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    The Funk Brothers should've released their own material...

    I'm kinda upset... because I listened to several recordings featuring just the Funk Brothers. Man they were just so damn good [[as already stated millions of times) that it wouldn't have hurt Motown to help them release their own albums. I know Motown was about building artists [[one at a time lol) but it seemed as if Motown was really lazy in even doing that. I think had the Funks released their own stuff, they would've been stiff competition for Stax's Booker T. & the MG's. I know Earl Van Dyke released his own albums but they could've been Earl Van Dyke and the Funk Brothers and got more fame than they got during their heyday. Just my honest opinion, what do y'all think?

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    Unless i'm mistaken, they did release an album or two in the late 60s.

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    The Twistin Kings..wasnt that the Funk Brothers also?

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    yup Paulo the Twistin Kings were The Funk Brothers...

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    Hmm, that has me wondering this too: when were they naming themselves the Funk Brothers? Since most of the members founded the group in '59 when Mickey Stevenson discovered them and all...

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    ..the name Funk brothers stuck in the late '60s..coined by Stevenson...

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