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    Gamble & huff exclusive interview



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    I enjoyed that article. Thank you funkyone71

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    Thanks for the interview!

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    I enjoyed the interview also. Dee Dee Sharp was really responsible for getting Kenny into Cameo-Parkway records. He wrote and produced some records for her and then they, Gamble & Huff, did "The 81" for Candy & the Kisses. Kenny & Dee Dee also had a record shop in Philadelphia called Gamble Record Shop!

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    Randy, that's why I hope she was treated fairly (monetarily) when they divorced. She was the star when they met.

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    Jimmy & I were watching the DVD "Love Train" last night, although good wish there was more.

    Wish there was old footage of The Intruders, The O'Jays, & H.M. & The Blue Notes.

    It would also be nice to see some footage of Kenny singing at age 17 at Loretta's place.

    Wish there was footage of some of the shows at the Earl Theater & the Uptown!!


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    Very nice article but with the typical questions(nothing personal). I'd like to hear some different questions like why they haven't gotten a CD box set for The Intruders out for their fans. If they aren't already doing so, G&H should be working on their memoirs so their view of their own story won't be lost.

    Soul Sister, I'd sure like to see the other appearances The Intruders made on Soul Train besides the one with Bobby Star singing lead. I think they were on ST at least 3X.
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    That would be great. I'd like footage of The Intruders from 1966 doing their original songs like "United" from the Chitlin` Circit.


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    hI S.S., Little Sonny and the gang 1968....

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    Kenny Gamble talking about The Intruders, "My Favourite Group".......

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    Yes, I know this is Paul Simon's classic, but I think the Intruders and the fabulous arrangement by Lenny Pakula for MFSB are just beautiful...... the instrumentation is awesome...

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    I agree with Kenny Gamble, we loved, loved the Intruders in Philly. As a matter of fact, Nosey is going to spill the tea, two girls from Baltimore, Mary and Alice left husbands, kids to come to Philly to live with Phil & Bird. I know because I was in that particular circle of girls back in '69. Didn't care for them as they "went for bad" and they didn't last long either! Scandalous, just scandalous!

    Great group who actually sang on their records!

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    Thanks MIKE_UK.

    WOW, Nosey,
    Leaving their husband's is one thing but abondoning their kids!! BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At the Howard Theater they had a bassist named "E.J." he had his girlfriend there with him.
    We all rode together from the Pitt Hotel to the Theater with The Intruders in their station wagon, I think Howard Tate was in the car too.
    Do you remember "E.J."?


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    Soul Sister, I didn't know the guys personally and was at a party just once with them. Little Sonny was such a funny guy and EVERYBODY gravitated towards him.

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    Thanks, Nosey.


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    Don't stop now. The Intruders and Archie Bell & The Drells are tied for the top of my list of favorite male groups of all time (The Tempts come in after that). So please offer more insight and recollections of the group. I hardly know anything about them other that the basic information. Besides Little Sonny and Phil, I can't fit the names of the other two with their faces as I've never seen a photo that had all the group members identified. Besides Phil who is the other member still living and from the videos above please put the name and face together.

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    Thank you everyone for your comments about my article. Much appreciated!

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    Mr. June if you click on the Cowboys to Girls video Phil Terry is in the front, Robert "Big Sonny" Edwards is in the middle and Eugene "Bird" Daughtry is in the rear. The only two living are the first two mentioned and they are died in the wool Jehovah's Witnesses now belonging to the same Hall from what I've been told.

    When Phil & Big Sonny decided to drop out "Bird" attempted to carry on with his version of the Intruders; however, Phil & Sonny "gave their blessing" to a group of Intruders who perform to this day. (Bird died in the late 90s or early 2000s.) A while back on this forum there was a minor "dust up" between a member of the Phyllies Intruders (Bird's group) and an advocate of Phil & Sonny's protégé's by the name of Man of Music aka MOM! I've heard both versions of the Intruders sing and I like the Phyllies Intruders sound better.

    As a side note: I recently called MOM out of curiosity (his phone number was on a flyer) as he's giving an affair in Philly in November and I'll be there at that time. Don't know if I'm going as I'm not paying $25.00 for an oldies party! Also I "friended" him on Facebook and told him to come on back to the forum. Trust me, MOM is still who he is and nobody better eff with him!

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    Thanks for that information Nosey. After all these years I finally know (lol). That happens a lot though. You see a picture of a group you like but they don't list the names to go with the faces.

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