Today 01:03 AM

Gladys Knight to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

I am sadden that she is singing the Nation Anthem at the Super Bowl, especially considering the way the NFL has treated Colin Kaepernick and other players taking the knee for justice in America. I would be okay if she sung some other song, such as America, the Beautiful or God, Bless America. I won't be going to another Gladys concert.
Yesterday 11:07 PM

If they were still alive, who would be the oldest artist signed to Motown?

I was doing some research on Motown artists born in the state of Pennsylvania and much to my surprise, I learned that Billy Eckstine was born in Pittsburgh on 7/18/1914, therefore, if he were still alive he would be 104 today.

Does anyone know any Motown solo artist (by definition I mean one who had a recording actually released) who could top this? Not restricted to PA.

Little known trivia fact.
Yesterday 08:10 PM

Reason for the Different Labels from Motown

Yes, this has probably been discussed here before, however, I would really appreciate any answer you may know as fact (or even hypothesis). Why did Motown operate with different labels (such as Gordy, Tamla, Soul, etc) as opposed to everything being under the umbrella of just a Motown label? I believe I may have read from a book about Motown that it was for tax reasons. Was there indeed a financial incentive to have different labels from one company?

Also, what factors determined who would be assigned to what label? My thinking is that although there was a definite Motown sound, each individual label had its own 'vibe' to it regarding its artists and the 'sound." Just my opinion, however, I felt the artists' output on the actual Motown label was the sound that could identify more with the pop sound in American music during the 60s. Tamla, Gordy, and Soul each had more of an r&b sound to various degrees. All of this is my opinion and perception. We do know that there were several other subsidiary labels, each with their own vibe.

I also recall that because the Motown company was putting out so much good music during the 60s, dee jays around the country might have been put off by seeing or playing so much music from one label, therefore Motown needed to provide its artists with different labels as not to saturate the market.

It appeared also that each of the subsidiary labels had their own key producers/writers. Yes, I know all of the writers/producers worked for all of the labels, however, some tend to be identified more with one particular label than another. (HDH-Motown, Whitfield-Gordy, Robinson-Tamla, etc.)

Does anyone have any information you may have learned through the years?
Yesterday 02:21 PM

Marvin Gaye's 'A Tribute To The Great Nat King Cole' expanded due March 15th

On 15 March, Motown/UMe will release a newly expanded edition of Gaye’s A Tribute To The Great Nat King Cole, first out in 1965, for download purchase and streaming. As well as the album’s original mono mix, which will be appearing digitally for the first time, the augmented edition offers more than a dozen bonus tracks, including six alternate takes from the studio sessions.

1. Goodbye

2. I Wish You Love

3. If I Had To Go

4. So In Love

5. The End Of A Love Affair

6. The More I See You

7. Violets For Your Furs

8. You’re All That Matter To Me

9. Nature Boy / original mono LP mix

10. Ramblin’ Rose / original mono LP mix

11. Too Young / original mono LP mix

12. Pretend / original mono LP mix

13. Straighten Up and Fly Right / original mono LP mix

14. Mona Lisa / original mono LP mix

15. Unforgettable / original mono LP mix

16. To the Ends of the Earth / original mono LP mix

17. Sweet Lorraine / original mono LP mix

18. It’s Only a Paper Moon / original mono LP mix

19. Send for Me / original mono LP mix

20. Calypso Blues / original mono LP mix

21. Unforgettable / original California version, take 2

22. Send for Me / original California version, take 1

23. Send for Me / original California version, take 3

24. Ramblin’ Rose / alternate vocal

25. Too Young / alternate vocal, take 1

26. Send for Me / alternate vocal, take 1
Yesterday 07:13 PM

Chrisette Michelle trying for a comeback


I don't know what to think about Chrisette Michelle. She was warned by EVERYONE of the career-ending blowback she would get but she decided to perform at the inauguration in purposeful defiance. When you take a principled stand you must live it -- you don't come years later moaning and crying over the completely foreseeable, natural consequences of your knowing, intentional actions.

Also, I was never a fan so I don't have much invested in whether she can make a comeback. I am mostly familiar with her as one of Chante Moore's tormentors on "R&B Divas LA" (more poor judgment on her part).


Ralph Terrana

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