Today 01:15 AM

Motown Unreleased 1968

Does anyone have information about MOTOWN UNRELEASED 1968?

We are already at the end of October and the end of the year is near.
Today 04:37 AM

Motown at 60

At least it won't go totally unnoticed ...

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Today 01:00 AM

Mary Wells - post My Guy at motown

Been reading more about Miss Wells and the period during which she left motown.

Of course we all know My Guy was a massive hit and then the subsequent drama of her departure.

had she stayed, some sources cite Whisper You Love Me as the follow up. but that was HDH. and the tradition at motown was the hit producer got the next single. So that probably would have been When I'm Gone.

And her sexy smokey vocals are somewhat in the vein of Diana on Where Did Our Love Go

so had Mary stayed, what do you think she would have done? Would most of the Brenda Holloway work gone her way? would HDH have struck gold with her and Whisper? would HDH have been split then between the sups and mary?
12-13-2018 06:20 PM

Marvin Gaye picture

To all you people, who think that a picture will be made about Marvin Gaye...Can put all your assumptions and theories away!!!! Mr. Gordy will not let it happen...Stephen Speilberg can't even get it made!!! It will not happen in our lifetime!!


Ralph Terrana

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