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Bobby Darin - Motown Years 1970 to 1973

In the late 60s and early 70s Motown signed several well established acts but then sort of took their eye off the ball resulting in frustration. True that a lot was happening at once with the move to LA and entering the film industry with "Lady Sings The Blues". Nevertheless there were some fantastic tracks from artists such as Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Bobby Darin and to a lesser extent Sammy Davis Jr and Lesley Gore.

Thankfully, in the case of Bobby Darin, material that had long been vaulted has been made available over the years - mainly thanks to Joe Marchesse & co [[e.g. Andy Skurrow) who've made it possible for these tracks to see release on CD. The Real Gone CDs have wonderful liner notes as well and are well worth looking up. In particular, "Another Song On My Mind" includes a great resume of Darin's Motown career - much of this can still be seen on the Real Gone website -


You can see the full CD artwork here -


And here are the covers for Darin's Motown albums / CDs


Please advise of any errors


Recorded - 6 February 1971 Live at The Desert Inn [[Renamed “Finally” but still unreleased at the time)

M1183 – 17 April 1971
A Melodie
B Someday We'll Be Together

M1193 – November 1971
A Simple Song Of Freedom
B I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

M1203 – 2 June 1972
A Sail Away
B Hard Headed Woman

M753 ALBUM AUGUST 1972 – Bobby Darin

M1212 – Promo 3 November 1972 [[withdrawn)
A Average People [[mono)
B Average People [[stereo)

M1212 – 3 November 1972 [[probably a bootleg)
A Average People
B Something In Her Love

M1217 – 20 November 1972
A Happy [[Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues")
B Something In Her Love

Bobby Darin died 20 December 1973

M813 ALBUM February 1974 – Darin 1936-1973

PR4 [[PROMO EP) - 1974
A1 If I Were A Carpenter
A2 Moritat [[Mack The Knife)
B1 Blue Monday
B2 Happy [[Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues")

MW3014 – 1974 [[UK & EU)
A Blue Monday
B Moritat [[Mack The Knife)

M5185 ALBUM July 1981 – Darin 1936–1973 re-issued with 5 tracks having different mixes.

MCD09070MD CD 1987 – Live At The Desert Inn [[first ever issue)

MOTD -5185 CD 1989 – Darin 1936–1973 first issue on CD.

3746351852 CD 1991 – Darin 1936-1973 CD re-issue

NTD-6509-2 CD 2005 – Live At The Desert Inn [[re-issue / remaster / 2 extra tracks “Work Song” and “Beyond The Sea”.

RGM-0440 2xCD 6 May 2016 – Another Song On My Mind [[Real Gone Music)

RGM-0714 CD 13 July 2018 – Go Ahead And Back Up [[Real one Music)
Today 01:30 AM

Jermaine "coming out too early" :-)

Hi Folks,

recently I`ve heard the J5 Version of the Jackson Browne Jam "Doctor my eyes" from the LOMW - LP and I recognize [[again) that, after Michaels Into Part brother Jermaine is coming in far too early with the second verse [['Cause I have wandered through this world"). That was never been corrected I think. This fact is a little bit funny for me, because I`v always thought of Berry beeing the perfect Perfectionist:D

Another example is the song "Silver Bells" from the Supremes, when [[whether Mary or Flo) seemed to come in too early, but this is not be heard on all versions perhaps...

Any other exampels ??
Greetings from Germany
Yesterday 06:22 AM

Motown Books Published Over The Years

A fellow Motown fan expressed an interest in the various Motown books which have been published over the years. I don't have them all, but I have quite a few.

This listing of my Motown book collection is presented alphabetically by subject.

Each entry starts with the subject in CAPS and within parentheses, followed by Title of the book, Author, and Year Published. For example:

[[HEARD, FRAN) "I Remember Motown When We Were Just Family" - By Francis [[Fran Heard) Maclin [[Motown's Master Tape Librarian) - 2010

The above book is about Fran Heard's position at Motown.

[[MARVELETTES, THE) "The Original Marvelettes - Motown's Mystery Girl Group" - By Marc Taylor - 2004

The above book is a biography about The Marvelettes.

[[MOTOWN) Where Did Our Love Go - The Rise And Fall Of The Motown Sound - By Nelson George - 1985.

