06-13-2018 01:38 PM

The Wiz Revisited

I recently bought a dvd of The Wiz having not seen the complete film for over twenty years and watched it last night. It was in fact a little better then i remember it being when first released....just a little though..
For me one of the main ingredients missing from the film was any real sense of magic.
There are no great special effects to lift the film and create an atmosphere of wonder. The snow storm where Dorothy is whisked off to Oz is completly anticlimatic. The poppy girls scene also a huge disappointment as Dorothy and Lion end up lying on the roof in a drugged sleep and thats it.
On the plus side the music is wonderful, the cast do there best and some scenes are quite touching.
I was wondering how others felt about the film now in 2018 without seeing this as an opportunity to pull Diana apart about her age and the Stephanie Mills saga that has been totally done to death. :rolleyes:
Today 05:39 AM

What is your Motown Breakup Song?

Mine is Send me No Flowers. I get chills from that song: Diana's voice is haunting, and I would say the lyrics may well be HDH's best for the Supremes, and definitly my favourite. I like to make up my own verses around the theme as I love flowers and people like the person described in the song by the singer are a huge pet peeve of mine. Only today the song would be Send me No Whatsapp Messages, or at least based on my own experiences with emotionally constipated men.
Today 05:33 AM

Happy Birthday to Autry DeWalt Mixon Jr. aka Junior Walker!

Remember the legendary Junior Walker today, his birthday. Happy Birthday Junior!

Yesterday 11:22 PM

Temps would've done a GREAT job if they covered...

Imagine Dennis Edwards taking the lead vocal chores and Damon Harris prominently in the background. And the production would have suited Norman well.
06-15-2018 08:18 PM

The Eaten Alive Demos

These are wonderful and reinforces the great songwriting of the Gibbs brothers. Musically, their compositions contain beautiful chord changes, time signature changes (which throw us off just a little), and of course, mesmerizing lyrics. Diana Ross' "Eaten Alive" project, as we have discussed before, may have benefitted much from a completely different way Diana's voice was mixed and layered with the instrumentation. Even then, the whole project, in my opinion, needs remastering. Right now, it sounds a little too abrasive and needs some "syrup" poured over it (tweeking on the equalization and some adjustments on the type of reverb that was used). I love hearing Barry's demo versions and how much work is put into them.
Yesterday 11:41 PM

What are your favourite Gladys Knight and the Pips songs?

My top 3 are:

3. Midnight Train to Georgia
2. If I were your Woman
1. I've Got to Use My Imagination


Ralph Terrana

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