Today 10:40 PM

"Queen Of Soul" Aretha Franklin dies at age 76

I prayed for the best, prepared for the worst, so I'm not as devastated as I thought I would be. I'm just thanking the Lord that He let us have the Queen for as long as we did. One of my greatest musical inspirations and loves. I believe she is at peace and there's not much more I can ask for. But she sums up how I feel in the title of one of my fav cuts of hers, "It Hurts Like Hell". Today is going to be Queen Ree all day in the music I listen to.
Today 10:20 PM

King Floyd Heart Of The Matter

I was going to ask if anyone had bought this album and if someone knew the backstory on King Floyd's association with Motown. Now, I think I figured out that Motown basically made arrangements to distribute this album; it wasn't recorded at Hitsville and had no Jobette songs on it. Thank goodness for YouTube! I was able to hear a few of the songs and realized there wasn't anything specifically Motown about it. Good music, to be sure, but for years I always wondered about this LP.

Didn't realize this is the man behind the song "Groove Me" (where have I been hiding?) I also found the original album cover for this album- Motown just "retrofitted" it with a new title.Attachment 14543Attachment 14544Attachment 14545Attachment 14546
Today 10:12 PM

Would things have been different for the Four Tops if H-D-H had stayed at Motown

I think this was discussed before, not sure; all these years we've read about how the departure of H-D-H from Motown really hurt the Four Tops and Supremes. The Four Tops have commented on how it hurt them chart-wise because H-D-H really knew them and wrote songs suited to them.

BUT- I wonder if H-D-H had remained at Motown, would it really have stopped the chart slide of both the Tops and Supremes? Looking at the songs that went out shortly before H-D-H departed, it seems the slide was already beginning.

"You Keep Running Away", "I'm In A Different Word", "Forever Came Today", "Keep Falling In And Out Of Love"; none of these really set the charts ablaze. Really though, after the absolutely stunning productions of "Reach Out", "Standing In The Shadows Of Love", "Bernadette" and even "Seven Rooms Of Gloom", where could you go? Likewise for songs like "Love Is Here And Now You're Gone" or "Reflections". Those productions were mammoth, broke new ground and new sounds. How do you top those?

Just a personal feeling here, but I also noticed the studio sound had changed after these hits. I don't know if Motown had changed over to newer recording equipment, but if you listen to the unreleased H-D-H tunes like "Lonely Lover" and "One Last Look", that Motown sound is quite a bit different from the '67 sound. To me, a song like "Different World" doesn't have the light, crisp sound of tunes like "I'll Turn To Stone" or "What Else Is There To Do (But Sit And Think About You)". When I heard "Different World", I just found that I couldn't get into it all that much. It had a rather heavy sound to it.

I'm not throwing "shade" as they say, but I've always thought that maybe, just maybe H-D-H had started to hit a sort of brick wall as far as where to go stylistically by this time. So, would things have been radically different for the Tops and Sups if H-D-H had stayed?
Today 08:52 PM

"Fake" live cuts?

Did Motown ever release any singles or album cuts where they dubbed in live audience sounds to give the impression of a live recording? I've heard countless tracks by other artists (James Brown, Isley Brothers for example), but I can't recall any from Motown.
Today 06:54 AM

Four Tops ABC/Dunhill Singles Collection coming soon from Real Gone Music!

Someone from Real Gone Music posted on the Steve Hoffman forum that a Four Tops ABC/Dunhill singles collection was next up on their schedule! I did some sleuthing on the Internet and found this track list:

Disc 1

1 Keeper Of The Castle
2 Jubilee With Soul
3 Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got)
4 The Good Lord Knows
5 Are You Man Enough
6 Peace Of Mind
7 Sweet Understanding Love
8 Main Street People
9 I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
10 Am I My Brother's Keeper
11 One Chain Don't Make No Prison
12 Turn On The Light Of Your Love
13 Midnight Flower
14 All My Love
15 Seven Lonely Nights
16 I Can't Hold On Much Longer

Disc 2

1 We All Gotta Stick Together
2 (It Would Almost) Drive Me Out Of My Mind
3 Mama You're All Right With Me
4 I'm Glad You Walked Into My Life
5 Catfish
6 Look At My Baby
7 Feel Free
8 I Know You Like It
9 Strung Out For Your Love
10 You Can't Hold Back On Love
11 The Show Must Go On
12 Runnin' From Your Love
13 H.E.L.P.
14 Inside A Brokenhearted Man
15 Just In Time
16 This House
17 Guardian De Tu Castillo

Here's the link: https://cdon.eu/music/four-tops/comp...mport-45168029


Ralph Terrana

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