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    Thumbs up Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover demo (Head Title)

    Like he said, he sung from his soul. In other words he kept it real here. Love his improvising on this track. DAMN.

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    No doubt ,a peek into the workings of a , no ,the workings behind one of the baddest Mothers in the bizness.
    OMG , this is genius ,documented. This is why and how he is the genius that he is ,not was, is. OMG. In your friggin face. Here it is!!! You a liar if you can't feel this in your heart!!!!!

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    uptight Guest
    I've been wondering who the woman is screaming on the left channel. Is it the same voice that growls, "Brotha, brotha...!" on "God Is Love?"

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    ^ I think that's Marvin screaming on the left channel.

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    uptight Guest
    Okay, since no one else is credited, I will accept that. Weird, though.

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    "Head Title" audio used in the YouTube clip was "extracted" from the 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of What's Going On. Although it's got the backing track eventually used for "Distant Lover," released in 1973, it was included on the WGO 2-CD set because it was initially cut during the time Marvin was telling Motown he would not record for them as long he was not allowed to have "What's Going On" be his next single release. He was, however, recording for himself, and was as self-aware as usual: "I know I'm supposed to have a new record out about now..."

    The package's booklet notes have all the credits you're looking for: that's Elgie Stover interjecting (uh, yelling) on the track. The female voice at the end is Denise Gordy. All info direct from Steve Smith, the recording engineer at the session.

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    Priceless........got to dig it out......

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    AHHH! Thanks hwume.

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    I guessed it was probably a female Gordy speaking but I didn't know who.

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    "He was, however, recording for himself, and was as self-aware as usual: "I know I'm supposed to have a new record out about now..."

    That is the whole reason behind ,my belief in ,the fact that Marvin had tapes of his ideas and demo's and "semi finished materials" ,from that time period. Especially during the time he had his own studio. It was said he damn near lived in that studio. My question is ,what happened to the tapes that were in the studio when the I.R.S. siezed it for taxes owed??? Were there any tapes there.??? Are there any safety copies of them anywhere.
    My questions come from me viewing a crime scene picture on line of the bedroom where Marvin was shot. On the left hand side of the bed where Marvins body laid was a reel to reel machine with a tape on it and a reel sitting on the top of the machine. I always wondered ,what was on those reels of tape?.

    After Marvin blew up with W.G.O. ,L.G.I.O. and A.T.D. , he was pressured into providing more of the same cutting edge material. But how can you out -do yourself ,after you have established the cutting edge ,when what you have established is from your heart and soul. I think that the tax situation ,the "Superstar environment ",(acess to drugs ,yes men all around ),etc, drove Marvin into the same or deeper state of withdrawl he felt when Tammi got sick and died.
    Only this time it was the pressure to produce material from the Company , that set Marvin off. This was at a time where the previous albums from Marvin and Stevie ,set the bar for R&b/Soul and there were others coming up fast on what they (Marvin and Stevie) had built on. Truth is that Stevie and Marvin were rightfully in the "don't bug me , I'll give you shixx when it's ready ,this aint no factory',catagory of Artist. They had the balls and the independent studio's to back it up ,and they earned it.
    The whole expanded series of Marvin Gaye albums are well worth the price you may pay for them.

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    The whole expanded series of Marvin Gaye albums are well worth the price you may pay for them.
    Truer words have never been spoken, collectively they are a fitting testament to his genuis, from inception to conception to finished product, they are the rare and accomplished highlight of my music collection.

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    The combination of those expanded albums and the footage I've seen of Marvin from rare performances and documentaries
    has made me wish Marvin had been given John Coltrane-like studio freedom and support. Maybe things would have turned out better for him...

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    ^ I know... Marvin truly had more talent than Motown's staff was unable to credit him for. He practically was one of the people who helped to build that label from the beginning but they treated him like all the other Motown acts: as a meal ticket. It's unfortunate how all that pressure got to him but during 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, there were some magical sessions that showed he was capable of being more than a pop, R&B and/or soul artist.

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