Today 10:20 AM

James Jamerson or Carol Kaye

This article was referred by Graham Jarvis in another post, but it is VERY INTERESTING reading:
Today 10:39 AM

Were Motown artists EVER featured on the cover of PARADE Sunday magazine?

Just wondering, does anyone recall ever seeing any Motown artist or group featured on the cover of the PARADE Magazine that appears in many major newspapers every Sunday? I note that today's skimpy magazine features Queen Latifah.

I can recall in years past that the PARADE was a significant feature of the media but today it is a mere figment of what it used to be.

I do not recall ever seeing any Motown artists featured on it, but I could be forgetting about them. Diana Ross is as significant as Queen Latifah so why don't they do a story on her. Who would you like to see featured?
Today 08:28 AM

Lee Kaye - The Marvelettes

The back of the "Sophisticated Soul" LP has text written by "Lee Kaye". I give up, who is Lee Kaye?
Yesterday 02:12 PM

Happy 21st Soulful Detroit

Another year, another birthday. This one is a bigeee. Twenty one years is quite an accomplishment. Seems like I have been here forever. Many thanks to all the members and the valuable contributions that keep this place ticking. Couldn´t be done without you.
Yesterday 03:15 PM

Soulful detroit center stage

I am trying something new. This thread will be used for showcasing new talent. Got a song or band you think deserves recognition? Send it to me in care of...ralph.terrana@gmail.com. I will review it and if I approve will post it on this thread to be viewed by forum members, allowing them to make comments on the material if they so choose. Not sure how this is going to go but it could be fun.


Ralph Terrana

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