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    An attack of chronic homophobia? Yeah. Went...

    An attack of chronic homophobia? Yeah. Went there.
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    How nice! Looks about as much as Ella as I do...

    How nice! Looks about as much as Ella as I do but a great thing anyway.
  3. Diana Ross - "(They Long To Be) Close To You"

    The closing cut of Diana's second solo album, Everything Is Everything, and for my money perhaps the most bizarre cut on any Diana lp! Producer Deke Richards speaks of having request Burt Bacharach...
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    Diana Ross - "How About You"

    The penultimate cut from Diana's second solo lp, written and produced by Deke Richards with co-writing credits by Sandra Sanders and David Van De Pitte (who also did the arrangement). Deke had...
  5. Diana Ross - "I Love You (Call Me) Live at the Royal Albert Hall, 1973

    ... and here's a nice live version -

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    Diana Ross - "I Love You (Call Me)"

    Produced by Deke Richards, he says he had wanted to make a record of Diana singing the song as soon as he heard Aretha;s version (of course Aretha wrote the song). Diana liked Deke's arrangement and...
  7. Diana Ross - "The Long and Winding Road"

    A second Beatles cover from Diana's second solo album. In the booklet to the expanded edition Deke Richards (who produced the track) advises that for a brief time he considered withholding this and...
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    Diana Ross - "Come Together"

    An adventurous take on the Beatles then-new future classic. Deke Richards wanted some 'name value' (i.e.: cover versions) for the EIE lp and produced this version.

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    It does, Reese, doesn't it? And that may be true...

    It does, Reese, doesn't it? And that may be true as it seems Gordy was banking on the Bones Howe sessions that turned out less-than-hit-single-worthy and that could have cost A&S time in creating...
  10. Yes, a great find! Langdon is a great fashion /...

    Yes, a great find! Langdon is a great fashion / portrait photographer and he sure had one legendary subject in Diana!
  11. Diana Ross - "Doobedood ..." Fan Extended Version

    A pleasant diversion!

  12. Diana Ross - "Doobedood" ... and you know the rest!

    A great song with a terrible title, Deke Richards says he felt that at the time this was one of his best writing credits. Deke wanted to title the song "I Just Started Livin'" but Berry G overruled...
  13. Diana Ross - "I'm Still Waiting"- The Almighty Remix

    ... and while we're at it, howabout an Almighty remix!

  14. Diana Ross ' "I'm Still Waiting" Live in Copenhagen, 1973

    A lovely vintage performance -

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    Diana Ross - "I'm Still Waiting"

    "I'm Still Waiting" closes out side 1 of Diana's second solo album. It's the one song from the lp that has had career-life for Diana. The song was written especially for Diana by Deke Richards and...
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    Diana Ross - "Baby It's Love"

    Side 1, track 4 of Diana's second solo lp, Everything Is Everything. Tasked by Berry Gordy for a quick follow-up to the solo debut, Deke Richards (Chairman of Motown's 'The Corporation' producing...
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    Diana Ross - "Ain't No Sad Song"

    The second track from the second Diana solo lp. Another Hal Davis production, this song was co-written by Berry Gordy IV and someone billed as 'C. Ross'. Anyone know who that is? Another up-tempo...
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    Diana Ross - "My Place"

    My Place is the opening cut on Diana's second solo lp, 'Everything Is Everything', released in September of 1970 just as 'Ain't No Mountain' was at its peak on the singles charts. According to the...
  19. Diana Ross - "Love's Lines, Angles and Rhymes'

    The last Bones Howe track with a vocal. According to David Nathan there were 'several other' instrumentals created but a different direction for Diana was decided upon. Of course the 5th Dimension...
  20. Diana Ross & The Supremes - "Reflections" Remix

    Loving this imaginative remix along with the video presentation, particularly the b&w footage. Cindy in her Barbara Feldon(ish) trench and straight hair, right?!
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    Diana Ross - "The Interim"

    Another Bones Howe production that did not see the (official) light of day until the 2002 expanded edition of Diana's solo debut. Not much known about Howe's cuts or why his place as producer was...
  22. I had not - great find - will take a re-listen.

    I had not - great find - will take a re-listen.
  23. I have to agree; I had not really made the jazz...

    I have to agree; I had not really made the jazz connection before. Good point!
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    Interesting thought, Reese - Diana just may well...

    Interesting thought, Reese - Diana just may well have been bored re-recording a song, even as good a one as KAE.
  25. Interesting & fun to hear fan recollections of...

    Interesting & fun to hear fan recollections of these deep cuts. Nice recollections to hear in a troubling time -
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