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    True Story

    I was working the desk at the Radisson Saginaw--1980, when I had a walk-in, when I checked his licence I looked up and said, "are you the Tyrone Davis" and he had a big smile and said that he was. I...
  2. Great song , they were both at their best,...

    Great song , they were both at their best, Indestructible is a great album that should have been a much bigger success.
  3. Smokey Robinson - Indestructible

    Although a bit of a cameo, it was great to hear two of the finest voices in music on the same record.
  4. Love this quote

    "Yes, all lives do matter, but they only matter when black lives matter too."

    So inclusive, brings everyone together, way to go Stevie.
  5. It helps when you write your own stuff

    Makes sense when you write your own stuff like Smokey, one of my all time written songs by Smokey is Still Waters, what a great song
  6. Just Losing You


    Such a beautiful song, this should have been a big hit, love it.
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    They got it right with the Four Tops and all of...

    They got it right with the Four Tops and all of the Motown acts, but hard to think that The Miracles and Drifters would not be in the top 10.
    I would also make a case for the Dells, Stylistics ,...
  8. Good points

    I also am a big fan of Save the Children another Obie song, that to me should be the song that is playing now, even more so than Whats Going On- that is a song with so much love for the future of...
  9. Glad you enjoyed it

    Well I really wish I saw the same film you saw, just did not do it for me. To each his own. I was a big fan of Cooley High and the great Motown soundtrack that they had throughout ,and that film ...
  10. And yes I did pick up on the Temps as soon as the...

    And yes I did pick up on the Temps as soon as the french girl mentioned Motown, that was a nice shout out.
  11. Cardboard

    I am a big fan of Spike, but from the get go, just was shocked, I thought maybe it was because I was watching it on Netflex vs. at the movies, so I went to Rotten Tomatoes to see what type of...
  12. Marvin was the one good thing in the movie

    I just finish watching Spikes movie, I was stunned at how poorly written, acted and directed it was, I am shocked this came from the same guy who did Do the Right Thing, The Klansman, Inside Man,...
  13. Agree with U J. James Jamerson and Benny were the Motown sound

    Thanks for sharing, nice tribute
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    That is how I remembeer it

    I was at a conference in New Orleans in the early 2000 time period and Smokey was the feature entertainment and he introduced Marv in the exact same way as the video , it was very cool, although...
  15. And for the record James Brown's wife set fire to...

    And for the record James Brown's wife set fire to a hotel in New Hampshire that I was working at. No major damages mostly smoke, he was very apologetic and paid the damage right on the spot.
  16. Warren, Michgan

    When the Funk Brothers were touring after the movie came out, I took my son to their concert in D.C. , everyone was there including Dr. Licks and I brought my book along and I had them all sign it,...
  17. Without the one you love

    I could have sworn they were saying Like a bar of soap needs a kid, makes sense, but thought i would check it out a few years a go and realized it was like a lost soul needs a friend
  18. Thanks for sharing

    Can never get enough musical history of the Funk Brothers.
  19. Reach Out is number one

    He almost got it right, and he probably would have selected a month ago, but due to what is happening now a choice that I can agree with. My favorite comments was on What Does It Take, brought chills...
  20. Thread: 4 Tops Biography

    by tmd

    Agree Susan would be a great choice, and the...

    Agree Susan would be a great choice, and the great Dave Marsh- who was a major Levi fan.Nelson George would also be a great choice.
  21. Only one Levi Stubbs

    As much as love the Temptations they did not hold a candle to Levi, you don't replace him. It is just a cover group now, I asked Duke if he ever sang lead on a song and he said he had no desire,...
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    Thans for sharing

    Never heard this before , very nice, good to wake up to something new. Who wrote this, sounds like a Broadway song?
  23. James Jamerson Bass

    Love Jamerson's bass on the song, so good
  24. Thread: Four Tops question

    by tmd

    Well they change to Frankie Valli and the Four...

    Well they change to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and it sounded ok to me. Levi was the Four Tops, and it is amazing to me the lack of recognition he has had for being the greatest singer we...
  25. Where is Jr. Walker ?

    Oh, I forgot he has not been inducted. RRHOF do your job and induct the greatest sax player of all time into the hall. The man is a legend and my understanding of the hall of fame is to honor...
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