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Barbara Randolph trivia

I noticed that DFTMC now idenifies Vance Wilson of the Recaps and a co-composer of 'Oh How I'd Miss You' as the demo voice on CD 2, track 19 of "marvin gaye & tammi terrell The Complete Duets". While researching Vance Wilson, I came upon this at Marv Goldberg's R & B Notebook:

Around April 1958, the Red Caps added two female singers, but this time with a twist. One of them was Lillian Randolph, who had played "Madam Queen" on Amos N Andy, "Birdie", the maid, on The Great Gildersleeve, and Beulah. [[She was the younger sister of actress Amanda Randolph.) According to Jay Price, Lillian sang somewhat risqué Sophie Tucker-type songs. The other singer was 15-year-old Barbara Ann Sanders, who had been in the movie Bright Road with Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte. The twist is that Barbara was Lillian's adopted daughter. While they only remained with the Red Caps for a couple of months [[Lillian's name only appears in two Red Caps ads - for Andy's Log Cabin - on May 28 and 29, 1958), Barbara went on to greater fame as "Barbara Randolph". In 1964, she replaced Zola Taylor in the Platters [[and led "Hard Hearted Hannah", the last song the Platters ever recorded for Mercury). After that, she became a Motown soloist, although she would periodically return to the Red Caps.

Note that it's common to read that Steve Gibson and Lillian Randolph were siblings and that Steve is Barbara's uncle. However, Steve and Lillian weren't related at all. Jay Price says that they always joked around and referred to each other as "brother" and "sister". [[And, affectionately, Barbara would call Steve "uncle".) Presumably this all started with a little blurb in Major Robinson's gossip column in Jet magazine [[December 31, 1953) that said Lillian Randolph received a gift of a Jaguar automobile from her brother, Steve Gibson. The most important thing to remember here is that Major Robinson would print anything that was given to him [[or even hinted at) without any verification whatsoever. [[Steven Argusta Gibson's death record shows that he was born October 12, 1914. In 1910, Lillian's mother was around 50, far too old to have given birth to Steve in 1914.) In late 1940, both the 4 Toppers and Lillian Randolph appeared at the Jade Cabaret in Hollywood; it's possible that's where they met. Actually, Steve did have a sister: Maude Gibson. According to Jay, Maude, who was unmarried, traveled around with the Red Caps.
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Sound Engineering Question: "The Miracles Oh Be My Love"

Hopefully, Bradburger will see this as he always seems to pick right up on what I'm going on about. From the Away We A Go-Go album, this has always been one of my favorites. There is something ethereal, otherworldly and sinuously, seriously slinky about "Oh Be My Love." The tempo is at such a relaxed, slow-as-molasses pace, this had to have been an ultimate make out tune. [[And that bass line though- there is some serious finger work going on with this one.)

One thing in particular about this song; I always felt the drums sounded as if they were hitting the beat just a millisecond off, a very casual playing technique very different than Motown's usual right-on-the-beat style. So recently, I was listening to this when it hit me- was this thing recorded at one speed and then slowed down a tone or two? There is something in the drum sound that made me wonder if that's what is going on here. I'd love to hear others' opinions on this. So recently, I was listening to this when it hit me- was this thing recorded at one speed and then slowed down a tone or two? There is something in the drum sound that made me wonder if that's what is going on here.
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Gift Suggestions Needed............Most Recent Books About Music?

I need to shop for a birthday gift. Recipient is an avid reader and music lover. What are some of the more recent books that are out there, either about labels or artist's bios? Thanks for any suggestions.
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Sarah Dash R.I.P.






So sad to post this news. I was lucky enough to see two concerts during the Labelle reunion as well as one of her solo gigs at Joe's Pub in NYC.

Just a few days ago, someone posted a clip from a recent Patti concert where she and Sarah sang ISN'T IT A SHAME.

R.I.P. Sarah.
09-20-2021 03:28 PM

When do you think rhythm and blues/soul went downhill?

I'm going with the 1980s, I felt that was the beginning of the end of good soul music.

What about you guys?
Yesterday 05:53 PM

Best Opening Line of a Motown Song That's NOT the Song's Title:

Any particularly strong lines stand out that set up the record, but are not the song's title?
The line gets used and then the song moves on ...
For instance I'm thinking:

People say I'm the life of the party, 'cause I tell a joke or two ....

It's just a great lead in that rolls off Smokey's tongue ....


Ralph Terrana

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