Today 11:09 AM

Happy 91st Birthday to Berry Gordy Jr.

Wishing Motown Founder Berry Gordy Jr. a Happy 91st Birthday! To paraphrase a Supremes Classic, "Our World Would Be Empty Without You".
Today 09:09 AM

Kim Weston MGM CD available on eBay

Does anyone have any knowledge whether this CD is a bootleg or an original? It is difficult to determine from the listing. The price is astronomical. Nothing in the listing leads me to believe it is legitimate, but I really do not know.

Today 09:50 AM

Kim Weston - He's Alright

I'm listening to the Motortown Revue Vol. 2 tonight. I'm enjoying He's Alright by Kim Weston and wonder if there was ever a studio version of the song.

I noticed that the song has a Jobete copyright. I also looked at her 2-CD anthology and don't see the song there.

I just thought it curious that such a great song wasn't recorded in the studio, but was performed on the tour.
Today 09:34 AM

Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers

There have been numerous discussions regarding Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers etc on the forum. I haven't yet seen one which addresses my query. When I listen to the album ( first time on release in the 60s, ) it didn't sound like the normal well produced Motown album. It was rougher and less embellished, maybe rawer. Initially I was disappointed because it didn't have the Motown production values. My query: was this because Motoen allowed the group to record their own sessions as opposed to Motown bringing in their own musicians etc? I love this album but it is the rawness which appeals. Does this resonate with anybody else out there ? Mike
10-27-2020 07:49 AM


Ralph Terrana

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