Today 10:26 PM

Remy Shand!

Remy was one of the most promising new Motown artists in early 2000s. He is from Canada and this is one of his most popular songs. I bought the CD in 2002:

Today 09:09 PM

Why So Many Temptations???

I was thinking today ( I know, scary huh? LOL!) why were there so many Temptations, replacement members or what have you? I think there were something like 300 Temptations and counting. Well, maybe not quite that many, but there were a lot of them.

Why do think there were so many individual Temptation members?
Today 07:51 PM

Ahmad Jamal

Does anybody on here know if any of Ahmad's Motown tracks have appeared on cd anywhere.
Today 01:51 PM

Soul Men!

I was thinking today about all the great Soul male vocalists from the 50s- 80s I grew up listening to. Here are a few of my favorites I want to remember here. In no special order:

Today 08:44 PM

Music documentaries on amazon prime

I was recently searching movies on Amazon Prime and ran into a few interesting titles.

Tear The Roof Off: The Untold Story of Parliament Funkadelic
Gospel According To Al Green
Gil Scott Heron: Black Wax
Whitney Houston: We Will Always Love You
Sammy Davis Jr: I Gotta Be Me
Lady You Shot Me: The Life & Death of Sam Cooke
Michael Jackson: Chase The Truth
Free Meek (rapper Meek Mill)
Paradise Boogie (bluesmen from Detroit's Black Bottom era)

I will be watching them all.


Ralph Terrana

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