Today 10:06 AM

David Ruffin

An excellent round-up of David Ruffin’s finest work, solo and with the Temptations, by former Record Collector editor, Ian McCann...

Today 03:53 AM

What happened to the ashford & simpson thread ?

There was an interesting thread here about A&S leaving the label because Motown did not want them to record an album.

I can't find the thread. Was it moved or deleted? Or do I just need a stronger eyeglass prescription?
Today 12:54 AM

Benjamin - Martha and the Vandellas


When Martha was in very fine voice, great song

Are there Vandellas on this or was it too late in the day?

Can’t recall if it was a single but if it was, it didn’t see much chart action
Yesterday 11:36 PM

O'Jay cover songs Tempts would have killed

Hi all
Today I was reading a write-up on one of the O'Jays songs. Eddie Levert had mentioned that he had grown weary of the message songs by that point.

The O'Jays did have some really great message songs along with some great ballads and love songs.

So I'd like to ask you all: what O'Jays' songs would you have liked to have seen the Tempts cover? And does anyone know if the Tempts covered any O'Jays song live in concert?

Here is my list:

1. Back Stabbers - Dennis principle lead
2. Put Your Hands Together - Dennis principle lead
3. For the Love of Money - Richard Principle lead
4. Darlin' Darlin' Baby - Richard principle lead
5. Forever Mine - Richard principle lead
Yesterday 06:05 PM

Stevie Wonder's Surgery A Success!

Stevies kidney transplant surgery was a success and he is at home resting.
Yesterday 10:26 PM

2020 - Any news of a Motown release?

As we enter 2020, have we finally emptied the well of 60s recordings?
Any news of 'special' projects on the 60s era?
I guess we will get a 1970 unreleased set, but are there no projects from Ace/ Kent etc?


Ralph Terrana

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