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    Dorothy Ashby Information Request To People Who Knew Dorothy Ashby

    My name is Christopher and I run two web locations that are about the legendary Detroit jazz harpist, Dorothy Ashby. One is called "The Dorothy Ashby Legacy Photograph Collection" at Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/muycoo...7626517854229/ The other site is called "Dorothy Ashby: Jazz Harp Genius and More!" at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dorot...8547123?ref=hl I am trying to gather more information about Dorothy Ashby especially about the early Motown albums that she played on as a session musician. Any personal or professional data that anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

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    Christopher - This link might possibly lead you to some leads or contacts:


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    I know Destiny via email already but thank you very much for the reply!

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    I have no personal data or other information about Dorothy Ashby, my second favorite
    jazz harpist after Alice Coltrane but I am very happy that someone has decided to devote
    time and space on the web in tribute to her. I like what Destiny Muhammad is doing too
    but I have to say Brandee Younger has captivated me for some time now. I think Alice
    herself would be impressed with these talented young women and I'll be watching their
    careers as long as I'm able...

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    Brandee Younger just recently released a live cd and download on which she plays three Dorothy Ashby tunes. It is called "The Brandee Younger 4tet Live @ The Breeding Ground " and it is available at

    Harpist Destiny Muhammad will perform a tribute to jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby and flutist Frank Wess on Saturday June 21, 2014 at the Musically Minded Academy located at 5776 Broadway, Oakland, California, 94618 The link is at http://rockridge_9585.localon.com/event/36621

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    Without having heard a track yet I know I want the Brandee live cd for her backing musicians
    alone. Stacy Dillard is the truth and Dezron Douglas is no joke either. Thanks for the heads up!....

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