery Clift (Edward Montgomery Clift; 1920-1966; actor) -

    Irene Ryan (Jessie Irene Noblitt; 1902-1973; actress; Daisy May 'Granny' Moses on 'The Beverly Hillbillies') -

    Sam Bottoms (Samuel John Bottoms; 1955-2008; actor and producer) -

    Howard E. Rollins, Jr. (Howard Ellsworth Rollins, Jr.; 1950-1996; actor) -
    Zulu (Gilbert Francis Lani Damian Kauhi; aka 'Zoulou'; 1937-2004; actor) -
    Beverly Garland (Beverly Lucy Garland, formerly Fessenden; 1926-2008, actress) -

    Tom Poston (Thomas Gordon Poston; 1921-2007; actor) -
    Arthur Miller (Arthur Asher Miller; 1915-2005; playwright and essayist) -
    Robert Lowery (Robert Lowery Hanks; 1913-1971; actor) -

    Marian Marsh (Violet Ethelred Krauth; 1913-2006; actress) -
    John Marley (Mortimer Marlieb; 1907-1984; actor) -
    Jean Arthur (Gladys Georgianna Greene; 1900-1991; actress) -
    Spring Byington (Spring Dell Byington; 1886-1971; actress) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 17th.
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    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    And Donnie Dunagan, who plays her character's son Peter, was the voice of young Bambi (1942)...

    But then, you knew that, didn't you.....
    What do you think?

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    Well Moe, I'm just thinking 'Who needs Alexa?...'

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    October 18th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "If you phone a psychic, and she doesn't answer the phone before it rings, hang up."

    - Jean-Claude Van Damme.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Wynton Marsalis (Wynton Learson Marsalis; jazz musician and composer) -
    Curtis Stigers (jazz singer, saxophonist, guitarist and songwriter) -

    Russ Giguere (rock vocalist, percussionist and guitarist; The Association) -
    Cheryl 'Pepsii' Riley (Cheryl Bridget Riley; R&B and soul singer and actress) -
    Vickie Winans (Viviane Bowman; gospel singer) -

    Mark Morriss (Mark James Morriss; indie rock singer-songwriter; The Bluetones) -
    Joe Egan (rock singer-songwriter; Stealer's Wheel) -
    Baby Bash (Ronald Ray Bryant; hip hop rapper and R&B singer) -
    Ne-Yo (Shaffer Chimere Smith; R&B, pop and hip hop singer-songwriter, record producer, actor and dancer) -

    Cynthia Weil (songwriter) -

    Zac Efron (Zachary David Alexander Efron; actor and singer) -
    Jean-Claude Van Damme (Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg; actor, screenwriter, film producer and director) -
    Corinne Bohrer (actress) -

    Pam Dawber (Pamela Dawber; actress, producer and singer) -
    Arliss Howard (Leslie Richard Howard; actor, writer and film director) -
    Wesley Jonathan (Wesley Jonathan Waples; actor) -

    Rick Moody (Hiram Frederick Moody III; novelist and short story teller) -
    Joe Morton (Joseph Thomas Morton, Jr; actor) -
    Freida Pinto (Frieda Selena Pinto; actress) -

    Tyler Posey (Tyler Garcia Posey; actor and musician) -
    Vincent Spano (Vincent M. Spano; actor) -
    Dawn Wells (Dawn Elberta Wells; actress) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Chuck Berry (Charles Edward Anderson Berry; 1918-2017; rock and roll singer, songwriter and musician) -

    Ronnie Bright (Ronald David Bright; 1938-2015; R&B and doo wop singer; The Valentines; The Cadillacs; The Coasters; bass voice on 'Mr Bass Man' by Johnny Cymbal) -

    Laura Nyro (Laura Nigro; 1947-1997; R&B, pop and jazz songwriter, singer and pianist) -
    Anita O'Day (Anita Belle Colton; 1919-2006; singer-songwriter) -
    Annette Hanshaw (Catherine Annette Hanshaw; 1901-1985; jazz singer) -

    Gary Richrath (Gary Dean Richrath; 1949-2015; hard rock guitarist and songwriter; REO Speedwagon) -
    George C. Scott (George Campbell Scott; 1927-1999; actor) -
    Miriam Hopkins (Ellen Miriam Hopkins; 1902-1972; actress) -

    Erin Moran (Erin Marie Moran-Fleischmann; 1960-2017; actress) -
    Inger Stevens (Ingrid Stensland; 1934-1970; actress) -
    Klaus Kinski (Klaus Gunter Karl Nakszynski; 1926-1991; actor) -

    Melina Mercouri (Maria Amalia Mercouri; 1920-1994; actress) -
    Om Puri (Om Prakash Puri; 1950-2017; actor) -
    Bobby Troup (Robert William Troup, Jr; 1918-1999; actor, jazz pianist, singer and songwriter) -

    Victor Sen Yung (Sen Yew Cheung; 1915-1980; actor) -
    Lotte Lenya (Karoline Wilhelmine Charlotte Blamauer; 1898-1981; singer) -
    Peter Boyle (Peter Lawrence Boyle, Jr; 1935-2006; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 18th.
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    October 19th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "The ('Imitation Of Life') Oscar prestige was fine, but I worked more before I was nominated.

    Casting directors think an Oscar nominee is suddenly in another category.

    They couldn't possibly ask you to do one or two day's work.

    You wouldn't accept it.

    And I'm sure I would."

    - Juanita Moore.

