Today 09:14 AM

Paul Williams leads

Anyone have or have knowledge of where to find a definitive list of Paul Williams leads with the Temptations? I would like to make up CD collection of all his leads under one roof if possibe.
08-01-2021 08:36 PM

In addition to Berry Gordy, what other music figures are 90 or more?

As we have learned over in the Motown forum, Berry Gordy is up for a well-deserved Kennedy Center Honor. We also knew that he turned 91 recently. So that got me to thinking about what other music stars [[not necessarily soul or Motown but just music in general) are still with us at age 90 or more.

I did some checking on Wikipedia for a few that came to mind and this is what I came up with......

Sue Thompson [[pop/country singer--Norman, Paper Tiger, etc.) is 96.

Ed Ames [[My Cup Runneth Over) is 94.

Lavelle White [[Texas Blues Singer) is 92.

A number of others [[Willie Nelson, Frankie Valli, Bobby Vinton) are closing in but not quite there yet. What other names in the rock or soul era are still with us and have reached the remarkable age of 90?
Today 02:19 PM

Continuing USPS crisis news.

I don't know how others feel about the abyssmal performance of the USPS.
Having just gone to the local P O, there was a message on my paper receipt:

USPS is experiencing unprecedented volume increases and limited employee availability due to the impact of COVID-19. We appreciate your patience.

Next to the covid situation, I feel the deteriorating delivery statistics of the USPS are worse than any industrialized nation and they will continue to fall as long as the current head of the USPS is in place. He has done NOTHING to improve the situation.
Today 02:10 PM

New Motown Subsidary Label Designs

What year were the new Tamla, Gordy and Soul labels introduce and what were the first releases on each label?
I have just watched the film 'Dirty Dancing' and noticed the 'new' Gordy label design towards the end of the film. The film is set in 1963 and I'm sure the new label wasn't introduced until the late 60s.
Yesterday 08:16 PM

Did anyone notice the little green icons below our screen names ?

Has anyone noticed those little green icons below some our screen names? I wondered what they were and wondered why I did not have one below my name. Then, last week, I got one below my screen name too.

When some members asked Ralph what they were, he said that changes are in the works and that it will be fun. He divulged nothing else. Any guesses?

I also noticed that when you place your mouse pointer on the little green icons that it comes up with a compliment. Mine says that “Milven is on a distinguished road”. They remind me of little fortune cookies.
Some of the compliments that other members have are

“......has a reputation beyond repute”

“…is just really fine”

“…has a brilliant future”

Has anyone noticed the little compliments?

Always nice to be complimented :D


Ralph Terrana

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