Today 10:19 PM

Marv davis rip

I received the news from forum member Bill Staiger who was able to find the information. Some had a hard time with the guy and others, like myself, were quite fond of him. he was a major contributor to the forum and his offerings will be missed. When I had a book signing date at Motown, He flew in from New York to be there with me. I will miss you and your friendship Marv.
Today 05:59 PM

A Cellarful Of Motown Vol 5

FINALLY ten years on from the last volume and coming in the first two weeks of September the much awaited latest volume of Cellarful Of Motown. I make no excuses for the fact that unusually it has tracks that have been released previously. Most of these have appeared in downloads or on other compilations but luckily in most of those cases I am bringing you new mixes. This is being released by Caroline Records part of the Universal Group and all I can ask (for it is looking unlikely) that if you want to see more releases like this that you support it and if possible drop the record company a line telling them how much you appreciate it - I should be able to supply a track list later this morning.Attachment 18038
Today 05:55 PM

Kenny Carter "Showdown: The Complete 1966 RCA Recordings" (Kent UK) 25-09-2020

A scintillating, multi-million dollar LP finally gets a release 54 years late.

The massively admired Kenny Carter had three sides issued on RCA in 1966 but actually recorded 22. Those singles and some previously unreleased tracks have made him a cult figure among soul connoisseurs. At last, we have the complete RCA sessions for you.

Kenny Carter had two workmanlike 45s issued in the early 60s, to no success. For some unknown reason, in 1965 RCA decided to put him into the large Studio A at Bell Sound in Manhattan with one of the top arrangers of the time, a twenty-plus piece orchestra and four top backing vocalists. Three 45s were issued between April and October 1966, none of them charted but the sessions continued with a view to issuing an LP in November. It never happened.

The arranger Garry Sherman remembered it as a “a multimillion-dollar orchestra and chorus. In the violin section we had at least 7-8 Strads (each valued at $1,000,000+), many were Concertmeisters for major symphony orchestras and are on hundreds of hit records.” Backing singers included Val Simpson, Nik Ashford, Leslie Miller and Toni Wine; several excellent songs were provided by Larry Banks’ song-writing team, which included Kenny, Tony May and Herman Kelley.

However, it was the additional jazz and show standards that gave the album its raison d’etre. Garry Sherman wanted to move the songs into the current soul idiom, rather than turn Kenny into a nightclub singer. He moulded the arrangements to suit Kenny’s powerful vocals. Fortuitously, RCA hired a photographer for the sessions and we have eight shots that show the recordings as they happened.

We have had access to the tapes since the 90s but have only managed to release six of the unissued recordings in a piecemeal fashion, up to now. The full 22 tracks here vary from ballads to uptempo dancers. That voice, supported by such an intelligently utilised orchestra, make it a true, as yet unknown, pinnacle of 60s soul music.

1. Every Time We Say Goodbye
2. You'd Better Get Hip Girl
3. I've Gotta Find Her
4. I Still Love Her
5. I Believe In You
6. Time After Time
7. Don't Go
8. Showdown
9. My Love
10. Living In The Land Of Heartaches
11. Like A Big Bad Rain
12. What's That On Your Finger
13. Round In Circles
14. I've Gotta Get Myself Together
15. Body And Soul
16. How Can You Say Goodbye
17. Lights Out
18. I'll Know
19. I'm Not The One
20. I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)
21. I Can't Stop Laughing
22. Smile
Today 02:46 PM

Need help from L.A. PBS TV watcher who knows 60s Jazz(Stu Bass-you still around?)

Attachment 18067
Is there any SDF member here, located in L.A. who regularly watches KLCS LAUSD PBS TV network? I'm stuck in L.A. until I can get a Covid-19 antibody injection, or proven vaccine injection or pill. Meantime, I heard a great 1960s progressive Jazz tune played in the background while the evening programme schedule is being shown on screen. That instrumental is always played when the day's programme schedule is shown on the screen, several times each day.

It's a great song, that sounds like a mid '60s famous Blue Note piano combo. I'd like to find out the name of the song and artist. I may already own it on vinyl, but can't remember what it is.
I'm not with my records. If I DON'T have it, I'd like to get it off of You-Tube, or as an MP3 or MP4 from someone who has it.

Who else is located in L.A.?

Thanks for any help!
Today 08:14 AM

Did any non-Motown acts guest on any Motown releases?

I'll use the word "guest " to leave it open , but I'm thinking really of signed recording 'artists', not so much outside musicians that were maybe brought in for a session for some reason of necessity.

Lots of collaborations within the Motown family , a common practice, but anybody from outside the hit factory ever join in ?

I'm having a hard time coming up with any ....
Today 04:18 PM

The four tops- the girl from ipanema

A rare clip from Mike Douglas. Same episode where they performed 7- ROOMS OF GLOOM, SHAKE ME, WAKE ME & THE LOOK OF LOVE



Ralph Terrana

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