The above book is about Motown Record Corporation itself.

With the above guidelines in mind, here is my Motown book collection.


[[ANDANTES, THE) "Motown From The Background - The Authorized Biography Of The Andantes" - By The Andantes & Vicky Wright - 2007

[[BALLARD, FLORENCE) "The Lost Supreme: The Life Of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard" - By Peter Benjaminson - 2008

[[COFFEE, DENNIS) 'Guitars, Bars, And Superstars" - By Dennis Coffee - 2009/2004

[[DeBARGE, BUNNY) "The Kept Ones [[Vol. 1)" - By Bunny DeBarge - 2014

[[DeBARGE, THOMAS) - "There'll Never Be - A Story Of Forgiveness" - By Thomas DeBarge - 2011

[[DETROIT/MOTOWN) DETROIT 67: The Year That Changed Soul" - By Stuart Cosgrove - 2016

[[DOZIER, LAMONT) "How Sweet It Is" - By Lamont Dozier & Scott B. Bomar - 2019

[[GAYE, MARVIN) "Divided Soul - The Life Of Marvin Gaye" - By David Ritz - 1985

[[GORDY, BERRY/MOTOWN) "To Be Loved - The Music, The Magic, The Memories Of Motown [[An Autobiography" - By Berry Gordy - 1994

[[HEARD, FRAN) "I Remember Motown When We Were Just Family" - By Francis [[Fran Heard) Maclin [[Motown's Master Tape Librarian) - 2010

[[HOLLAND, BRIAN & EDDIE) "Come And Get These Memories" - By Eddie & Brian Holland & Dave Thompson - 2019

[[JACKSON, MICHAEL) "The Magic And The Madness" - By J. Randy Taraborrelli - 1991

[[KNIGHT, GLADYS) "Between Each Line Of Pain And Glory" - By Gladys Knight - 1997

[[MARVELETTES, THE) "The Original Marvelettes - Motown's Mystery Girl Group" - By Marc Taylor - 2004

[[MOTOWN) Motown Encyclopedia [[Reference Book) - By Graham Betts - 2014

[[MOTOWN) Heat Wave - The Motown Fact Book [[Complete Motown Discography For The U.S. & U.K ) [[Reference Book) - By David Bianco - 1988

[[MOTOWN) The Motown Album [[Photograph Album) - By Ben Fong-Torres & Elvis Mitchell - 1990

[[MOTOWN) Motown - Hot Wax, City Cool & Solid Gold - By J. Randy Taraborrelli - 1986

[[MOTOWN) The Motown Story - The Inside Story Of America's Most Popular Music - By Don Waller - 1985

[[MOTOWN) Off The Record: Motown By Master Number, 1959-1989 Singles [[Reference Book) - By Reginald J. Bartlett - 1992

[[MOTOWN) Rare Motown & Soul Price Guide [[Reference Book) - By Simon Soussan - 1994

[[MOTOWN) Recollections - The Motown Sound By People Who Made It - By Jack Ryan - 2012

[[MOTOWN) Motown - The Sound Of Young America - By Barney Ales & Adam White - 2016

[[MOTOWN) Where Did Our Love Go - The Rise And Fall Of The Motown Sound - By Nelson George - 1985

[[REEVES, MARTHA) Dancing In The Street - Confessions Of A Motown Diva - By Martha Reeves & Mark Bego - 1994

[[RIVERA, PETE) Born To Wander - By Pete Rivera & Larry Stephens - 2001

[[ROBINSON, SMOKEY) Smokey - Inside My Life - By Smokey Robinson & David Ritz - 1989

[[ROSS, DIANA) Call Her Miss Ross [[Unauthorized Biography) - By J. Randy Taraborrelli - 1989

[[ROSS, DIANA) Diana - By J. Randy Taraborrelli - 1985

[[ROSS, DIANA) Diana Ross - By Geoff Brown - 1981

[[ROSS, DIANA) Diana Ross: A Biography - By J. Randy Taraborrelli - 2007

[[ROSS, DIANA) Diana - 1982 World Tour Program - By Geoff Brown - 1982

[[ROSS, DIANA) Lifetime To Get Here, [[A) - By Tom Adrahtas - 2006

[[ROSS, DIANA) Reach Out - The Diana Ross Story - By Leonard Pitts - 1983

[[ROSS, DIANA) Secrets Of A Sparrow [[Memoirs) - By Diana Ross - 1993

[[SINGLETON, RAYNOMA GORDY) Berry, Me, And Motown: The Untold Story - By Raynoma Gordy Singleton - 1990

