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    "A Change is Gonna Come" question

    Hi guys! Someone will solve this mystery for me right away I am sure. I was in a restaurant today and they were playing some great oldies in the background. I heard a very long (probably 7 minutes or more) version of A Change is Gonna Come by a soulful female voice but I just could not tell who it was.

    It had a long musical intro, to the point that it kept you guessing what song it was going to be. Then at various times there were other musical solos such as a lengthy piano and I think maybe even a string solo. As for the voice, it somewhat resembled Bettye Lavette, but I don't think it was her.

    I know this song has been covered a lot but the length of this version might be the thing that helps it stand out. Any ideas as to who it might have been?

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    thomas96 Guest
    Was it a live version or studio?

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    Could it be Tina Turner?
    4:46 studio - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6S-CrZgqhE
    6:54 live - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1pk6E8K9ZE

    Definitely has the Bettye Lavette sound. Longer intro on the studio version.


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    Of course it's Tina!

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    Hmmmm, could be. I can usually recognize Tina, but at the relatively low volume and with restaurant noises to contend with, it could have been her and I might not have picked up on it.


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