Today 11:10 AM

Target Motown #1's 2 LP set.....

I don't know if this 2 LP set was discussed previously on the forum, but I was unaware of this special edition release from Target until last weekend. I don't know how long it's been out, but wanted to let the rest of you know about it. It's a pretty cool looking set. The white of the cover is a matte finish with the M artwork of the artists in a glossy finish. The gold vinyl is pretty cool, I've never seen anything like it. The closest would be the old plastic purses from the 50's in the swirly white pearlescent color, lol. I figured it was something cool to add to the collection from the 60th anniversary year.

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Today 10:12 AM

Vandellas Questions: Heatwave to Dancing

Another topic question has brought me here:

With the success of "Heatwave" as a single, Motown hurriedly threw an LP together to ride the wave of success. The LP itself however was all (mostly?) cover songs, and no other singles were released.

Heatwave (single) was released on July 10, 1963.....it would be over a year, not until July 31, 1964 until their next single "Dancing ITS" would be released.

Why so long between singles? Why didn't Motown try and strike while the iron was hot?

Furthermore, while the "Heatwave" LP was a rush job, it would be another year and a half until their next LP "Dance Party" was released.

Did Motown drop the ball? I realize the Supremes were HOT and the focus of attention went to them, but there's no denying a #4 Pop and #1 R&B hit didn't deserve some sort of timely followup.
Yesterday 06:14 PM

Most Versions by Motown Artists....Who's Loving You???

I was wondering what the most recorded in house title was....is it safe to assume its "Who's Loving You"?

Brenda Halloway

did I miss anybody???
Today 06:51 AM

Ronnie Spector and soulful pop/r&b and pop this Saturday night on PBS

Hi friends:

Of course there's some Motown on the set, here's a link to the details:

and here's a preview with some soulful R&B and pop:
video promo #1


Ronnie Spector is sensational in two newly recorded Christmas tunes!
This Saturday Night on PBS (check local listings)
Today 04:29 AM

Craft Recordings Launches ‘The Memphis Masters’ Video Series On Stax

Craft Recordings has announced The Memphis Masters, a limited video series that celebrates various albums in the Stax Records catalogue. The series will showcase the enduring musical legacy of the world-famous label and its influence on the city of Memphis, TN.

Read more here:
11-13-2019 07:58 PM

Soul Men!

I was thinking today about all the great Soul male vocalists from the 50s- 80s I grew up listening to. Here are a few of my favorites I want to remember here. In no special order:


Ralph Terrana

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