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    Classic Instrumental Jams

    Hey everyone! Below is a link to my article some of the many classic instrumental jams of all time. Hope you enjoy!http://soultrain.com/2015/03/30/clas...rumental-jams/

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    Every one of your picks are spot on! I also see that you've focused on the late 60s and the 70s. hard to beat "Soulful Strut" by The Young-Holt Unlimited, "T.S.O.P. [[The Sound Of Philadelphia)" by MFSB, or "Love's Theme" by the Love Unlimited Orchestra.

    I'm not sure of how "classic" they are, but my picks would include:

    Honky-Tonk Part 1 & 2 - The James Brown Soul Train
    Twine-Time - Elvin Cash & The Crawlers
    Green Onions - Booker T. & The M.G.'s
    Time Is Tight - Booker T. & The M.G.'s
    The Hustle - Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony
    Sexy - MFSB
    Brazil - The Ritchie Family

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    Thanks Soulster! All of your picks are on point as well. I wish I had more room for those songs for my article.

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    I am glad to be included on that list. Thank you.

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    Great compilation, but I really missed seeing 'Pick Up the Pieces' on your list, funkyone71. I like all of your songs and love most of them, but AWB laid it down on a track for the ages and my personal list would have included it. I recognize it is a great amount of music to sort down.

    Good job!

    Oh, and when I was a high school senior, this one tore it up at the teen clubs where I partied:
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    And here is the one that we blew up in my junior year:

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    I swear I'm not hijacking the thread, but this brought soooo many good memories to me. This one just came to mind as well:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Oz View Post
    Great compilation, but I really missed seeing 'Pick Up the Pieces' on your list, funkyone71.
    Oh, good one! I can't believe I forgot that, and i'm a huge AWB fan!

    Awesome! "For Those Who Like To Groove" That came out the year I graduated.

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    There are a lot of more obscure ones, as well. When I think of 'jams', I tend to avoid songs that I consider to be jazz records [[like "Breezin'") and there are some that just stick out. I used to love Clarke/Duke Project's 'Wild Dog', Pleasure's 'Law of the Raw', Pieces of a Dream's 'Mount Airy Groove', Roy Ayers' 'Betcha Gonna', and Con Funk Shun's 'Play Widit'. All of these songs are playing through my head as I'm typing their titles.

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    See, I would include "Breezin'" in that list. Disco, too, obviously. And, why not some rock, like "Frankenstein" by The Edgar Winter Group, or "Dance With The Devil" by Cozy Powell?

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    Why not? And to go a little further, 'Beat Box' and 'Close To The Edit' by Art of Noise?

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