Today 03:08 PM

Motowniest Non Motown Song?

What non Motown label song do you think sounds most like a Motown Song?

Covers of Motown songs don’t count

I would say Cool Jerk by the Capitols but if I remember right wasn’t it all Funk Brothers playing on it? Which to me would disqualify it

I always thought that Karma Chameleon by Boy George had a Motownesque feel to it

When the Motown sound became a phenomenon a lot of labels and artists tried to emulate it

Who do you think did it the best?
Today 01:14 PM

Mable John Tamla 45's

I am a little puzzled about something. There were a total of four Mable John 45's issued by Tamla.

Tamla 54031 ---- 54040 ---- 54081
All of these were shown on the label as MABLE JOHN.

The unique one is Tamla 54050 - Actions Speak Louder Than Words.
This is shown on the label as MABEL [not Mable] John.

I was looking on discogs and there are copies of the first three with some of each for sale; however, on the 54050 there are NONE for sale.

Could this be because of the misspelling of her first name - doubtful!

Does anyone have any insight into why none of 54050 are available for people to buy? It is the only one of the three I do not have in my collection.

Mable is someone who RARELY gets any attention on the Motown Forum.
Today 02:26 PM

Smokey's tearjerkers

Part of the genious of the master songwriter is just as he's written happy songs of love, with one stroke of his mighty pen he will write a sonnett so sad that you'll reach for the hanky...the sadness of[the tracks of my tears]the dire warning to those at[the fork in the road]the desperate plea of[oo baby baby]the loneliness of[i can't find]do you have a fav? For me the greatest song ever written about lost love is[i can't find].
Today 01:42 PM

wrong thread oops

fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffff
Today 02:47 PM

Hear: Billboard's Top 40 Singles From 1966 w/ Early Motown!

Not sure why Bob is playing this old countdown of his [ hope he is Ok !) but here is a chance to hear the hits from 1966 counted down in order as they were back then!!

This was years before there was an actual AMERICAN TOP 40 countdown on the radio [Casey Kasem), so this really is a treat!

Play it here:

1966 April 9, Top 40
Today 02:14 PM

Wishing for a Ric-Tic official compilation...

As time goes on, I am continued to be baffled that there is no legitimate Ric-Tic compilation. There are so many great songs, and I own some of the best tracks on original 45s.

I have heard that since this label was purchased by Motown that there are some licensing issues, but am not sure if this is the case.

Maybe there isn't enough demand? Just curious as to your thoughts.


Ralph Terrana

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