Today 09:41 PM

It’s happening baby

I just turned into it on PBS. Didn’t know it was on hope everyone is watching
Today 10:08 PM

What If the Marvelettes HIT in 1970/71?

THE RETURN OF THE MARVELETTES was anything but; basically a vehicle for Wanda.

Although "Marionette" and "A Breath Taking Guy" weren't the strongest of their catalog, what do you suppose would have happened if one of those singles hit big? By this time Katherine and Ann were no longer with the group, or at least no longer interested being in the group, Kat especially.

Would Wanda have recorded a follow up? Would she have reformed the group with two new Marvelettes?

Of course it's "what if", but.....what if?
Today 10:30 PM

"Aretha Deserved Better" From NY TIMES Magazine

Stumbled upon this article , written the year-end of Aretha's passing, & found it an informative read :

03-02-2021 09:44 AM

Songs with dances in the title

Mickey's Monkey
Twistin' Postman
Come On Do the Jerk
Can You Jerk Like Me?

All of the above songs were original compositions released on various Motown labels, and all contain the names of dances.

I know there are more. Can you name more songs released by Motown that contain the names of dances that are NOT covers?
Today 08:43 PM

Marvelettes “Greatest Hits” Juke Box EP

I imagine others have posted photos of these before. I know we’ve had discussions about them. I moved recently and it’s amazing what you find that you forgot you even owned. This is a nice copy of the Marvelettes “Greatest Hits” jukebox EP and in Stereo. They’re always more collectible if they come with the titles and what’s nice about this one is the titles were never cut or clipped to fit into the juke box selector buttons, or maybe they came with more of them as the record itself is not mint condition. I thought it’d be fun to share this.

sorry they came out crooked the first time and I never can figure out how to delete the old images!

Attachment 18768

Attachment 18767
Today 04:58 PM

Legit line-ups: 2021

With the passing of Mary Wilson goes the possibility of any type of legitimate Supremes line-up reuniting. Although I *suppose* an argument could be made for Diana, Scherrie, and Lynda, but I was thinking more 60's and 70's groupings. That said.....

Can you think of any other Motown groups that, regardless of health, have all of its members still living and COULD have a possible reunion of a legitimate lineup?

Only a few come to mind:


Martha, Roz, Annette
Martha, Roz, Betty
Martha, Roz, Lois


Wanda, Katherine, Ann


Ralph Terrana

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