Today 11:12 AM

Chaka Khan - Demure, as always!!

Love 'ya, Chaka, but ... Well, we can't say you're dishonest! Love the Live lp, btw. You've still got it!

Today 07:20 PM

New Motown compilation CD due from Ace Records

If it hasn't been mentioned elsewhere, Ace are reporting a new CD to be released on 25 September: The Sound of the R&B Hits by Various Artists.

It is a re-release of the first UK compilation of Motown tracks up until 1964, plus additional tracks.


The track listing is:

Shop Around - Mary Wells
Way Over There - The Marvelettes
Everybody's Gotta Pay Some Dues - The Miracles
Mockingbird - Martha & The Vandellas
Bye Bye Baby - Mary Wells
I'll Try Something New - The Miracles
Dream Baby - The Marvelettes
Money (That's What I Want) - Barrett Strong
What's So Good About Goodbye - The Miracles
Let Me Go The Right Way - The Supremes
I Don't Want To Take A Chance - Mary Wells
Broken Hearted - The Miracles
The One Who Really Loves You - The Marvelettes
Do You Love Me - The Miracles
Can I Get A Witness - Marvin Gaye
Please Mr Postman - The Marvelettes
You've Really Got A Hold On Me - The Miracles
You Beat Me To The Punch - Mary Wells
Pride And Joy - Marvin Gaye
Oh I Apologize - Barrett Strong
I Found A Girl - The Valadiers
I Want A Guy - The Marvelettes
Hitch Hike - Marvin Gaye
I've Been Good To You - The Miracles
Two Lovers - Mary Wells
I Found Myself A Brand New Baby - Mike & The Modifiers
Shake Sherry - The Contours
Heat Wave - Martha & The Vandellas
Today 04:44 PM

Don't R&B chart placements mean anything?

So, lately, I've been playing my Motown Complete Singles sets and reading the essays of each song. I was reminded of something that's always bothered me; there are many Motown records that, while they didn't score high on the Pop charts, they did exceptionally well on the R&B Charts. In some cases hitting #1. Yet it seems none of that matters.

O.K. I understand it- the Pay Day is to be found in Pop sales, so of course, you want to nail it there. But are R&B sales really so negligible that nobody ever celebrates a Number 1 R&B hit? Many Motown artists who didn't rack up huge Pop sales did very well on the R&B side but those accomplishments seem to mean nothing if the Rock press doesn't acknowledge that success.

It's like the scene in "The Five Heartbeats": " are we always crossing over to them why don't they cross over to us sometimes!"
10-16-2020 08:04 AM


Ralph Terrana

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