Today 02:00 PM

More, More More of Your Love

I have always liked this album cut.
In this video, there is a photo of none other than Russ Terrana at the 2:50 mark.

Yesterday 03:31 PM

Soulful Radio DJs/Hosts ?

Hi there, im currently looking around to find the names of radio hosts/DJs from the 1970s/80s. I am unfortunately too young to have experienced these days and was wondering if anyone could recommend their favourite soul/disco/funk radio DJ from back in the day!

Thanks, Jack
Today 11:17 AM

Say hello to Russell Thompkins Jr of the New Stylistics

SDF Family,

Let's keep this thread going. Since Ralph invited me to the Forum a few years ago, I have received invaluable feedback from all of you regarding several different topics. Your questions, comments, and excellent musical knowledge motivates me and TNS to perform at the highest level we can and it has also helped us to become better, more informed human beings. We look forward to the continued dialouge.

We love you!

RAT Jr & The New Stylistics
02-14-2020 01:05 AM

Mickey's Monkey: The Song That Just Wouldn't Die

Last night I was listening to The Miracles' "Come On Do The Jerk" and it occurred to me, it was a pretty darn good record. Then I thought I had recalled how this record's success may have been hampered by its predecessor, "Mickey's Monkey". I recalled where I had read it: "Motown: The Golden Years" by Bill Dahl.

In the chapter on Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Smokey had remarked that he felt "Come On Do The Jerk" had indeed been hampered by the ongoing popularity of "Mickey's Monkey." He reflected that "Mickey's Monkey" was one of those records that just wouldn't die.

I thought that was pretty interesting to have a hit that kept going so strong that it was overshadowing their follow-ups. Playing "Mickey" and "Do The Jerk" back to back, I can now hear the similarities between the two.

Today 10:31 AM

The Persuaders: Peace In The Valley of Love

Haven't heard this one in a while. Just ... perfect.

Today 10:08 AM

Queen Latifah Covers Stevie Wonder's 'Love's in Need of Love Today' at NBA All-Star S

Queen Latifah Covers Stevie Wonder's 'Love's in Need of Love Today' at NBA All-Star Saturday Night: Watch



Ralph Terrana

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