Today 12:15 PM

Meatloaf has passed


Ralph and Russ were very much involved in starting off Meatloaf's career as a recording artist, producing his first album Stoney and Meatloaf on Rare Earth
Today 12:59 PM

Nice interview with dionne warwick on the late show last night

Dionne has a nice interview with Stephen last night on the Late Show. He showed her this cover of a European release of one of her albums, and she said that when she was in France and went on stage that they were surprised to see that she was black. When she walked out on the stage in Paris, and there was a collective gasp, she said, "Yeah! I ain't no white woman. I'm black" And until she opened her mouth, they did not believe who she was until she started singing and then everybody sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed. Very nice interview. And David and Dionne are friends. He interviewed her recently at the Montclair Film Festival after showing her new documentary, and then went for dinner with her after the interview.

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Today 08:03 AM

Rest in peace, R. Dean Taylor

Sadly, there are reports coming in this evening on social media that Canadian Motown artist, songwriter and producer, R. Dean Taylor, has passed away. Rest in peace, Mr. Taylor. Thank you for your valuable contributions to music history.
Today 11:50 AM

What do you guys know about a shipping option called Pirate Ship?

I am a seller on Discogs and as such I am caught in a situation now where I have four different buyers in Australia, but I cannot ship them their orders due to the USPS restricting shipping there due to COVID. In one case, the poor guy has been hanging on for four months!

Private services such as UPS or that one that begins with a D [[DHL maybe?) are out of the question because the costs would be 10 times as much. So now I am reading about something called Pirate Ship and some people make it sound like it is a reasonably priced alternative with costs comparable to my own USPS.

Does anyone know anything about this?
Yesterday 11:41 PM

LP's you'd like to see on CD

A couple of mine. As far as I know, they never made it to CD.

Hot Butterfly....The Sweet Inspirations
Hodges, James and Smith [[any of their records).


Ralph Terrana

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