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  1. The Man Who Mastered Motown

    Many years ago, a posting on the SteveHoffman forum that praised John Matousek for the 'warm' and unadulterated sound that he achieved with his mastering started my quest to obtain Motown CDs...
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    We Dub Thee

    Santa made me hold out [[and be good) until Christmas Day until I got my 'Cellarful of Motown Vol. 5', but it was definitely worth the wait of a few months since its release date. All I can say is...
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    I'm not a fan of mono recordings (We've all got...

    I'm not a fan of mono recordings [[We've all got two ears so....), but I agree that the five Polygram era Motown Classic Hits CDs sound really good and are definitely worth collecting. They look...
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    My favorite Motown Compact Classic CD

    The favorite among my Motown Compact Classic CDs is definitely Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's Greatest Hits album. I've got other versions [[confession: I've got fifteen different Marvin and Tammi...
  5. Mcd09110md


    I don't wish to complicate things, but my copy of Motown Memories Vol.4 has MCD09110MD on the spine and on the front insert, but the back has been over-stickered with a new...
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    Compact Command Performances Mastered by John Matousek

    Here are the rather inconsistent mastering credits taken from the versions that I own:

    Commodores - 'Compiled by John Matousek'
    Duane Eddy - 'Compiled and mastered by John Matousek'
  7. Mysterysinger, my favorite tracks on that...

    Mysterysinger, my favorite tracks on that blinking album are ''When I'm Cleaning Windows'' by the Jackson 5 and ''Bless 'Em All'' by Martha Reeves and The Vandellas.
  8. A Questionable Release


    I'm a BIG fan of all the Marvin Gaye duet recordings, but I can't understand the rationale for either creating or releasing this product. If Universal said that they conducted some...
  9. Too Much Praise

    Very often Marvin Gaye gets more credit than he merits. I'm not in the 'Marvin was an all-round genius' camp. I like some of his output, but drugs and laziness played too big a part in his life for...
  10. Still Selling After All These Years


    OK, so sometimes it takes me a while to get round to buying 'new' releases, but the wait was worth it today when I got the Power Of Zeus 'The Gospel According To Zeus' CD. I had the album...
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    My Most Played Motown Albums


    As something to do during lockdown days, I took a pic of 30 of some of my very favorite Motown CD albums. They're the ones that get played many, many times all the way through! They all...
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    Woodward, Here's the January 1970 Tamla Motown...


    Here's the January 1970 Tamla Motown UK Catalogue issued to retail. It belongs to a keen Motown collector who kept this over the years and triumphantly added a check mark whenever he...
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    17312 (From The Motown Scrap Book) Barney...

    [[From The Motown Scrap Book)

    Barney Ales had vinyl in his veins. What a great life to have lived.
  14. I really treasure all my early '2 All Time Great...

    I really treasure all my early '2 All Time Great Classic Albums Now Digitally Mastered on 1 Compact Disc' and they form a big part of my collection. Everybody hears things differently, but I like...
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    A life dedicated to making music that lots of...

    A life dedicated to making music that lots of people appreciate is a well-spent one, and we can continue enjoying his legacy. My favorite has always been ''Rosa Lee [[Stay Off The Bell)! [[Miracle 4,...
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    His failures in life aside, Lawence T. Horn must...

    His failures in life aside, Lawence T. Horn must be the only Motowner who co-wrote and co-produced chart hits and also mastered his own works for CD release. [[An example: Junior Walker and the All...
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    Lester Says

    Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated
  18. A dream come true! Love Unlimited Orchestra is...

    A dream come true! Love Unlimited Orchestra is music perfection!
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    Keith, I would definitely buy a CD by the San...

    Keith, I would definitely buy a CD by the San Remo Strings! Out of all my Motown CD collection, I keep just one duplicate in a fireproof safe [[just in case!), and it's the San Remo Strings...
  20. Mo' Christmas!

    Yep, it sure is that time of year again, and I've now got over 50 of the Classic Motown Christmas CDs. Since there's no point in owning CDs unless you play and enjoy them, I've had at least two...
  21. Cindy Birdsong on the front cover of the Sunday Times Magazine

    Cindy Birdsong on the cover of the UK's prestigious Sunday Times Magazine, March 14 1971. From The Motown Scrapbook.

  22. Look What You Made Me Do


    Reading the posts about the Rare Earth label recordings on CD got me interested all over again! I once owned all the LPs on the Rare Earth label, and only retained a few when I got rid of...
  23. XIT 'Silent Warrior': Tom Baird


    Shout out, too, for the man with music running through his veins [[and Vancouver's finest), Tom Baird, who arranged the strings on ''We Live'', ''Awakening'', ''Birth'', ''Cement Prairie''...
  24. jack020, there is also a single CD version titled...

    jack020, there is also a single CD version titled 'Love’s Theme: The Best Of The 20th Century Records Singles' due to be released. The information is here:
  25. A radio and a record player

    When I was a kid, we often took a transistor radio with us so we could listen to the tunes wherever we hung out. I can remember my ears pricking up when I heard a catchy tune by what sounded like...
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