Yesterday 09:37 PM

Gladys Knight to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

I am sadden that she is singing the Nation Anthem at the Super Bowl, especially considering the way the NFL has treated Colin Kaepernick and other players taking the knee for justice in America. I would be okay if she sung some other song, such as America, the Beautiful or God, Bless America. I won't be going to another Gladys concert.
Today 08:31 AM

Detroit or L.A. - what determined where songs were recorded?

I have always wondered why Motown chose to record some songs in L.A., especially in light of the different resultant sound.

I can understand there being studio capacity issue for all artists in Detroit and the need to perhaps provide an alternate location for those artists on tour. However, the choice of location does seem strange sometimes, for example with the Supremes A Go Go album. Why wasn't the whole album recorded in Detroit?

Does anyone have an insight into the rationale for the dual location recording regime please?

Yesterday 11:33 PM

Patti Austin - "Jeepers Creepers"

This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face:

Today 05:12 AM

"Come To Me": Marv or Mary, which version do you prefer?

As we mark the 60th Anniversary of Motown, let's talk about the label's first release, "Come To Me". Which version of the song do you prefer: Marv Johnson's original or Mary Wells' remake (my pick is Mary's version).


Ralph Terrana

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