[[STEVENSON, WILLIAM MICKEY) Motown's First A&R Man Presents The A&R Man - By William Mickey Stevenson - 2015

[[SUPREMES, THE / FLORENCE BALLARD) All That Glittered: My Life As A Supreme - By Tony Turner & Barbara Aria - 1990

[[SUPREMES, THE / FLORENCE BALLARD) The Lost Supreme: The Life Of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard - By Peter Benjaminson - 2008

SUPREMES, THE) Dreamgirl - My Life As A Supreme - By Mary Wilson with Patricia Romanowski & Ahrgus Juilliard - 1986

[[SUPREMES, THE) Reflections Of A Love Supreme [[Motown Through The Eyes Of Fans) - By Tom Ingrassia - 2015

[[SUPREMES, THE) Supreme Faith - Someday We'll Be Together - By Mary Wilson & Patricia Romanowski - 1990

[[SUPREMES, THE) The Supremes: A Saga Of Motown Dreams, Success, And Betrayal - By Mark Ribowski - 2009

[[SUPREMES, THE) The Story Of The Supremes - By Daryl Easlea - 2008

[[TEMPTATIONS, THE) Deliver Us From Temptation - By Tony Turner & Barbara Aria - 1992

[[TEMPTATIONS, THE) Temptations - By Otis Williams & Patricia Romanowski - 1988

[[TERRANA, RALPH) Road Through Motown, [[The) - By Ralph Terrana - 2006

[[TERRANA, RUSS) Russ Terrana's Motown - By Ralph Terrana - 2010

[[TERRELL, TAMMI) My Sister Tommie - The Real Tammi Terrell - By Ludie Montgomery & Vickie Wright - 2005

[[WELLS, MARY) The Tumultuous Life Of Motown's First Superstar - By Peter Benjaminson - 2012

[[WOMEN OF MOTOWN) For The Record: The Women Of Motown - An Oral History - By Susan Whitall [[Dave Marsh) - 1998

[[WONDER, STEVIE) Signed, Sealed And Delivered - The Soulful Journey Of Stevie Wonder - By Mark Ribowsky - 2010

I'm guessing that most of the above books are deleted and long out of print by now. There are book companies, however, that specialize in selling Out-Of-Print books.
Yesterday 09:34 PM

Those Amazing MOTOWN Tell-All Books From The 1980s!

It's no secret that during the mid-to-late 1980"s and 1990's, several books about Motown Record Corporation were being released, one after another. Some dealt with the behind-the-scenes goings-on at the record company itself; some dealt with the Motown recording artists; and, at least two were reference books devoted to the physical records themselves -- a Motown singles and albums discography, as well as a book devoted to Motown masters and how to tell which pressing a Motown single is from.

Looking back, were there any newly-discovered, behind-the-scenes Motown tidbits which particularly inspired you? In other words, it could be an event that happened or a discovery that made you feel good and gave your heart the Motown fuzzies! Or it could be something you found to be especially surprising or even concerning. To keep it fun, however, let's concentrate on the positive and not the negative.

[NOTE: To avoid any trouble, I'm only asking for the positive occurrences at Motown -- nothing negative regarding Diana or Mary. Kindly save those remarks for the DRATS thread.]

Put on your thinking caps. Those books were fun and informative as well as sometimes shocking. Once you started reading, they were hard to put down.
Yesterday 08:55 PM

Not a single Christmas release from Philadelphia International ??

All those vocalists they had signed , a ready made cast was right at hand ....yet no Christmas album flaunting their stars?? How about a 45 from any of them??

Lou Rawls was really into Christmas in the 60's :

It's not as if the idea didn't occur to anybody .....Vince Montana went off campus and created his Salsoul Orchestra disco Christmas LP Christmas Jollies featuring some of PIR's best TSOP musicaians.

They also appeared over at Salsoul on:

I'm imagining some terrific Teddy Pendergrass results ....

Maybe I have it wrong ...have I forgotten something the label released??


Ralph Terrana

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