Today 02:08 AM

Raynoma Gordy Singleton not mentioned on Motown Wikipedia

I'm currently reading her book (Berry, Me and Motown) for the 2nd time and have no reason to disbelieve her account, though I understand that autobiographies can be very biased.

What troubles me though, is that on the Motown Wikipedia page there is absolutely no mention of her despite her being clearly a big part of starting Motown. Surely she deserves recognition and her place in history. Should we go about correcting this?

Today 06:06 AM

Tina Turner's New Book & Musical

Attachment 14758

I was looking at Tina's new book "My Love Story" and noticed that some of the captions under the photos are wrong. For starters the picture labeled the Ikettes is a photo of the ladies in 1968 which by that time technically speaking they were known as the Mirettes. Yes, I know it's the same lineup of girls but this being a book written by Tina you would think the facts and history would be right. Second the photo of the Revue with Sammy Davis Jr. reads that they were in Las Vegas with Sammy, but that is not correct this picture was taken while they appeared on the "Hollywood Palace." Makes me wonder how accurate is the book?

Attachment 14759
Ike & Tina Turner Revue with Sammy Davis Jr. on the Hollywood Palace in 1968.

The photo below is from Tina's new musical. All I can say is when did Tina & The Ikettes ever look like this? The costumes and wigs are just plainly wrong.
Attachment 14760
Today 05:13 AM

Valerie Simpson Sings AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH on THE VIEW 11/13/2018

Valerie was on THE VIEW today and sang AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH as a birthday gift to Whoopi Goldberg. Paul Schaefer was also there.

Yesterday 11:11 PM

Motown CDs with the original Motown design

Hi guys, I'm putting together a CD display, and I was looking for some of the nicest looking CDs to put in it (the actual CDs, not the covers). However, I couldn't find any CDs with the classic Motown design (1963) on them, that is, the one with the blue bottom half and the Detroit map at the top with the multicoloured Motown logo over it. Are there any?

I have some with the Tamla Motown design on them, but none with Tamla, Gordy, Soul, etc. Some BBR and SoulMusic CDs (like the recent Thelma Houston one) have done great jobs recreating the original design of the album, albeit with the BBR/SoulMusic logo on them instead, like so:

Attachment 14809

but still no CDs with the original Motown design, my most favouritest of all label designs... :rolleyes:
Today 05:03 AM

Ain't too Proud to Beg. The story of the Temptations. The Musical in Toronto

I saw this musical on the weekend. What a performance. It leaves Toronto for Broadway, next week. So lucky to see it and so blown away by the performances. They go through all the hits and address all of the "warts". Pretty powerful. See it if you get the chance. My partner liked it better than Motown the Musical...the story is stronger, but I liked them both and absolutely loved the music, the staging and acting.
Today 05:00 AM

Motortown All Stars

Has anyone heard of the Motortown All Stars? A male quartet made up of members of The Capitols, the Miracles, and former Temptations. Any idea who is in the group?


Ralph Terrana

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