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  1. Should have Levi on a few cuts

    They need to do what they did with John Lennon and find some never released Levi songs and have them re worked with the current team. That would be very cool.
  2. Four Top movie

    Would love to see this, I know it would not have the same bang as the Temptation movie, due to the extreme characters of the Tempts. but could be a love story to the fellows. There would be some...
  3. A great chose

    I don't think any albums that are less than 25 years old should be considered. I doubt that most of these will stand the test of time, and the great albums get kicked off the list. Of course I would...
  4. were in the black

    Well here is a positive one that is said when you make a profit.
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    Roy Rodgers. George W Bush

    Roy looks a lot like George W Bush in this video
  6. Thread: Four Top experts

    by tmd

    Well I don't really think these songs qualify...

    Well I don't really think these songs qualify since they are pretty much in-house . But appreciate the comments.
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    Nice article

    Too bad that Berry did not keep Detroit open, should have allowed HDH to run the production out of Detroit, could have continue to make some great music, .
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    Never gives Motown the love

    I remember the first one he put out and there was no Motown love, very disappointing. I just watched a u- Tube video and his wife was the one who was there at the white house to introduce Smokey and...
  9. Thread: Four Top experts

    by tmd


    Sounds like I have Four Top experts stumped? Or maybe that is all there is.
  10. Thread: Four Top experts

    by tmd

    Four Top experts

    I know there are three songs that mention the Four Tops/ Levi Stubbs:

    - Levi Stubbs Tears- Billy Braggs
    - I Can't Help Myself- Orange Juice
    - Frenchette- David Johansen

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    Both were classics

    England really appreciated the Tops, more so then in the stated, I am still surprised that the Temptations were not bigger hit in England, what are your thoughts about that?
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    Agree about the Monkee songs

    Probably would have rated right below Whats Going On as best albums had they removed these two.
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    7 rooms of Gloom

    I know they talk about the trilogy, Standing in the Shadows Of Love, Bernadette, and Reach Out, but it really was a foursome, got to include the haunting 7 rooms of Gloom- Levi Stubbs tremendous...
  14. 80's

    Favorite song from the 80's, perhaps the most successful Motown group post Motown.
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    True Story

    I was working the desk at the Radisson Saginaw--1980, when I had a walk-in, when I checked his licence I looked up and said, "are you the Tyrone Davis" and he had a big smile and said that he was. I...
  16. Great song , they were both at their best,...

    Great song , they were both at their best, Indestructible is a great album that should have been a much bigger success.
  17. Smokey Robinson - Indestructible

    Although a bit of a cameo, it was great to hear two of the finest voices in music on the same record.
  18. Love this quote

    "Yes, all lives do matter, but they only matter when black lives matter too."

    So inclusive, brings everyone together, way to go Stevie.
  19. It helps when you write your own stuff

    Makes sense when you write your own stuff like Smokey, one of my all time written songs by Smokey is Still Waters, what a great song
  20. Just Losing You


    Such a beautiful song, this should have been a big hit, love it.
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    They got it right with the Four Tops and all of...

    They got it right with the Four Tops and all of the Motown acts, but hard to think that The Miracles and Drifters would not be in the top 10.
    I would also make a case for the Dells, Stylistics ,...
  22. Good points

    I also am a big fan of Save the Children another Obie song, that to me should be the song that is playing now, even more so than Whats Going On- that is a song with so much love for the future of...
  23. Glad you enjoyed it

    Well I really wish I saw the same film you saw, just did not do it for me. To each his own. I was a big fan of Cooley High and the great Motown soundtrack that they had throughout ,and that film ...
  24. And yes I did pick up on the Temps as soon as the...

    And yes I did pick up on the Temps as soon as the french girl mentioned Motown, that was a nice shout out.
  25. Cardboard

    I am a big fan of Spike, but from the get go, just was shocked, I thought maybe it was because I was watching it on Netflex vs. at the movies, so I went to Rotten Tomatoes to see what type of...
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