Today 12:29 AM

LOVE HANGOVER --- a new release

oh boy .....:rolleyes:

I know but watcha gonna do :(

music today SUCKS
Yesterday 09:23 PM

Where was "Don't Let It Go To Your Head" by Jean Carn recorded?

Iíve recently been wondering where ďDonít Let It Go To Your HeadĒ by Jean Carn was recorded.

When I first heard it in the late 70s as a new US import single on Philadelphia International I was surprised that it didnít have the expected Philly sound. Instead of the normal lush strings there was what sounded like a very small string section with double tracking and a piercing cheap sound. On listening to it more recently on CD, however, much of the sound apart from those strings is really high quality, and I can hear little Philly-type elements such as the crash cymbal and guitar. The overall mix itself sounds most un-Philly like, however.

Does anyone know the story behind the recording of this classic track?
Yesterday 03:06 PM

Hologram tours.........

Pass me a paper bag quick.

Would you go and see a show with a hologram on stage?

I'm confused. Who is the intended audience for this type of thing?
(Is there something I'm missing or didn't get yet???)
And a dreaded question: ............Is this ''the future''...somehow....?

Yesterday 11:45 PM

Scherrie Payne Vol. II coming

In the studio today to record the title track for Scherrie Payne's next album, written by the lady herself and arrangement from Rinaldo Montezz. VINTAGE SCHERRIE VOL. 2: "CELEBRATE THE LIFE." Moving Supremely forward!

In the studio tomorrow at David Arana's working on the title song for Scherrie's next album, CELEBRATE THE LIFE! This is an absolute anthem with an amazing arra...ngement by Rinaldo Montezz! Scherrie wrote the song too! VINTAGE SCHERRIE VOL. 2 contains quite a few originals written by Scherrie. This album will give us a lot to celebrate about. I hope you will all agree! BTW, this was a concept cover using a shot done with Francis Loney intended for Vol 1. Alan Mercer is prepping one from his photo shoot to be the cover for CELEBRATE THE LIFE! Time permitting, we may do a vocal for another self penned tune of Scherrie's, REWIND MY MIND, with an arrangement by my very talented friend, David Raschka!
Yesterday 05:38 PM


Anyone know who the white guy (sitting at the piano) was in The Trammps? Great band.

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Ralph Terrana

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