    If this is your Birthday,
    you are sharing it with:

    Gloria Jones (Gloria Richetta Jones; R&B/soul singer - also songwriter, often credited as LaVerne Ware) -

    Wilbert Hart (R&B/soul singer; co-founding member of The Delfonics) -

    Jennifer Holliday (Jennifer Yvette Holliday; R&B, soul and pop singer and actress) -

    George McCrae (George Warren McCrae, Jr; soul and disco singer) -

    Jeannie C. Riley (Jeanne Carolyn Stephenson; country and gospel singer) -
    Patrick Simmons (rock and pop guitarist; founding member of The Doobie Brothers) -
    Keith Reid (Keith Stuart Brian Reid; lyricist and songwriter; Procol Harum) -

    Daniel Woodgate (Daniel Mark Woodgate, aka 'Woody'; ska drummer, songwriter, composer and record producer; Madness) -
    Sinitta (Sinitta Malone; singer, songwriter, television producer and dancer) -
    Annie Golden (actress and punk singer; The Shirts) -

    Pras (Pras Michel; rapper, record producer, songwriter and actor; founding member of The Fugees) -
    Michael Gambon (Michael John Gambon; actor) -
    Roger Cross (actor) -

    Sunny Deol (Ajay Singh Deol; actor, director and producer) -
    Jon Favreau (Jonathan Favreau; actor) -
    Omar Gooding (Omar Miles Gooding, Sr; aka 'Big O'; actor) -
    Desmond Harrington (actor) -

    Chris Kattan (Christopher Lee Kattan; actor, comedian and author) -
    John Lithgow (John Arthur Lithgow; actor, musician, poet, author and singer) -
    Tony Lo Bianco (Anthony LoBianco; actor) -
    Benjamin Salisbury (Benjamin David Salisbury; actor) -

    John Le Carre (David John Moore Cornwell; novelist) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Sharon Redd (1945-1992; R&B and house singer, and actress ) -
    Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead; 1945-1988; actor, singer and drag queen) -
    Juanita Moore (1914-2014; actress) -

    LaWanda Page (Alberta Peal; 1920-2002; actress and comedian) -
    Peter Tosh (Winston Hubert McIntosh; 1944-1987; reggae musician) -
    Dave Guard (Donald David Guard; 1934-1991; folk singer, songwriter and arranger; The Kingston Trio) -

    Simon Ward (Simon Anthony Fox Ward; 1942-2012; actor) -
    George Nader (1921-2002; actor) -
    Robert Beatty (Robert Rutherford Beatty; 1909-2992; actor) -
    Robert Reed (John Robert Rietz, Jr; 1932-1992; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 19th.

  18. #5168
    October 20th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Do something you really like, and hopefully it pays the rent.

    As far as I'm concerned, that's success."

    - Tom Petty.

    If this is your Birthday, you are sharing it with:

    Our fellow Soulful Detroit member, Theboyfromxtown.

    Happy Birthday, Theboyfromxtown...and hope you have had a great day!

    - also -

    Snoop Dogg (rapper and actor) -
    Jess Glynne (singer) -
    Mark King (bassist and vocalist; Level 42) -

    Jay Siegel (doo wop vocalist; The Tokens) -
    Al Greenwood (keyboardist; Foreigner) -
    Ricky Byrd (guitarist; Joan Jett & The Blackhearts) -
    Dannii Minogue (singer and songwriter) -

    Wanda Jackson (rockabilly singer) -
    Nick Hodgson (drummer, vocalist and lyricist; Kaiser Chiefs) -
    Paul Wilson (bass guitarist; Snow Patrol) -
    John Carter (singer and producer; The Ivy League) -

    Dolores Hart (actress and Roman Catholic Benedictine nun) -
    Jennifer Freeman (actress) -

    John Krasinski (actor) -
    Niall Matter (actor) -
    Melanie Mayron (actress) -

    Viggo Mortensen (actor) -
    William Russ (actor) -
    Eric Scott (actor) -

    Timothy West (actor) -
    Sam Witwer (actor) -
    George Wyner (actor) -
    William Zabka (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have now passed away:

    Tom Petty (1950-2017; guitarist and vocalist; Traveling Wilburys; The Heartbreakers) -

    Jelly Roll Morton (1890-1941; ragtime and early jazz pianist, bandleader and composer) -
    (some sources state 1885 as year of birth) -

    Fayard Nicholas (1914-2006; tap dancer; The Nicholas Brothers) -

    Enolia Pettigen McMillan (1904-2006; educator, civil rights activist, community leader and first national president of NAACP) -

    Adelaide Hall (1901-1993; jazz singer and entertainer) -
    Eddie Harris (1934-1996; jazz saxophonist) -
    Kathy Kirby (1939-2011; singer) -

    Bill Nunn (1953-2016; actor) -
    William Christopher (1932-2016; actor) -
    Stuart Hamblen (1908-1989; country, cowboy and gospel singer) -

    Grandpa Jones (1913-1998; country music singer) -
    Jeff Mackay (1948-2008; actor) -
    Earl Hindman (1943-2003; actor) -

    Noreen Corcoran (1943-2016; actress) -
    Jerry Orbach (1935-2004; actor) -
    Michael Dunn (1934-1973; actor) -

    Herschel Bernardi (1923-1986; actor) -
    John Anderson (1922-1992; actor) -
    Anton Diffring (1918-1989; actor) -

    Barney Phillips (1913-1982; actor) -
    Will Rogers, Jr. (1911-1993; actor) -
    Arlene Francis (1907-2001; actress) -

    Anna Neagle (1904-1986; actress) -
    Marian Nixon (1904-1983; actress) -
    Evelyn Brent (1901-1975; actress) -

    Addison Richards (1902-1964; actor) -
    Margaret Dumont (1882-1965; actress) -
    Bela Lugosi (1882-1956; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 20th.
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