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    Cool Supremes Front Page of AOL

    How the Supremes got famous. Love from Susaye

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    So nice to see this. Not nearly enough celebration of the group. Even though it focused mainly on the original group, it was nice to see all of the lineups in pictures-including the last supreme Susaye Greene

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    I must agree, Jim; it is nice to see everyone included. Especially in an AOL Feature story.

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    It's a nice capsule summary for those who might be totally unfamiliar with the group. I did take exception to the interspersion of DRATS photos with Supremes photos. The creator of the piece could easily have stuck to the actual timeline on that. Also, when Mary mentioned Betty McGlown, a photo of Barbara Martin appears, but perhaps for some reason he or she couldn't get rights to a photo of the group with Betty [[although there's one all over the place on the web). Also, Lynda, Scherrie and Susaye should have at least been mentioned by name along with quick head-shots. Those items notwithstanding, it's still a good overview.

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    The Supremes, front and center, honey!

    Overall it's a good "Supremes 101". Of course it's easy to be critical of features like this; I've seen worse. Nice to hear mention of Barbara.....and naturally, it would have been nice to acknowledge Lynda, Scherrie and Susaye by name. But I suppose it's tough to fit 50+ years of legacy into a 3 minute clip.

    Like BigAl mentioned, there were a few photos out of place; a Diana Ross in "Lady Sings the Blues", etc.

    Does anyone know when the interview with Mary took place? Looks fairly recent?

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    supremester Guest
    I agree with Al, in a piece like this, all real Supremes should get mentioned.

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