Today 04:57 PM

Motown CDs with the original Motown design

Hi guys, I'm putting together a CD display, and I was looking for some of the nicest looking CDs to put in it (the actual CDs, not the covers). However, I couldn't find any CDs with the classic Motown design (1963–) on them, that is, the one with the blue bottom half and the Detroit map at the top with the multicoloured Motown logo over it. Are there any?

I have some with the Tamla Motown design on them, but none with Tamla, Gordy, Soul, etc. Some BBR and SoulMusic CDs (like the recent Thelma Houston one) have done great jobs recreating the original design of the album, albeit with the BBR/SoulMusic logo on them instead, like so:

Attachment 14809

but still no CDs with the original Motown design, my most favouritest of all label designs... :rolleyes:
Today 05:08 PM

Melvin Edmonds of After 7 has passed!


Condolences to his brothers Kevon and Kenneth (Babyface)! It’s been a rough week.
Today 05:21 PM

The jones girls

It's so hard to find footage of these lovely ladies online but glad that I ran across this one. I really wish Unsung would feature them even though only Shirley is the only one left to tell her story.
Today 05:03 AM

Complete Motown CDs

Over the next few days ...and weeks ...I hope to post every notable Motown CD release ...released since the 1980's ...not knowingly including any bootlegs ...but including some Motown artists' post-Motown releases …and Motown related CD releases ...and VHS & DVD releases...enjoy

...starting with 1990 and the 1980s ...Part 1

Attachment 15445
Attachment 15446
Attachment 15447
Attachment 15448
Attachment 15449
Attachment 15450
Attachment 15451
Attachment 15452
Attachment 15453
Attachment 15454
Attachment 15455
Attachment 15456

Today 01:11 PM

Dionne warwick sings new rendition of 'what the world needs now"

Dionne was just on Good Morning America singing

Attachment 15600


Today 12:51 PM

Reflections (Pre-Golden World release information)

In Al Kent's book, Custodian of the Hummingbird, he told of a pre-Golden World release by the Reflections. He states, ". . . The Reflections got their start at Kayco Records in Detroit with Barry Kay, the president of the newly formed record label. Their first recording was a song called 'Helpless' and on the flip side was 'You Say Goodbye.' Their first release did well in a number of locales, including Chicago, Cleveland, and Baltimore where it deservingly got tremendous airplay and sent the group out on the road. . . ."

This is the first time I ever heard of this pre-GW release. Keith Rylatt's Groovesville USA does not mention the Kayco label in it's list of Detroit labels.

Has anyone heard this record? If someone has it in their collection, I would appreciate seeing a scan of the label.

Thank you.


Ralph Terrana

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