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    Mabel John in Spain

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    This was great. Good stage presence! Does anyone know where I read a decent biography on her career. How old is she now?

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    The Sister of Little Willie John, Mable John became the lead singer of Ray Charles’s
    Raylettes. Mable was born on the 3rd November 1930 in Bastrop, Louisiana but the family soon moved to Detroit as many did attracted by full time work and good pay on the automobile production lines.

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    Wow Miss Mabel is in mid 80's. She must have taken care of herself. Good voice.

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    Wow...Mable is having fun up there and still sounding good in her 80's! God bless her!

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    The First Lady of Tamla still sounds good.

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    Well done, and great to see Mable on stage.

    After being a guest on his radio show, Mable appeared here on UK BBC on Jools Holland's Hootenanny show on New Year's Eve, 2008 (?).

    Sang "No Matter How She Done It", in close-up, sat on the piano stool, while Jools played.

    Mable, is still very able!

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    Mable has more energy than me, lol, at age 85 she spoke a long time at Jimmy''s Memorial and told me she was going to a concert in N.J. later that night!!

    Mable with me at Jimmy's NY. Memorial ~
    PHOTO would not post. LOL........


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    The very one! Thanks to tbfxt for doing that, and saving me time. LOL

    Hope it interests anyone who may not have seen it before.


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