Today 07:19 PM

A Cellarful Of Motown Vol 5

FINALLY ten years on from the last volume and coming in the first two weeks of September the much awaited latest volume of Cellarful Of Motown. I make no excuses for the fact that unusually it has tracks that have been released previously. Most of these have appeared in downloads or on other compilations but luckily in most of those cases I am bringing you new mixes. This is being released by Caroline Records part of the Universal Group and all I can ask (for it is looking unlikely) that if you want to see more releases like this that you support it and if possible drop the record company a line telling them how much you appreciate it - I should be able to supply a track list later this morning.Attachment 18038
Today 06:47 PM

Emotions Pam Hutchinson dies

Just heard. Met her when I interviewed the sisters in 1977, all were such sweet ladies. They did one Motown lp but Pam is not on it
Today 07:50 PM

Recommendations, please.

Hello. If you had to recommend a book about Motown, which book would it be? I understand that there are many books on the subject, and that there are many aspects of "Motown", but overall, which book did you find to be the "best" or most enjoyable to you? Thank you for your suggestions.
Today 06:53 PM

Some New Motown From Motown!?

Hi everyone... I recently discovered a singer by the name of Joy Denalane, who just released an album on Motown that's actually quite Motown-like! Worth checking out!! :D


Today 12:35 PM

Georgia Dobbins-Davis

I have heard some troubling news about Mrs. Dobbins-Davis, an original Marvelette and co-writer of “Please Mr. Postman”—so far without official confirmation. Can it be true that she may have left us yesterday?


Ralph Terrana

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