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    The Electrifying Mojo - Looking for Playlists

    Hi Motown Forumers. Not quite Motown, but I am assisting some bona fide scholars doing a Detroit musical scene study. They are trying to find some The Electrifying Mojo play lists from the Midnight Funk Association days.

    They would also like to meet with him or know of his whereabouts. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    As to be expected they are acquainted with his wiki and real name.

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    For reference from previous DetroitYES discussion:
    Midnight Funk Association
    Great Article I Found About The History Of Black Radio In Detroit

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    Oh I use to listen to Mojo [[1979-81) on WGPR. He RULED Detroit at night! Somewhere, in a box, in storage unit under many other boxes are a couple of very old cassette tapes that I taped a few of his programs on. A lot of people would tape his shows. He was masterful in the way he would combine his uniquely creative dialogue with special extended mixes of music. His show was the first time I heard Eddie Grant's "Front Line". Mojo often played The Time, Kraftwerk, Parliament/Funkadeliac among others.



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