Today 10:45 AM

MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS - I Promise to Wait My Love 1968

The Funk Brothers are really kicking up some dust on this one!

Today 10:39 AM

Songs you initially thought were MEH but grew to love

Hi all,

I have been thinking about this lately. What song(s) have you heard and your original thought was either "I hate it" or "Meh", but over the course of time you grew to like or even love?

The song that immediately comes to my mind is "Forever Came Today" by DRATS. I have really come to appreciate this song, from Diana's delivery, the muted horns at the beginning and the high background voice running throughout.
Today 11:09 AM

RARE- Should I Tell Them- The VELVELETTES video clip from 1965

This was posted on the main board by Soulpassion, but thought that it would be even more appreciated here.
Today 09:18 AM

Barbara Mason - Is it me (extremely rare clip)

Not sure if posted in the right forum but thought that this clip of Barbara Mason performing - is it me maybe of interest to some on here!
Today 09:29 AM

THE HUMAN ZOO by The Commodores

I need to get the lyrics for the song the "Human Zoo" by the Commodores but, cannot seem to locate them anywhere. Can anyone help ?


Ralph Terrana

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