Today 06:31 PM

Happy Birthday to Ralph & Russ Terrana!

Happy 80th Birthday [and Many, Many More] to The Terrana Bros. [Ralph & Russ]!!
Today 11:20 AM

Phyllis Hyman would have turned 73 tomorrow [[Wednesday the 6th)

Thanks to a couple of reminders here and there.......most recently a nice tribute today from Soul Tracks.........we can perhaps pause to remember the stunning Phyllis, who left us so tragically 27 years ago last week.

Considering that many of our icons have recorded and performed well into their 70s and even 80s, it makes you stop and think about how much more of her talent she could have shared with us, and might still be sharing, if she had not been overtaken by her mental illness.

If you have not done so, pick up a copy of the box set, which will help you remember [[or I guess in some cases "discover") her vast talent. I think that set can be found if you shop wisely for well under $50 US funds.
Yesterday 06:34 AM

Sylvester's 1980 lp 'Too Hot To Sleep'

Kinda, sorta overlooked at the time [[probably due to the swerve from disco to smooth jazz/quiet storm) this has become a favorite, and perhaps the favorite lp from this wonderful singer. Here's the opening cut 'Thinking Right'. Wow does this lp hold up 42 years [[gulp!!) later -

Yesterday 07:34 PM

The Women Of Motown

A marathon read, but if it helps you - it's alphabetical.




Ralph Terrana

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