Today 12:37 AM

J5 and Dancing Machine - what happened?

seems like the J5 started to struggle with their songs in late 71. After Never Can Say Goodbye, the majority of the following songs only did (relatively) so-so on the charts. Top 40 yes, but mostly in the lower 20s.

And then they rebounded with Dancing Machine - a great track and really helped update their sound and style.

So what happened after that? why did the following singles fall off again?
Today 12:40 AM

A Lack of Objectivity and Research in Ranking Musicians & Athletes

I just read a ranking of Greatest Bass players.
They ranked James Jamerson 16th best UTTERLY STUPID
Jamerson was the BEST period.

They ranked Paul McCartney 5th

I don't remember seeing Bob Babbitt's name;
I can never forget the end of Midnight Train To Georgia when it's just Gladys's voice and Babbitt's bass

Just like after the turn of the century ranking the greatest athletes:
They put Michael Jordan #1

Evidently they do not consider the great impact Babe Ruth had on this whole country.

Maybe Bill Russell's 11 NBA championships out of 13 seasons doesn't click in their brains.

They probably did no research on how great Jim Thorpe was.

I think they are doing these rankings just to fill up space on the web and places like Yahoo

Yesterday 10:22 PM

The orginal Martha & The Vandellas reunite!

From the Detroit Free Press, the original Martha & The Vandellas reunite at the dedication of the 'Dancing In The Street' park near the Motown museum.
It is so good to see the originals back together again!:

Yesterday 05:48 AM

Complete Motown CDs

Over the next few days ...and weeks ...I hope to post every notable Motown CD release ...released since the 1980's ...not knowingly including any bootlegs ...but including some Motown artists' post-Motown releases Öand Motown related CD releases ...and VHS & DVD releases...enjoy

...starting with 1990 and the 1980s ...Part 1

Attachment 15445
Attachment 15446
Attachment 15447
Attachment 15448
Attachment 15449
Attachment 15450
Attachment 15451
Attachment 15452
Attachment 15453
Attachment 15454
Attachment 15455
Attachment 15456

Yesterday 06:10 PM

Bonnie Pointer ‎- Bonnie Pointer (aka The Purple Album)

This was Bonnie's second Motown album released in 1979. It contained mostly upbeat covers of classic Motown hits from the 60s, but the one original song on the album was the absolute standout for me. "Deep Inside My Soul" the fourth song on this collection should have been a single. I have never heard her sound this great. Check it out:


Ralph Terrana

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