Today 03:20 AM

The making of Hitsville

I went to the Detroit premier last night. Looks like I was left on the editing room floor. But that is okay. The movie dealt primarily with the earlier days. All in all, I thought the movie was well done.
Yesterday 11:12 PM

Phil Spector - Part B - "Complete Philles LP Discography"

Welcome Wall-Of-Sound fans to Part B of the Phil Spector threads -- the "Complete Philles LP Discography"! It's taken longer than expected to prepare, but I've made it as complete as possible including Artist/LP titles listed by Philles catalog #, as well as tracklists with respective YouTube video soundclips. As a special treat, I've also included photos of each front and back LP cover as well as photos of Side A and Side B of each vinyl LP disc and label-copy from my own personal Philles LP collection. A big round of applause is in order for my good buddy Kenny (Kenneth) who has graciously offered (succumbed!) to post the Philles photos for me. I hope you'll all enjoy reliving the musical power and magnificence of Phil Spector's Philles Records.
Today 03:02 AM

The DISCO Era! Come On, You Know You Liked It!

Folks, now that Chic has issued a box set. I was thinking that it should be ok now to finally discuss the music of the Disco Era that was roughly 1974-80. For years people would not admit that they liked some of the music, but there really was some good and memorable recordings to come out of all of that self indugence and debauchery......... LOL! Let's discuss. One of my favorites from the era was

Peter Brown's "Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me - 1977
Today 03:49 AM

Soulful Instrumentals. Has anyone done this thread already?

Inspired by the earlier posting of Milt Jackson, I thought a thread devoted to soulful? instrumentals could gain some traction
They were ubiquitous back in the 60's and 70's
Phil Upchurch " you can't sit down"
The Packers "Hole in the wall"
Stevie Wonder "easy going evening"
Not to mention the MFSB stuff, Herbie Hancock, Ramsey Lewis and many more.
But here's one right out of "left field" as you guys say

Today 02:42 AM

KC & The Sunshine Band Questions

Funky Time Grooves is in the process of re-issuing the two KC & The Sunshine Band albums recorded for and released on Epic records in the early '80's, and there is also a new KC album "Feeling You - The 1960's" that came out in March. I am a huge fan and look so forward to having these albums on CD. Hopefully "Space Cadet" and "KC Ten" will follow....

With all this KC activity, I have a few questions about the personal KC. Does anyone know if KC is gay? What was his relationship with former KCSB member, Rick Finch? I read somewhere that it was widely known in music circles that KC and Finch were lovers during the heyday of the Sunshine Band, and that when they went their separate ways around 1980, KC sank into depression and had a hard time getting over this. Is any of that true? I just find it very interesting that so little has been said about KC's personal life. I always wondered if he was gay... and if he is, why it has been so incredibly hush-hush over the decades.


Ralph Terrana

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