Today 03:54 AM

70's Supremes Downfall?

just an observation, not looking for warfare...
despite folks saying that The Supremes were not supported by Motown or radio, one thing is fact;
Up The Ladder To the Roof
Everybody's Got The Right to Love
Stoned Love
River Deep Mountain High
Nathan Jones
5 consecutive Top 20/Top 10 hits over several years,
does not sound like a hachet job was done by radio/Gordy/Motown..
what do they have in common?
a singular recognized lead vocal, which is what the general record buying public expected from a Supremes single since 1964 right through to 1972..
what (in my opinion) broke the spell? shared lead vocals, and the downfall began with the very first shared leads single, the 'spell' was broken and it was all downhill from there..just my opinion while listening to "This Is The Story" 3 CD set on my head phones..
(let the games begin;just my opinion,supported by chart evidence..
Yesterday 02:48 PM

Gladys and wanda friction in the marvelettes

It is well known there was friction in the marvelettes camp between both lead singers well before gladys exited t group in 67 as mentioned by Catherine in the marvelettes book and on tvone and i imagine it ran deeper when smokey stopped working with Gladys or stopped releasing a sides with her as lead. Are there any motown insiders who care to share.
Yesterday 12:32 PM

Mary, Martha & Chubby not selling at 80% Off

This is crazy, ticket resellers now have third row seats at $30 and still canít move! Is there a measles sign on this building? There must be another fans within 100 miles or so, with prices this cheap, it would be a bargain even if you had to take the train. How can we expect to be able to call these people legends when a fine bill like this sits nearly empty? Promoters seem to have given up trying to discount the seats as the last few promotions seemed to have done nothing. Hopefully it wonít get cancelled, but it breaks my heart that they will walk out to a venue thatís only 10% sold. Címon yíall - make some calls - get those seats filled!
Today 01:45 AM

Jean Terrell and "that look"

Today as I was flipping through Supremes performances on Youtube, I just realized how captivating Jean Terrell's stare was. I can't help but admire how she knew how to play the cameras and stage simultaneously with her beauty, but moreso her charisma. I really wish we had an unlimited source of live Supremes recordings from Jean's tenure; you could even sense her dedication to her "character work" in the lip synced television performances when most artists sometimes slack on that front when they aren't exerting their true vocal form and energy.

While we always praise her vocal contributions, I always found her ability to "find her light" as a soloist incredible, especially for the times of television. While there were a slew of other artists who could work the television cameras, recording environments for even the most basic of lip synced performances can be a jarring experience for an artist. I'm sure we can count plenty of randomly assorted performances of artists who came off as talented, yet awkward on the unique environment of studio television.

Does anyone else have more videos where Jean is just giving GREAT face?


Ralph Terrana

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