Today 06:58 AM

Songs That You Absolutely Hated.......and Still Do!

We talk a lot about songs we love, but what about the ones that just got on your @$%^^&& nerves and you hated them? Here are a few of mine:

Dead Skunk - Loudon Wainwright III

Today 06:59 AM

Doug Carn featuring Jean Carne 'Infant Eyes'

Following through on an earlier thread - gorgeous music from America's Black Intelligentsia -
Today 03:53 AM

Jean Carne ...what happened?

She seems to be a great talent. I have one of her Philadelphia International albums which is very good. She had a number one record when she left Motown and apparently recorded another Motown album that wasn’t released. How was her Motown album? Was it promoted?
Today 01:52 AM

HDH Departure - Good or Bad?

I am curious as to what people think whether the departure of HDH was good or bad for Motown. I remember being shocked when they left as I was all about Motown and and all about HDH. I am doing this from memory but I seem to recall that Motown was in a dry period right after their departure. But in 1969 and 1970, there seemed to be a significant resurgence with other in house writers and producers filling the void. In fact, I believe Motown had 5 of the Top Ten singles at the end of 1969.

It seems that the real slow decline of Motown started with the move to California and that the in house talent filled the void left with HDH leaving up to that point. In fact, while I enjoyed their Invictus/Hot Wax work, to me, it never was at the level of their Motown work.

So, I guess, in hindsight, I still wish they had not left butI think their departure was good and allowed other talent to shine.


Ralph Terrana

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